Who’s Coming to the US?

The Center for Immigration Studies appears to have had a rather productive October.

Apart from their report on illegal immigrant births, they have also produced a report on general immigration to the US as of 2016.


As of 2016, immigration was at its highest level since 1999, when it peaked at 1.797 million.


What’s striking, though, is the collapse of Mexican emigration, though Central America has increased its share.


Here are the numbers in table format.

Unfortunately, there’s no detailed breakdown, so it’s impossible to say how many Russians are coming in (given that this is what the Blue Cheqmarks are raging about as the latest Caravan trundles up).


But we can estimate.

There are 5 million European immigrants in the US, of whom 400,000 are Russians, or 8% of the total (so 4x less per capita than Britons, and 2x less than Germans). Russians did increase their total numbers between 2010 and 2017 marginally more so than the Euros, so let’s assume they made up 10% of recent European arrivals. Referring to the previous graph, about 150,000 Europeans have been arriving to the US in recent years. That translates to perhaps 15,000 Russians.

In my article from a couple of years on Russian brain drain (or how it has largely abated), I noted that the US gave out 10,000 Permanent Resident permits to Russians in 2013. So the figures match well.

China sent 171,000 new immigrants to the US in 2016; India sent 194,000. This would make those demographic giants equivalent to Russia in per capita terms. Despite an almost threefold decline since 2000, Mexico still sent almost 200,000 – that’s about 20x Russia’s rate per capita. Meanwhile, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua sent 126,000 between them – out of a combined population of 30 million. That’s 0.5% of their population in any one year (or 50x Russia’s/China’s rate).

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  1. Bragadocious says

    We don’t need any of these people, Indians, Russians or Mexicans. Except the hot Russian women. You can stay.

  2. there are lies, damn lies, and

    jew.gov statistics. In fact,

    total non-White insourcing, legal & illegal, averages c. 4,000,000/year.

    this, coupled with the kosher Culture of Death engineered collapse of the White birthrate, is why

    Whites will be an absolute minority in ‘Murka no later than 2030, not “2042” or “2050” as variously claimed by the always mendacious jew.gov.

  3. I’m rather curious if the slight rise in Euro migration to the US in recent years is due to the declining state of society in Western Europe.

    From a demographic perspective one of the worst things for European countries is white flight to the US due to increasing amounts of non-whites in Europe.

    Ireland is particularly affected by this unfortunately since any time there’s an economic downturn (all the time) we lose tens of thousands to emigration. Between 2008 and 2012 we lost 250,000 people, largely well educated college grads, to the US and further anglosphere.

  4. OT, but Donetsk is pretty much a ghost town now:


    Compare to Kharkiv, “the most diverse city in Ukraine”:


    Diversity aside, the New Russia project hasn’t turned out very well..

  5. Felix Keverich says

    They do have hot water in Donetsk, however. On a scale of civilisation that places them above Maidanist Ukraine. 😉

  6. Why not Russians? Russians are high IQ people.

  7. Bragadocious says

    They’re a bad fit culturally. High IQ maybe, but incredibly dishonest people in my experience. You realize how high trust the U.S. is when you meet a Russian. It’s like they’re from another planet where everyone thinks of how they can screw over their fellow man. Like I said, I’d overlook that if they were young, slim and female. Non-mudshark gets bonus points.

  8. It’s like they’re from another planet where everyone thinks of how they can screw over their fellow man.

    Are they supposed to be wrong?

  9. jbwilson24 says

    “High IQ maybe, but incredibly dishonest people in my experience. ”

    Compared to what group?

    Compared to English? Yes.

    Pakis or Indians? No, god no. Russians can’t even begin to approach South Asian levels of deceit.

    Chinese? No.

    Orthodox Jews? No.

    “You realize how high trust the U.S. is when you meet a Russian.”

    No, you realize how high trust the U.S. USED TO BE.

    Go to Silicon Valley, Upstate NY, or any other place with a large Indian population and talk to me about trust.

  10. jbwilson24 says

    One of the reasons that the Russians have not let themselves be overrun by low IQ third world savages (e.g., Pakis, Afghans, Arabs) is that they are not high trust.

    They stick to their families and are quite wide awake when it comes to inter-group conflict and competition for limited resources. They know what it is to suffer, to be hungry, and to fight for scraps.

    Yes, that has downsides. However, which would you rather live around?

    1) low trust Russians in a largely white city with petty crime and relatively poor infrastructure, or

    2) a small number of high trust Swedes, together with the legions of third world (rapacious and tribalist) trash that they imported?

    I’ll tell you which I’m going to choose.

