Who Cares About Hunter?

Reposting for relevance:

Good for Hunter, the guy clearly knows how to have fun.

Do the MAGA people really think any of the “Never Trump” voters will be swayed to vote against Biden because his wayward son got blown by some Chinese hooker? Really?

Pretty lame if this is the best the Trump campaign was able to dig up on Biden…

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  2. Chrisnonymous says

    Do the MAGA people really think any of the “Never Trump” voters will be swayed to vote against Biden because his wayward son got blown by some Chinese hooker?

    Sorry. I thought the controversy was over the Biden family getting paid off by the CCP.

    If there’s any 4D chess going on in this election, it’s @Jack suppressing the NSFW laptop story to put the dissident media off the scent of the real scandals.

  3. Weren’t there some allegations of him having topless photos of a 14 y.o. relative? But I agree with the principle that if Hunter was Jeffrey Dahmer, it would not effect the election. Should it? Yes, if you are a hereditarian, but many are not.

    Putting politics aside, on the question of Biden’s senility: I really don’t think people in their late 70s have the executive function necessary to be a good leader. There may be an argument that perhaps, it is not bad if a president is tired, and forgetful – without the passions of youth – and surrounded by intelligent handlers. But, I dismiss it. (Brezhnev seemed like a poor leader) Also, Biden had two aneurysms back in the late ’80s, that alone should disqualify him.

    Even if you take a very high IQ individual, like a scientist – possibly a genius – in my observation, it is like they live in a different world politically – the environment of their youth. They are very boomerish – even when they might seem fairly sharp otherwise. I think very few could grasp a concept like globohomo.

  4. It seems the problem are the boomer moralfags focusing on the sex pics that were leaked and not the emails and texts concerning obvious corruption in Ukraine and elsewhere. It’s immensely stupid self-sabotage. There’s a reason the NY Post didn’t release the pictures. Anyone with half a brain will know people are too stupid to focus on corruption when illicit dick pics are being waved in their face.

  5. James Braxton says

    I think you are (deliberately?) missing the point.

    The laptop and its subsequent confirmation by Hunter’s business partners show that Hunter was just a conduit for his father to accept vast amounts of money to be influenced by foreign governments. In the process both Hunter and Joe have been completely and totally compromised by China and Russia.

    If this is not a big deal, God help us.

  6. Justvisiting says

    The real story of the Biden tapes is the long list of DC insiders who got a cut of the action of the bribes paid to the Biden crime family.

    That is what the Silicon Valley Trusts and the Mass Media propagandists are trying to hide.

    The DC insiders are a bunch of sex perverts as well, but we already knew that.

  7. There are a few separate scandals that have come from the Hunter Biden emails.

    1. Hunter Biden’s clear illegal actions (smoking crack or meth – let the experts figure that out) and potential underage hijinks which have had zero legal consequences to him (as opposed to the ordinary citizen who would definitely suffer consequences)
    2. Hunter selling access to his father Joe. The emails prove what is pretty much known in Ukraine, that Joe Biden was at the least aware and took action to benefit Hunter and potentially himself (it’s all the same thing: the family is pretty right). Ironically this is the kind of corruption familiar to Russia/Ukraine and which the US keeps pointing out. It is clear now that this goes on in the US as well (not that anyone doubted it; the emails are more proof of that)

    3. The media’s absolute censorship, attacks on those who revealed these emails as part of a “Russian Disinfo” operation and denying there was anything to see here. This was the clearest evidence yet of Big Media is all-in for Biden and will gaslight the public – and even tell them that it is! (See Taibbi and Greenwald articles) – at will.

    4. Clear evidence that Big Tech will act to protect Biden by throttling the reach of stories that were they about Trump would be encouraged to amplify even more loudly.

    5. More clear evidence of the so-called deep state – the US siloviki – who sat on the evidence in the laptop for almost a year and when revealed start putting out disinfo about Russia

    Each one of these is a major scandal – and taken together show the deep corruption baked into the US with the DC-establishment (and its European counterparts), Big Media and Big Tech colluding to censor, threaten and spread disinfo while allowing deep corruption within the state.

  8. Thorfinnsson says

    The news in question is, contrary to Joe Biden’s claims, that Joe Biden was not only aware of Hunter Biden’s “business” deals but also met Hunter’s partners in exchange for payment. Furthermore, Hunter was kicking half of his business income upstairs to the old man.

    The additional revelations of Hunter’s degenerate, sybaritic lifestyle are mainly amusing and in many respects less newsworthy in that it was already known that he’s a drug addict and a player.

    Will either of these revelations matter? Probably not much. Perhaps a little with Republicans who are revolted by Trump’s “character”?

    Of course if it’s true that Hunter possesses nude photos of women under the age of majority that could spell trouble given bizarre American attitudes about age and sexuality. Remember, if an adult male expresses any sexual interest in a woman just ONE DAY younger than 18 years of age he’s a PEDOPHILE. In fact it’s also creepy and pedophilic to show sexual interest in a woman more than two years younger than you.

  9. huwhyte ppl says

    You are right. Actually, your comment in a just universe would have taken place of what Karlin posts here. You also should have added though that it’s peculiar that Karlin reduces the whole scandal down to just one, probably least harmful thing of all and one has to wonder why is that.

  10. A minor point. What’s worse is that they will vote for him knowing that he is willing to sell this country for a few shekels.

  11. Kent Nationalist says

    Of course if it’s true that Hunter possesses nude photos of women under the age of majority that could spell trouble given bizarre American attitudes about age and sexuality. Remember, if an adult male expresses any sexual interest in a woman just ONE DAY younger than 18 years of age he’s a PEDOPHILE. In fact it’s also creepy and pedophilic to show sexual interest in a woman more than two years younger than you.

    Temporarily embarrassed Epstein

  12. Greta Handel says


    it’s peculiar that Karlin reduces the whole scandal down to just one, probably least harmful thing of all and one has to wonder why is that.

    I’m looking forward to reading Mr. Karlin’s straightforward, non-snarky response.

  13. Jus' Sayin'... says

    I agree with you that the enthusiasm/motivation factor will play a role in this election. The large and enthusiastic turnouts for Trump events versus the sparse and muted turnouts for Biden-Harris events are a good omen for Trump. Likewise, a large number of so-so Biden-Harris supporters, if they have not already voted, may decide to sit this election out after the NY Post revelations have rubbed their noses in the corruption and depravity of the Biden family’s organized, traitorous and ongoing criminal conspiracy.

    However, the determining factor in this election is likely to be the levels of election fraud. The dimocrats are past masters of this and recent news stories suggest that such fraud is their ultimate strategy for defeating Trump this time around. If this were an entirely fair election the auguries suggest that Trump would win again and slightly more decisively than last time. But it’s clear now that there will be fraud, e.g. the recent court decision in Pennsylvania allowing the counting of clearly fraudulent mail ballots. It seems likely to me that it will be the level and success of this fraud that will ultimately determine whether Trump or Biden-Harris will win.

  14. Jus' Sayin'... says

    It’s something beyond creepy and pedophilic to have an incestuous sexual relationship with your fourteen year old niece as some of Hunter Biden’s emails seem to suggest he did.

    It’s way beyond creepy and pedophilic to have incestuous relations with your own preteen daughter as recently published selections from what is alleged to be the diary of Joe Biden’s daughter suggest Biden père had with that daughter.

  15. Thorfinnsson says

    Well, I can’t argue with any of that.

    We’ll see how much traction it gets in light of the unprecedented unity and hostility of The Enemy.

    Giuliani also allegedly has more material to drop, whereas I get the feeling The Enemy has no more surprises against DJT.

  16. It’s also weird how AK seems to think the electorate is divided between Never Trumpers & MAGA people. There are literally millions of voters in the MidWest alone who are neither.

  17. Ari Eisenberg says

    The 4Chan White Supremacists are extremely envious of Hunter’s penis and sexual prowess, which says more about them than it does Hunter, as the normal viewer saw an average-issue White male fix. Some comments even crossed into homoerotic fixation.

    Also, it was laughable how they enumerated the different women in the photos relative to their meager notch counts. I almost feel bad for the White Nationalists. Let me offer some consolation: whenever there’s drugs and money, prostitutes will follow. Allow me to cope with you. They’re just whores, (i.e. they’re more honest about their intentions than most women), so you needn’t feel bad about your endless history of rejection compared to chad Hunter. He only got these prostitutes because he’s leagues above you in social status and wealth, and in some imaginary world you would be the natural elite rather than him. It’s ok, frens, I know that feel.

  18. You also should have added though that it’s peculiar that Karlin reduces the whole scandal down to just one, probably least harmful thing of all and one has to wonder why is that.

    Indeed! Karlin is far too astute an observer to be pretending that the Hunter Biden scandal is just about a grown man videotaping himself having sex and foot-jobs (something that only the most puritanical American would find objectionable in 2020 beyond some chuckles and jokes). The scandal clearly is the issues I mentioned – the authoritarian and smug double standards of the elites who run the US with an increasingly iron fist straight out of 1984.

  19. anonymous coward says

    4Chan White Supremacists

    Way more than 50% of /pol/ are paid disinformation shills. Learn to filter it, it’s not hard.

  20. Yes, exactly as in 2016 nobody was swayed by DNC shenanigan emails or being called “Deplorables.”

    Pretty lame if that was the best Anatoly could come up to downplay this.

  21. The Big Red Scary says

    Loose cannons in the family of POTUS are a security risk. A guy like Hunter will keep the Secret Service busy.

  22. GeneralRipper says

    Good for Hunter, the guy clearly knows how to have fun.

    Which is exactly what we’d be hearing from the Leftist Jewsmedia had this been Don Jr or Eric Trump.

    Right Rooskie Tard?

    Of course, Hunter’s drug choices and sexual hijinks are not really what concerns most people. It’s a cocktail of far more disturbing and corrupt acts that the poster Ludwig describes in #8.

  23. This isn’t for flipping votes this is get out the vote effort. Anyways election was probably decided a year ago we just don’t know the winner. No one is changing their mind in this polarized time.

    Also I will make a prediction it’s a weak one since I am no expert. Nothing changed from 2016 Trump wins with the same margin or more.

  24. The Alarmist says

    The Untouchables 2020


    Nothing changes, and nothing stays the same.

  25. My take on Chad Biden.

    1. I may be missing the latest updates, but what I have seen was very boring. I would not hire Hunter Biden as my porn director. Getting a foot job while smoking a cigar and watching MTV, who watches MTV in the Current Year? The MTV was mentally and emotionally abusive, the sex part was pretty mellow.

    2. If Republicans have trump cards such as underaged girls, they are doing it wrong due to early voting – no sense in trying sway normie moderates after they already voted. Trump cards should have came out earlier.

    3. Media reaction to this has been absolutely spectacular – its like watching Borg Collective assembly in real life. If there’s anything that will help Trump, it is this. The Borg should scare the daylights out of any normie moderate, and rightfully so. I don’t even like Trump, but this a truly a WTF moment in history.