  11. Hot water is back in Kiev, but Donetsk is still a ghost town.

  12. Bragadocious says

    Well I was asked “why not Russians?” I agree with you about South Asians and Orthodox Jews. I won’t do business with them under any circumstance. The high trust U.S. is still out there, you just have to be selective in your dealings.

  13. Yes, beautiful, smart Russian women. Along with Asian women! We can never have enough Asian women. Especially NE Asian (Chinese, Korean, and Japanese).

  14. Trust question is interesting, and it’s clearly a result of historical configuration of different countries. Americans always talk about being high trust society – which is nonsense propaganda in many areas.

    America has a stable legal system and property law, so they are high trust in business. But in other ways they are not high trust.

    In crime and personal safety in America, you have to be careful not to “go to a dangerous area”. These dangerous areas can be in the centre of cities – for example, in San Francisco, be careful not to walk into Tenderloin. American police are also famously brutalistic. Schools and religious institutions need guards to stop mass shooting. In aspects like this, it is not high trust – but more like “second world countries”.

    UK also high trust in business. Also in personal safety. English elite and bourgeoisie are probably the most civilized people in the world. But there are also cameras everywhere – due to high rate of property crime and drunk men fight in streets in the night in many cities. Bicycles require several large chains, to not be robbed.

    What about Italy or Spain? These are extremely high trust in personal safety and violence levels, being far safer than America. But not in areas like business and politics, and not in shopping. In Italy, restaurants are famous for taking money from tourists, and Italians often taking things from shops, so security guards outside the expensive ones. In Spain – chance of losing your wallet or your bag being robbed is quite high, particularly in cities like Barcelona (where my mother has a phone robbed). Spanish people always paranoid about where their bag is when in the cafe, even when you know them outside Spain.

    In Israel? There are metal bars on ground floor windows, and people place cameras outside their house. People with guns in street. Politicians famous for corruption. Taxi drivers who double price for tourists. At the same time, new books sold in Tel Aviv (Allenby Street), unmonitored with a collection box (books sit on a table and you put money in the box if you want to buy it).

    What society is high trust in all important areas? Clearly – Japan, Scandinavian countries. Perhaps – Germany, Switzerland, Austria?

  15. In crime and personal safety in America, you have to be careful not to “go to a dangerous area”.

    So trust depends on subcultures with respect to violence.

    But property crime is much lower i the US than in Europe. For example parcels are left on porches and it is considered scandalous and unacceptable when they are sometimes taken – because usually they are not.

    American police are also famously brutalistic.

    Perhaps linked to lower levels of property crime? But this has nothing to do with trust.

  16. Boswald Bollocksworth says

    Oh lovely…400k Chinese and Indians every year! Such wonderful people! Such a joy to have one’s wages pressured by them and most of all, to serve as the vocational scaffolding around which they can be deployed on quantitative business problems. That’s why I studied math afterall, to work with Asians!

  17. Boswald Bollocksworth says

    Exactly “compared to what?” I agree Russians don’t fit into an Anglo society particularly well, especially if they came of age in the 90s. But at this point, America really doesn’t exist anymore so what’s the difference if there are a handful of Russians tossed in amid the great Asiatic and Indio hordes?

    I will often have some interaction with a real American and think “wow so nice to know you can trust someone and have common references”, but…that ain’t normal. The Anglo is not supposed to known he has a high trust culture, fish/water. As frequent as these interactions are, they still stand out as at least somewhat exceptional, in an otherwise atomized, PC and market-mediated existence in a US Economic Zone.

    Pretty clearly the Germanic/west European “high trust” approach is not a stable equilibrium in the modern world. Groups disposed to this way of being are admixing with the lowest quality populations, as is already well underway in the UK, USA and Sweden. Maybe Russians can’t form a line at church or exit an airplane gracefully, but at least they still have a country and self respect, while our kind are totally broken, finished.

  18. Here is a snapshot on assimilation:

    Hispanics (excepting Cubans) predictably have the lowest assimilation indices. Canadians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, and Koreans have high indices.

    Among Asians, Chinese and Indians are closer to the assimilation indices of Hispanics than they are to other Asians. And those two happen to be the fastest/largest growing segments of the Asian immigrants among the top 10 (meanwhile Korean population in the U.S. has shrunk, Vietnamese immigrant growth is small though Filipino growth is still moderate).

  19. Pretty clearly the Germanic/west European “high trust” approach is not a stable equilibrium in the modern world.

    Why do you make me pull this out?