    4. Some people have a theory going that this laptop thing may well end up with Biden “retiring” early for routing kickbacks via Hunter, but it doesn’t matter because our overlords want Harris in power anyway, so media is just running down the clock for a few days to make it happen. Maybe, we’ll see.

  26. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  27. There is very strong evidence that Biden will alter US foreign policy in return for cash payments via his son. If that is not a big deal, what is?

  28. The issue is that Trump was impeached for far less than this. He was impeached for supposedly asking that the foreign government look into the Biden corruption. That was supposedly corruption in itself. Setting up a backdoor payment scam his family to collect money from foreign corporations (all connected to the government) is far worse.

    Can Biden be impeached now?

  29. Supply and Demand says

    Thanks Mr. Karalin. If you look at my post history, I’ve been saying this for days. I was even accused of being a Russian disinfo agent on top of it! Unz commentors are really just boomers looking to “own the libs” at the end of the day — sadly, they are just slowly becoming them. Not a revolutionary bone in their body.

  30. Bragadocious says

    Who says it’s the best thing oppo researchers have on Biden? It’s quite far from that.

    The best oppo research on Biden is his own record in the Senate and as VP, and his words.

    As for hell-raising Hunter, he’s kompromat at worst, Roger Clinton at best.

  31. American foreign policy isn’t much determined by individual presidents, even less so when it’s someone like Biden who doesn’t really have any views of his own. American foreign policy is determined by institutional inertia and a combination of interests.

    Biden is corrupt, but that doesn’t mean his corruption will have a large influence on policy.

    It’s also usually a good starting assumption that politicians have no principles. If any of these revelations changed people’s views on Joe Biden, that means those people haven’t been paying attention.

  32. The Laptop from Hell is a teaching moment. There are many lessons to be learned.

    It teaches us Hunter was the bag man for the family mafia.
    It teaches us Hunter’s niece is attractive.
    It gives us all the details and gives us new household names.
    It teaches us Joe Biden was in a league of corruption all by himself.
    It teaches Biden voters just how bad their candidate really is.
    It teaches anyone with a brain that the media is beyond redemption.
    It teaches us big tech is beyond redemption and needs to be busted up for anti-trust.
    It demostrates what a pack of liars and monkeys the MSM talking heads are.
    It showed us NPR must be defunded.

  33. AnonFromTN says

    Hunter is a piece of shit, but in and of itself that’s irrelevant. One aspect is relevant, though: Papa Joe pushed his wayward son Hunter (who was dishonorably discharged from the US army) to a cushy sinecure in Ukrainian ostensibly gas/oil company Burisma. He was paid ~$50,000 per month in a country where average monthly salary was between 10,000 and 12,000 hryvna (i.e., $350-420; see https://tradingeconomics.com/ukraine/wages).

    What’s more, when Ukrainian prosecutor general office started investigating Burisma, Biden demanded that then-president Porky dismiss prosecutor general. Indeed, prosecutor general Shokin was dismissed, and investigation of Burisma was terminated. That’s direct abuse of the office of vice-president he held under Obama.

  34. Supply and Demand says

    Hunter is a Chad.
    You are most likely a spiritual incel.

  35. Who Cares About Hunter?

    It seems that loads of normalfag voters do, so, yeah.

    Muh ironic Joe/Hunter Chad
    /pol/ went ultra downhill. 4 years ago people were singing Shadilay.

  36. What does that comment even mean?

  37. Who?

  38. Yea about that, i did a bit of digging into it. It is true that Shokin was investigating Burisma and was planning on coming down hard on it, even confiscating assets that Zlochevsky transferred to his wife to dodge Feb 2015 warrant. Western media lie when they say investigation was dormant.

    But i don’t think that’s the reason he was fired. It did make for a good cover story though.

    There was a war going on in Ukraine, between Anti-Corruption agency staffed by Western Imperial functionaries who sought total power (such as arresting people and holding their assets without warrant) and local elites (such as Poroshenko) who (justifiably) was freaked out about losing power to the Imperial representatives and was using Prosecutor General Office (PGO) to thwart the Imperials. Shokin was his tool to accomplish that. As an auxiliary, Poroshenko thought he could have free reign just for his past service to the Empire. He thought wrong – Empire always sends a prefect and legionnaires to dispatch the auxiliaries if necessary and their past service is irrelevant in the calculation. That 3rd world people still don’t get it is very annoying.

    Anyway, Shokin was an innocent barbarian slain trying to infiltrate and fight the Imperial Legion on behalf of the local auxiliary lord. Burisma story was an afterthought, which is why you see glitches in it coming from both sides. But the brief war was real, and Poroshenko lost in the end.

  39. Is he (Hunter) though?

    That footjob was very tame. General hint – if you have time to smoke a cigar and watch MTV, you are not having a good fuck.

  40. At this point 50% of /pol/ is just kids from flyover country who came to 4chan after Nov 2016 when they saw news stories it was a hub for the “far-right.” They think the “far right” is just standard GOPe Republicanism except LOUD. They were having a white knight freakout over Cuties, saying that even if it wasn’t intended as CP, it was still a big f***ing problem that some pedo might jack off to it. I’m like, is that what 4chan is about now?

  41. You really think the right can use Hunter Biden selling influence to take down Biden?

    Look at what Jared Kushner is doing. He is acting as a middle man to Trump for Netanyahu. You really think Kushner is not getting something back for compensation?

  42. huwhyte ppl says

    4chan /pol/ is full of posts like the one we are discussing here for many days in a row. “Big dick energy, fucks whoever he wants, true chad, other than that there’s nothing to see here”. Someone pays for it.

  43. anonymous coward says

    I’m like, is that what 4chan is about now?

    Yes. It’s the only place left with freedom of speech. If you’re the kind of person who still believes in objective morality and isn’t on board the pedosexuality normalization train, then where else are you going to post comments?

  44. Well, these are confirmation of previous things. Most people know about them. Now we have confirmation for Hunter having sex… So question for MAGA crowd. What are you going to do about it? I have answer for you. Nothing.

  45. reiner Tor says

    A seventy-something who deadlifts and squats with twice his bodyweight should have the mental faculties to lead (assuming he had them in his forties), but of course it’s not so with either Biden or Trump.

  46. reiner Tor says

    Shokin’s removal was demanded by a lot of players, including the EU and the State Department bureaucracy. It’s possible that Biden did something extra to further what was official policy anyway, but it’d be a much bigger story if he actually managed to change policy for personal gains. Which he didn’t do.

  47. For once I’m in agreement with Karlin, 2016 had Pizzagate, the classified email scandal, the Anthony Weiner-Huma crap, this is pretty nothing, all I see a rich deadbeat cavorting with (very average, considering ‘his’ money) prostitutes. Yawn.

  48. reiner Tor says

    I didn’t know much about that, but I did know that all the big players (the western backers of Ukraine) demanded that Shokin go. Unfortunately this makes the case for corruption much weaker, since Biden was doing what he would have been doing anyway. Maybe a little more, but he was certainly furthering what was official policy anyway.

  49. GomezAdddams says

    “Joe Biden again is a grandfather. His son Hunter boinked some exotic dancer in DC haling from Arkansas–if she votes for Clinton or Cotton –no one really knows. Now Hunter resides in an apartment renting at 6,000 per month and earlier claims Russian women escorts were Chasing him. However, he likewise worked with Poroshanko ( father was Valtzman and Ukrainian mafia boss) and Firtash was likewise on Board of Directors with Hunter” —- looks like Hunter Biden will indeed win 2024. Bright Intelligent Democrat Exemplary Nutcase—

  50. You really think Kushner is not getting something back for compensation ?

    Jared is family.


  51. animalogic says

    Signs of Biden’s incipient dementia? Who cares?
    Massive criminal conspiracy while vice president? Who cares?
    It’s similar to the old joke — he couldn’t lose the election if he was found in bed with a dead girl or a live boy…. Actually were either to occur it would still be a case of “who cares”.
    Boy, does the butcher have his thumb on the scales of this election !
    (Better fascism, totalitarianism, the over throw of the constitution, & the destruction of every 2nd US city rather than TRUMP…..)

  52. animalogic says

    Has there ever been a nation as useful as Russia?
    Quite simply, ANYTHING can be blamed on Russia & the Sheep lap it up.
    Russia should get a medal for its never ending assistance to corrupt western elites.

  53. Kent Nationalist says

    Imagine opposing child pornography, that would be super-cringe. I am cool because I am ironic and detached and don’t care about anything.

    4chan has always been awful though. RIP 8chan.

  54. Kent Nationalist says

    Is there anything more indicative of an incel than being in total awe of literally any man who has sex?

  55. animalogic says

    I thought it grossly immoral for a man to publically express sexual interest in ANY woman? (It’s perfectly moral for a man to express sexual interest in another man — the whole intercourse is rape thing doesn’t apply to begin with)

  56. Bardon Kaldian says

    Putting politics aside, on the question of Biden’s senility: I really don’t think people in their late 70s have the executive function necessary to be a good leader.


  57. I am quite fascinated with people here including Karlin in what I can only assume is a deliberate attempt to play down the significance of the Hunter Biden emails.

    In brief (as my earlier post makes clear), the Hunter emails are FAR more than about a rich deadbeat doing drugs and cavorting with prostitutes. Frankly, while salacious, that doesn’t interest me and indeed the majority of those who are going through the Hunter emails.

    The far more interesting aspects of the emails with confirmation by recipients are the deal making implications; and even more interesting are the reactions by mainstream media, Big Tech, DC establishment from immediately trying to censor, spreading disinfo that the emails are a “Russian Disinfo” operation, and finally once spread a concerted “nothing to see here” coverup to show (once again) the deep rooted corruption pervasive in the US and by extension throughout its considerable zone of influence throughout the world.

    But added to that I also find interesting this entire thread, started by what I can only describe as Karlin’s gaslighting/trolling that the Hunter emails have nothing interesting beyond a prurient fascination with his decadent lifestyle.

    Karlin is a prodigious analyst and though I don’t always share his interests/obsessions (eg that apparently all culture boils down to HBD) or conclusions, a simpleton he is not and I read most of his posts carefully following his links so as to learn/challenge my own perceptions/thinking.

    Thus his reaction to the emails in completely missing the point cannot be dismissed as facile analysis from yet another idiot blogger.

    So I am left with only two conclusions: that Karlin, busy with a hundred other things, has not been paying attention – the most charitable explanation – or a more sinister one: that by pooh-poohing the emails he is trying to signal his acquiescence to the US establishment which once its candidate is installed in power, is likely to purge dissent to the US establishment with even more vigor with Russians like Karlin the first, easy targets (he is Russian, a self-admitted nationalist to the right of Putin and a critic of many of the US establishment aspects) from restrictions on anything from technological to financial to travel or worse.

    If the latter, I don’t blame Karlin. A Biden admin is going to be an extremely vindictive one to its perceived and manufactured enemies domestic and foreign: it has the full power of the DC/European establishment/media/Big Tech behind it as well a mass of brainwashed masses who believe that anyone who dissents is evil – or Russian (which is of course the same thing) – and violence is not just acceptable against them but the only solution. Hillary is already angling for Secretary of Defense and she’s psychopathic enough to start a war to “avenge“ her loss.