  20. Felix Keverich says

    Hot water is back in Kiev

    No, it’s not. 🙂

    They still haven’t managed to restore hot water in Ukrainian capital! Deadlines get missed and are replaced by more deadlines. In the meantime, it’s November already. I’m beginning to think that providing hot water to the population is not priority for this regime…

  21. In a nutshell hordes of non whites, the jews are now openly saying this is to replace whites, yet most whites are too stupid or too cowardly to see just how deadly the jews are to them.

  22. Canadians assimilation index 50%? What is the index and who made up this data? Must be some moron from Asia.

  23. This is correct. This was one of the points I made in my two articles comparing advantages of life in Russia vs. the US.

    The only time I ever had a parcel pilfered was during a couple of months when I lived in a housing community mostly inhabited by ex-sovok immigrants.

    On those Honest Tea experiments which measured the percentage of people who paid for tea without any surveillance, the top scoring cities were Oakland and Salt Lake City, which fits stereotypes. Almost 100% paid there. The lowest result was in Brighton Beach with its special demographics (ex-Soviet Jews), where only about 65% paid.

    EDIT: In addition, the parcel, which contained a reasonably expensive item (~$100), was replaced by Amazon free of charge on just my word that it was stolen. That they can do this and remain in business is another testament to high levels of trust in the US. Russians would abuse the shit out of such policies, which is why they don’t exist in Russia.

  24. Felix Keverich says

    Anders Aslund of the Atlantic Council calls Russian sanctions on the Ukraine “draconian”, saying they’ll have significant impact on Ukrainian economy. Let’s hope that, for once, he is right!


  25. It’s hard to thrive under frequent shelling and the fear that you may be killed at any given time after hearing horrendous stories, often from people close to you.

    Blame Ukraine for putting the city under siege, not the people who had the good sense to opt out.

    I agree with this comment:

    Кот, когда Марик будет в роли Донецка (т.е. регулярно обстреливаемым) обязательно напиши, как там пляжи\кафэшки\парки\угоны\ограбления и пр.и пр. Сравнение всегда интересно, ты же объективный человек?

    Those who fled the siege are living either in other regions of Ukraine or in Russia, so regardless of what we think about the population loss in the city, it’s a net gain for Russia, and the territory is not going back to Ukraine unless it’s federalized. Tempting as it may be, it’s pointless to feel satisfaction in the “Russian project failing”. Crimea is the Russian project, Donbass is an instrument of Russian policy for Ukraine.

    украинский мир пришол с бомбами и пулями, а русский мир пришол в крым с стройками века мостов аэропортов больниц электростанций

    After the initial population exodus in the active conflict period (2014-2015), my guess is that the population has mostly stabilized, with minor (and persistent) yearly loss. In the same video, I also saw traffic, parked cars and crowds.

    There’s an important information missing. At what time of the day the video was filmed, and where? What was the weather like?

    This resident, a woman, has a different perspective:

    Ребят, я сейчас живу в Донецке и хочу сказать, что если бы я увидела это видео живя где-нибудь в другом месте, то у меня тоже сложилось бы впечатление, что город пустой. Однако хочу сказать как непосредственный житель. Нихера он не пустой. В автобусы вечером и утром хрен влезешь, если ты живёшь не на конечной. Днём тоже далеко не всегда можно свободно поездить. Начал он свое путешествие с ж/д вокзала, в районе которого до сих пор довольно опасно жить, т.к. время от времени может и залететь неприятный сюрприз. Продвигаясь постепенно к центру, он приехал в сердце города считай, на пл. Ленина. Хочу сказать, что там движ бывает во время концерта, в остальное время делать там нечего, вот абсолютно. Гулять у нас любят по бульвару Шевченко, вот там кафешки всякие, лавочки, скульптуры, всякие музыканты, стенды с историей города, детские площадки и т.п. Там постоянно гуляют мамы с детьми, пенсионеры и молодёжь. Если там пройтись в пятницу в это время или в субботу, то сомнения по поводу пустой город или нет сразу пропадут. Да и не стоит забывать, что экскурсия была на велосипеде. Он ехал довольно быстро, и даже я, зная все эти места наизусть, не успевала иногда понять где он находится. Если снять какой-нибудь концерт, то можно увидеть сколько людей в городе. Я все это к тому, что по одному видео нельзя оценить обстановку. Может быть много разных факторов. Например, судя по одежде идущих навстречу людей, в тот день было довольно холодно, и далеко не все захотят лишний раз выбираться на улицу в такой холод. Да и в 17.30 рабочий день далеко не у всех заканчивается. Многие работают до 18 – 19 часов. Пишу не для того, чтобы на меня вылился поток говна, просто рассказала, что знаю лично сама

  26. Felix Keverich says

    It seems that Russian sanctions are hitting the Ukraine at an optimum time, as the country’s current account deficit exploded since June this year. In “emerging markets” such as the Ukraine, this is usually a prelude to devaluation.