  58. I’m looking forward to reading Mr. Karlin’s straightforward, non-snarky response.

    Karlin isn’t a serious writer…too full of himself.

  59. Athletic and Whitesplosive says


    If any of these revelations changed people’s views on Joe Biden, that means those people haven’t been paying attention

    Well then I suppose we just have to pray that the American electorate is largely in a state of ignorance and hasn’t been paying attention, I know those are long odds…

  60. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    “In awe” as in expressing jealousy of a drug addict degenerate blowing a huge ammount of money on foreign prostitutes as though that’s not something any lowlife could do? When a junkie down the street blows his money on hookers he’s a totally pathetic loser, but when one of the political elite does it, wow, what a chad!

    Disregarding the more damning proof of corruption and literal incest, being apathetic about or even envious of sexual immorality is the acultural deracinated bug position.

  61. Kent Nationalist says

    Broke: Unironically envying drug addicts having sex with prostitutes
    Woke: Ironically and snarkily envying drug addicts having sex with prostitutes

  62. We have to assume Hunter’s depraved lifestyle is not a ‘one off’ incident. His drug use goes back to at least 2013 when he was cashiered as the Senior Navy Ensign at age 43 for failing a drug test one month after his commissioning. The ‘big guy’ himself probably has a history of, if not narcotics abuse, sexual depravity as he has been credibly accused by at least one woman and has sealed his papers at the University of Delaware to prevent her from corroborating her complaint.

    Considering the countries both Joe and Hunter have plied their extortion schemes one would have to believe those nation’s intelligence agencies have plenty of dirt on the Biden’s they can use to blackmail them. This puts Biden and family in a different category than Trump or even Clinton.

    Trump was known to have lived a playboy lifestyle prior to his being elected and he clearly preferred beautiful older women not teens or prostitutes. Clinton’s sexual behavior may have been crude and reckless but that too was more or less known and involved adult females so they were pretty immune to extortion.

  63. Dacian Julien Soros says

    Don’t believe the hype, it’s a sequel.

  64. It’s a bit simpler, the emails could be a nothingburger or prove that Biden is an American Mobuto, but it doesn’t matter because the Americans have already made up their minds on the matter and the percentage of people of the electorate whose minds this will change is exceedingly small.

    However, Hunter’s escapades are at least modestly entertaining.

  65. Greta Handel says

    I wasn’t sure what you intended to convey with your photo sent as a reply to my previous comment. But it now sounds like Ludwig is correct, that you wrote this post ignorant of the indications in the leaked material of political corruption and related involvement of Joe Biden in his son’s business transactions.

    If so, why not just admit it? You can’t be the sharpest knife in every drawer when you pull so many open.

  66. Trump’s probability of winning a week ago: ~35%.

    Today: ~35%.


    Polls: also unchanged.

    Your partisan obsessions are not American ones.

  67. Any non-partisan reading of the content of the emails – applying even the most minimal standards of journalism – reveal that they are far from being a “nothing burger”. At the very least they corroborate massive, deliberate influence peddling by a sitting VP’s son, with the full knowledge of the VP. In the worst case they raise questions whether the said VP received a cut of the money – the reference to “10 [%] to the Big Guy” – which a recipient to this email, has gone on record saying is indeed a reference to the VP. The emails are what the Russiagate dossier would be if the latter was true and not a opposition fabrication and collection of gossip.

    The reason why the needle may not be moved is largely in part due to a deliberate and open collusion – in what has become a bigger scandal – between various organs of the national security state, the mainstream media and Big Tech to censor, to deflect the emails – whose authenticity is beyond doubt – as “Russian Disinfo” and implicitly threaten journalists who even dare question Biden with being smeared as “conspiracy theorists” – a term which is now freely used against anyone who questions the overwhelming dissonance between known facts, logic and the narrative increasingly pushed by the establishment in various scenarios around the world.

    And yes it may even be that many who hate Trump would not be moved even if they are given undeniable proof that Joe took money. In their view, Trump is an existential threat to their lives and future – like how Putin is made out to be. This is of course a result of a remarkable propaganda campaign over the past 4 years (and longer for Putin) to paint Trump as some sort of unique evil in the thrall of Putin (another unique evil), and who must be removed by all means even if that means replacing him with a decrepit, corrupt man and all the corrupt DC establishment that will come with him. (The irony is that antipathy to the DC establishment is why many voted for Obama in 2008 against Clinton – in the primaries – and McCain in the general).

    This however is not a reason to dismiss the emails as a “nothing burger”.

    Incidentally the only good news for Biden now is that it’s clear that he cannot be blackmailed or indeed even charged with crimes, because no matter what evidence is released, it will be covered up. He, or his son, are beyond the law with full support from the DC establishment, the media and Big Tech.

    On a wider note, this is the sort of kleptocratic corruption that is associated with civilizations East of the Hajnal Line.
    The reality is that it exists quite extensively in the Wesr as well.

  68. Greta Handel says

    What “partisan obsessions”? I don’t even vote, and have been encouraging others here at Unz to join me for years.

    As Realist already pointed out,

    Karlin isn’t a serious writer…too full of himself.

    You hadn’t informed yourself about the subject before winging this post, and are too insecure to admit it.

  69. the Americans have already made up their minds on the matter

    Which matter?

    Most Americans probably know nothing about the contents of the HDD or the concerted effort of the MSM and Big Tech has led them to believe that it is all fake Russian propaganda so they haven’t bothered any further. They can’t possibly have made up their minds on something they ignore exists.

  70. You guys do not get Karlin. Do you know why he wrote this note? He wanted to use the phrase “pretty lame” to distance himself from the losers who he feels disenchanted with. There is no other reason! Karlin is a very simple psychological machine. Quite transparent.

  71. Karlin is a very simple psychological machine. Quite transparent.

    Narcissistic…delusional assessment of his abilities.

  72. another anon says

    So it is all one vast Biden plot against poor Donald, and Anatoly Karlin is in it too.
    Boring and lame conspiracy.

    If we want to dedicate this thread to conspirology, here is my take, my explanation of Trump phenomenon.

    Trump is not Russian or Zionist agent, Trump is Clinton agent.


    The 2016 election was fixed from the beginning. Donald ran as fake candidate to disrupt Republican party and bring his old friends Clintons easy victory for big load of cash to save his bankrupt business empire. Great deal for everyone involved.

    What happended to Clinton’s clever plan?
    Variant A: Donald backstabbed them as he backstabbed everyone else, and won for real.
    Variant B: Donald played hard to lose, and, being complete screwup, won by mistake.

    This theory explains many very suspicious things that happened in 2016, and the extreme foaming-at-mouth rage the establishment feels against Trump afterward.

    Is it real? Probably not. Should it be real? Hell yes.

  73. Greta Handel says

    I posted this (pre-Handel) on September 19 under a Pat Buchanan column:

    The DNC and/or Podesta documents published by Wikileaks included a strategy memo that named Trump, Ben Carson, and someone else as the three most highly preferred opponents.

    In 2015, mainstream media reported, citing unnamed but knowledgeable sources, that Bill Clinton had called Trump to encourage his candidacy for the Republican nomination. Trump ran soon thereafter, leading initially to speculation that he was doing so as a spoiler to take out or at least weaken Jeb Bush, et al.

    Of course, none of these people — including the mainstream media — is honest or credible. But since you asked …

    Your theory is also consistent with the dragged out Barr/Durham indictment fantasy, now retooled to prod the Red sheep into voting again. (I said months and months ago that no one above the level of a Strzok will ever be charged, a prediction that might impress Mr. Karlin.) James Howard Kunstler, who eloquently sees straight through the Democratic Party, has fallen for it.

    Whatever the script, the important thing to remember is that it’s a puppet show. None of these Beltway creatures cares or even thinks about us as fellow Americans. We’re tax aphids and cannon fodder whose dissent need only be channeled and harmlessly blown off in each Most Important Election Ever.

  74. Well I found Karlin’s ‘I’m above such moralfags’ attitude rather disgusting in his ‘Cutie’s‘ review, but I don’t see how this boring and sordid ‘scandal’ is comparable at all, he’s exactly right here.

    ‘/pol/ is so full of incels that that a man having sex is breaking news to them’ seems quite on the mark to me. He’s rich, married, likes to party, of course he visits whores. Who the hell cares? Congratulations to Hunter for being savvy enough to not chase after ordinary woman and probably get ‘metooed’, again, who cares.

  75. Congratulations to Hunter for being savvy enough to not chase after ordinary woman and probably get ‘metooed’, again, who cares.

    Yes, and congratulations to Hunter for filming it all, storing it on his unencrypted laptop and then leaving it at a repair shop but forgetting to collect it back. What a champion!

  76. another anon says

    For more indepth conspirological another analysis of the Laptop Affair, see here, visit the original post for links.
    (for people who foam at the mouth when they see Reddit: Motte is Slate Star Codex descended rationalist subreddit, SJW, MAGA and Qanon idiocy is not tolerated here)


    Contra MSNBC types, there is zero evidence whatsoever of Russian involvement. Rather, the provenance of these hard drives likely runs through enigmatic Chinese billionaire dissident Guy Wengui (郭文贵) AKA Guo Haoyun (郭浩云) AKA Miles Guo AKA Miles Kwok. Wengui, a Beijing real estate developer and investor, fled China in 2015 following corruption charges and has been living in exile in a luxury apartment in Manhattan. From there, Guo founded the Chinese Whistleblower Movment, sporadically leaking information and documents reflecting negatively on the CCP – the Chinese government in turn dismisses these documents as forgeries

    Whilst in Manhattan, Guo synced up with ousted former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon to together form GTV Media Group. On the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, Guo, flanked by various Chinese celebrities, declared a New Federal State of China, a government-in-exile with the sole focus of overthrowing the existing Chinese government. The group flew banners over majors cities, including NYC, and has distributed leaflets with anti-CCP claims up to and including the notion that COVID-19 is a bioweapon developed by the Chinese government

    In September, weeks before the NYPost’s bombshell story, a Chinese dissident streamer working with GTV directly claimed that 3 hard drives containing information destined to change the outcome of the election had been sent to the US DoJ, though the DoJ slow walked the investigation. The hard drives were said to contain sex tapes of Hunter Biden showcasing abuse of underage girls, along with details of shady deals between Hunter Biden and Chinese parties, as well as the Burisma scandal and some compromising scandal in Kazakhstan. One hard drive was also stated to contain information relating to COVID-19 being released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. A translation of the September 25 stream is here and a contemporaneous tweet by a Guo affiliated twitter account is here with a truncated excerpt

    The deal between Hunter Biden and Chinese parties described on the stream involved Hunter Biden being paid $1M upfront ‘like a tip’ and then $10M after signing for a deal worth billions. Due to recent leaks, we now know that Hunter Biden did indeed enter into a consulting contract with China’s largest private energy company, CEFC China Energy, in 2017 that earned him $10M annually “for introductions alone”. Former CEFC chairman, Ye Jianming, dealt with Hunter Biden directly, gifting him a 2.8 carat diamond at their first meeting, which Hunter’s ex-wife claims was worth $80,000; Hunter claims it was only worth $10,000 and he gave it away to his staff and doesn’t know what happened to it. Ye and Hunter discussed creating a holding company to form more a ‘more lasting and lucrative arrangement’ tying the two financially, including kickbacks for ‘the big guy’ (asserted by Fox’s anonymous sources to be Joe himself). Ye, who per National Review was ‘connected to Chinese military and intelligence’ has been detained by the CCP since 2018 for bribing foreign officials in Hong Kong and Senegal.