  27. It’s hard to thrive under frequent shelling and the fear that you may be killed at any given time

    Central Donetsk where this was filmed has been spared almost all of the shelling.

    There’s an important information missing. At what time of the day the video was filmed, and where? What was the weather like?

    The guy who made the film stated it was made at the peak of rush hour, in the afternoon on a work day.

  28. No, it’s not. 🙂


    Article stated “as of October 16th”. Hot water was restored October 21st or so.

    And it was 30% of Kiev, never the entire city.

  29. Felix Keverich says

    No, October 21st was just another “deadline”, which they missed.

  30. Apparently, the most ardent supporter of high trust / low trust psychobabble is Fukuyama, and we all know what happened with his predictions about an unipolar, American-centered world. The “high trust” nonsense is just another way of US sycophants to claim superiority on those who must be demonized.

    People are the same everywhere. Everywhere, rich people are more relaxed, as they stop giving a damn about you stealing the 50 dollars they might have in their wallet, by comparing with the rest of their fortune. Everywhere, poor people act foolishly, thinking that stealing 50 dollars from your wallet is good business plan. (It may well be. It’s a large sum for them, and most crimes go unpunished, anywhere in the world.) If Gyppos or Indians were as rich and as confident in their wealth as the Swedes are, they would be as honest as Swedes.

    Please refrain from repeating US supremacist crap. There is no field where US has ‘high trust’ and field where US has ‘low trust’. Like anyone, Americans are as trusting and trustworthy, as the richness of their country allows them to be. (That is, less than Norwegians, OK?) Perhaps we should find a better stereotype, praising countries with better life expectancy, less time spent at work or watching TV, more time spent with family and outdoors. We will all be able to make smart-ass comparisons, such “Italy has a better Greekness Index than Belgium”, and so on.

  31. Damn, that’s amazing. I hope ROK can resist the younger generation which is pushing to become more diverse*, even accepting in just jungle Asians (especially Muslim Malaysians). I worry about the younger generations thinking diversity is cool and just a little more of it can’t hurt. Or kowtowing to the forces in the West pushing for multiculturalism as it itself is crumbling. Things like K-pop clearly have Western ghetto influence. During the Olympics it was nice to see the refined music and elegant dress of the DPRK. But then they would introduce K-pop and it was so ghetto-ish with girls dressed like sluts. What a contrast.

  32. High/low trust society as a descriptive concept is useful. Why some societies are high or low trust is a very important questions. But the answer can’t be reduced to wealth. Brighton Beach Sovok Jews are pretty wealthy but they are a very low trust group. They would like your excuse for them being low trust because they think they are not wealthy enough. Swedes in 19 century were very poor but as high trust as you can get. The answer is very simple: successful internalization of Christianity backed up by working legal system in ethnically homogenous society.

  33. CCTV originated as an anti terrorism tactic against the IRA.

  34. People are the same everywhere

    No they’re not

  35. Toronto Russian says

    What’s striking, though, is the collapse of Mexican emigration, though Central America has increased its share.

    Good for Mexico. Reduction in poverty does the job of keeping people in. The Russian guy in the video Across Mexico Without Money met one illegal migrant heading for the US – for dozens of people who were content in their towns and provided him with free food and shelter. Add in the warm climate and fun culture (he filmed the Day of the Dead festival somewhere in the middle of the trip), and there’s virtually no reason to want to leave.


  36. Bragadocious says

    The “high trust” nonsense is just another way of US sycophants to claim superiority on those who must be demonized

    And yet, we have a Russian, the guy who operates this blog, and he agrees that the U.S. is more high trust than Russia. He’s lived in both countries. I’ll take his word for it, and not yours. Here’s what he once wrote:

    many foreigners have observed how easy it is to return products in the United States within the first 6 months, year, or even two years. Many ex-USSR immigrants regularly exploit these provisions, buying some expensive coffee machine only to decide they’re not that satisfied with it after 11 months and getting their money back, only to then repeat the process. This is something I have observed first hand on several occasions, and the culprit was never an indigenous American

    This is precisely what I’m talking about. It’s a culture of grifting and stealing that Americans, generally, do not share.

    But then, you sound like a Brit, or an Aussie. (“gyppos”) Commonwealth types hate America, and more specifically, hate when Americans say something positive about America.