    Ye’s deputy Patrick Ho was arrested in NYC on bribery charges re: Chad and Uganda contemporaneously, and his first phone call upon arrest was to Hunter’s uncle James Biden

    Further revelations from the NYPost’s leaks are Joe Biden meeting with Hunter’s business partner from Kazakhstan, oligarch Kenos Rakishev. Per the recent Senate Report on Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption, Rakishev sent nearly $150,000 through intermediaries to Hunter’s partner Devon Archer – currently in jail for fraud – “for a car” the same day Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Kyiv to discuss the US response to Russia’s invasion of Crimea, of which Kazakhstan had been mildly supportive. Joe Biden had previously denied ever discussing Hunter’s overseas business dealings at any point

    Last evening, Giuliani announced he had turned over Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop to Delaware police and that it contained photos of ‘numerous underage girls’ and discussions of Hunter Biden inappropriately exposing himself to a 14 year old – thought by some to be Hunter’s niece Natalie based on unredacted transcripts held in Giuliani’s hand during the interview

    All of this comes together when we see this photo of unknown date – but predating the NYPost story – of Guo and Giuliani standing in embrace with Bannon’s unmistakable visage visible in the background, and Guo-affiliated Chinese ‘whistleblower’ virologist Li-Meng Yan caught in the reflection. Last month, Yan co-authored a pre-print research paper claiming that COVID-19 was developed in a Chinese lab

    So, there we have it. A billionaire Chinese dissident aligned with Trumpworld svengali Steve Bannon is the likely source of the Hunter Biden data troves as part of his ongoing war with the CCP. This is not to say that the data troves are fake – recall that the 2016 Tony Podesta hacks only involved the illegal leaks of very real and accurate information. But the various and sundry Hunter Biden scandals are just one facet of a broader initiative to push a narrative that COVID-19 was made in a Chinese lab – something President Trump himself has claimed to have seen evidence of – and anyone who’s mentioning Russia in the context of this story is wildly out of their depth


    Purely my own speculation here, but what I find most probable is that Guo indeed found himself in possession of Hunter Biden’s data and then worked with Bannon to launder it through the computer repair store similar to the way that the Podesta troves were laundered through Wikileaks to obfuscate their source. The computer repair store proprietor – John Paul Mac Isaac – could’ve been identified as a sympathetic party via his vocal online support for President Trump. A laptop with the scandalous data – whether the physical laptop was stolen from Hunter Biden directly or was some sort of duplicate cloned from a hacked iCloud backup – was dropped off at the repair shop in Hunter’s name sometime in 2019, setting events in motion to lead to this meticulously orchestrated October surprise a year later. Personally, I can’t see any way for Isaac to not be in on it at some level – it’s simply too coincidental for him to reach out to Giuliani personally – but if it played out as outlined above, then his recounting is technically an accurate rendition of events as he has not actually claimed Hunter himself dropped it off

    Regardless, the more fundamental questions to me are what is verifiable. I don’t have strong reason to disbelieve that Russia was behind the Podesta hack, but by all accounts what they released was true and accurate, unedited data. If that’s the case here, I care about the provenance about as much as I do that of Trump’s tax returns, which is to say rather little. There is very obviously an ongoing attempt to shift the narrative focus from the substance of the leaks to their origin. In my view, the substance is by far the bigger story and the Biden campaign should begin addressing the substance on its merits instead of conspicuously ignoring it. If and when we get to the point where there is a legitimate dispute over the veracity of the contents, then the sourcing becomes more of an issue of national interest

  77. Well, there’s also Kiwi Farms.

  78. Oof, I forgot about that place. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

  79. Chrisnonymous says

    You know…


    works much better.

  80. Chrisnonymous says

    Agree with the first 4 paragraphs, but the fifth is wrong. They are waiting for the election to be over. Then Joe is out.

  81. Yea, who cares about Hunter Biden? I did not plan to vote this time, but…

    Nashville is run by Democrats. They ran the city into the ground, regularly running huge deficits and incurring a humongous debt. This is a clear sign of gross mismanagement and/or thievery. Now they found a “solution”: hiked property taxes by more than 30% (mine increased by 37.5%), expecting others to pay for their ineptitude and/or thievery. As a consolation, they sent the data with the tax bill showing that Memphis and Knoxville property taxes are still higher than ours. In my book it shows that Memphis and Knoxville Dems are even worse than Nashville Dems, but does not show that Nashville Dems are any good.

    By this outrage I was forced to vote today against every Dem on the ballot. Some lowlifes ran unopposed, so I did write-in. Take home message: libtards cannot be trusted with a penny and should never be elected in any position of authority.

  82. Kent Nationalist says

    Isn’t that for talking about fat women and autistic retards?

  83. Kent Nationalist says

    Well I found Karlin’s ‘I’m above such moralfags’ attitude rather disgusting in his ‘Cutie’s‘ review, but I don’t see how this boring and sordid ‘scandal’ is comparable at all, he’s exactly right here.

    I was talking about the attitude of the comment I was replying to rather than AK’s.

    ‘/pol/ is so full of incels that that a man having sex is breaking news to them’ seems quite on the mark to me. He’s rich, married, likes to party, of course he visits whores. Who the hell cares? Congratulations to Hunter for being savvy enough to not chase after ordinary woman and probably get ‘metooed’, again, who cares.

    A British minister having sex with a prostitute in the 1950s was a national scandal that helped overthrow the Conservative government years later and Britain at that time was hardly an incel society.

  84. What strikes me is not why Biden junior had a sexual encounter with his underage niece (apparently quite a number of political or economic elites are degenerate SOBs anyhow) but why on earth he had recorded this encounter??? Are these people so stupid that they don’t know that any electronic record can be breached or leaked in the future, or, worse than that, is it that contemporary elites and their degenerate offspring (not only Hunter boy, but the granddaughter as well) feel the urge to (secretly) share their encounters and adventures from time to time so that they can re-assert and rectify their eliteness?

  85. Is he (Hunter) though?

    The “evidence” was probably released so late so that there wouldn’t be time to refute it before votes were cast.

    If it were solid, it would have been released weeks ago.

    And even if Hunter got a foot massage, so what?

    It’s laughable to say that the media is censoring the story when the biggest news network (Fox), the biggest names in (non-sports) talk radio, and one of the largest TV station owners (Sinclair) are giving the story heavy coverage.

  86. Outside of right wing channels (such as Fox), this story has been shut down on on any platform that pretends to be “neutral” and “objective”, from CNN to NPR to NYT and WashPo to Facebook and Twitter.

    Media censoring the story is an apt description.

  87. So what? They might not have been an incel society (especially at the top); but they were definitely a hypocritical society.

    A lot of people are mad that Hunter is better at business than Trump, and gets more action than they do.

    If the media really wanted to thrash Trump, they’d talk more about job losses in the manufacturing sector, and mysterious payments to Trump from China.

  88. How is it censorship when anyone who wants to can listen to Fox, Sinclair, or talk radio?

    And is it censorship when Fox doesn’t spend much time covering Trump’s corruption, failure to prevent manufacturing job losses, and payments from China?

  89. Kent Nationalist says

    So what? They might not have been an incel society (especially at the top); but they were definitely a hypocritical society.

    What does that have to do with what I wrote? My point was that being concerned with sex scandals is not indicative of an ‘incel society’.

    A lot of people are mad that Hunter is better at business than Trump, and gets more action than they do.

    A lot of people (you included) are immensely impressed by the fact that he has sex with prostitutes. As for the ‘better at business’ part, your brain must be fried if you sincerely believe that this figures in people’s thoughts about him.

    If the media really wanted to thrash Trump, they’d talk more about job losses in the manufacturing sector, and mysterious payments to Trump from China.

    They don’t do that, not because they are uninterested in attacking Trump, but because it would expose an issue with their liberal (globalist) ideology

  90. Calm down. I’m not actually impressed with Hunter. I couldn’t care less about him. It’s just funny to me that so many people who are so unconcerned about Trump’s business and sexual dealings are hyperventilating about Hunter’s.

    I’m sending in my ballot today. I’ll vote for Rocky & Ye (nominated by George Wallace’s American Independent Party). I can’t stand Harris.


    They don’t do that, not because they are uninterested in attacking Trump, but because it would expose an issue with their liberal (globalist) ideology

    I agree.

  91. No “proper thinking” person would listen to Fox or other right wing channel in an elite institutional setting. They would get shunned from society. Fox is well known for their right bias.

    If Congressional committee grilled Fox for reporting on Trump corruption and told Fox that Trump corruption stories were Russian propaganda, that would indeed be censorship.

    Lest you forget, this is how it started 3 years ago.

    At one point, Democratic Sen. Al Franken even held his head in his hands as he lamented loudly that Facebook should have caught Russian disinformation far sooner than it did. His resonant question:

    “How does Facebook, which prides itself on being able to process billions of data points and instantly transform them into personal connections for its users, somehow not make the connection that electoral ads, paid for in rubles, were coming from Russia?”


    And here how it’s going:

    “Take a step back, and the Russian interference of 2016 holds valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do in 2020,” wrote Thomas Rid in the Washington Post under the paper’s “Perspective” section. “We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.”


    When stories about Trump corruption invite Congressional hearings about their sourcing and are dismissed as “Russian propaganda even if it isn’t” by supposedly “professional” press and then get blocked by all major media platforms except Rachel Maddow, i will also complain of censorship.

  92. Putting politics aside, on the question of Biden’s senility: I really don’t think people in their late 70s have the executive function necessary to be a good leader.

    Surely that argument applies equally to Trump. You can’t tell me that a 77-year-old is too old for the job but a 74-year-old is just fine. They’re both really old men.

  93. another anon says

    So this is the final October surprise 🙂


    Bad news for Donald. Very bad.
    Trump family shall quickly upload their incest porn videos that Americans want to see!
    Close the PORN GAP ASAP, or lose!


  94. Neither would pass my physical, though I think Biden is demonstrating more deficits.

  95. you really think Chad Hunter’s exploits will sink him? Running against Trump of all people? LOL.

    That’s not the point. This is the point: A depraved Hunter Biden — and his father — can be blackmailed by the CCP to alter US policy towards China in a favorable direction.

    Also, just LOL at thinking Hunter Biden is some Chad/alpha male. That’s zero personality betaboy cope. Buying hookers and blow with your dad’s influence money is not necessarily evidence of Chaditude. In fact, it’s evidence against.

    A Chad gets the money for nothing and the chicks for free.