  37. I am a bit surprised though since as I recall the Mexican hasn’t been doing particularly well in the past decade.


    Correct. So usually 2-3% per year. That’s 1-2% per capita. This suggests the relative gap between Mexico and the US has actually grown.

  38. So the story goes: Mao offered Kissinger 10,000 Chinese women to take home with him and when Henry turned him down, he upped it to a million. Still no go. Now, if he had just asked for a few talent scouts. As if we didn’t already have reason to despise Kissinger.

  39. Be specific, where and more importantly who in America? The third world garbage that inhabits the USA behaves not very different from where they came from, they are corrupt, stupid, untrustworthy and simply an inferior people.

  40. Cowardice makes one really stupid, or functionally so. Self deception, after all, usually results from fear and caving into fear is cowardice. The fox decided the grapes were sour, because he lacked the balls to face his own insufficiency. Fox was chicken shit, not Henny Penney stupid. When we don’t call a spade a spade, we are, too. Jews run over us, because we have neutered ourselves.

  41. Can you give a site about that Honest Tea experiment in Brighton Beach?

    The closest I could find was this:

    Most honest:

    Least honest:

    Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn is the least honest area. Brighton Beach is not mentioned. Did you confuse it with Venice Beach?

  42. Okay, thanks, that’s the exact study but it emerges I misremembered. I have no idea about the demographics of Atlantic Terminal.

    This link suggests it might have a large Muslim component: https://www.tripsavvy.com/muslim-communities-in-brooklyn-442777

  43. Daniel Chieh says

    OT: Trailer for the Wandering Earth. Think you might like it.


  44. I don’t think commuters at Atlantic Terminal are especially dishonest. More likely, they assumed that this was yet another of those free sample giveaways that are very common around NYC transportation hubs.

    I don’t know how scientific this “study” is anyway. Look at the results at their website:

    Denver and Seattle are among the least honest cities. Also, women are more honest than men (would they publish the result if it were otherwise?)

  45. In Brighton Beach, I have not been. But I argued with those old Soviet Jewish immigrant people of New York, on facebook (before they deleted my political account). A lot of these people seem like they had a “religious conversion” when they arrived in America, and now they would try to do everything “in the American way” – like it is an existential project for them.

    For them, nuclear bombs on Japan were helping to save the world and to criticize nuclear bombing on Japan is a sign you are an agent spying on them, to be reported to the authorities and removed from their group.

    Ironically, other topic of conversation for them is about how their children were propagandized to become liberals.

  46. Americans, generally, do not share.

    Yet, in American English, there are words like “streetwise” –


  47. Bragadocious says

    “Streetwise” doesn’t mean “cheat others.” It means knowing how not to be a victim. I’ll give you an example.

    “Costco should be more streetwise in handling merchandise returns from Brighton Beach.”

  48. JohnnyWalker123 says

    Pakis or Indians? No, god no. Russians can’t even begin to approach South Asian levels of deceit.

    Chinese? No.

    Orthodox Jews? No.


    I’d be wary about doing business with any of those groups.

  49. eldar craft worlds ftw

  50. They’re saying Belarus is less corrupt than Russia? And that Spain has the same corruption as Australia, US and UK (or my colour perception is not refined enough to read if they are different even zooming full size on the map).

    Every Spanish person I know, is talking about how corruption is the main problem of the country, where they talk about it in a way like it would be worse than Russia.

    If (if!) true, low level of Chile is encouraging though.


  51. anonymous coward says

    I feel for those intrepid superheroes of liberal democracy who snuck into North Korea and measured its corruption level, all scientifically like!

    Naw, who am I kidding. This “rating” is, of course, an complete asspull. Like every other rating published in the western media.

  52. prime noticer says

    having had decades of experience with a few russian immigrants here and there on the east coast, i’d say that you don’t want a large general population of russians showing up in your nation. a few russians are ok, but you don’t want 10 million russians appearing over a few decades. they’re european people, but no, they aren’t a good, and are different enough that they don’t match up that well.

    they’re not that smart, they’re kind of annoying, they’re a little more violent, and the gopnik thing is very clearly real.

    of course all of that is relative to third worlders. you’d certainly prefer russians over third worlders if you were forced to chose. still, you don’t want a big subpopulation of russians showing up in your country, or becoming a big faction of the population in one of your cities.

    in the US we have a lot of slavs from central and eastern europe already, and while they’re better than russians along those dimensions, the differences are still evident. poles probably make the best americans, then it goes downhill from there.

    here i’m talking strictly about the rus, not the other groups in russia. who would be even worse. straight rus people are moderately problematic enough. probably as disruptive to your state or city as a big population of balkan slavs would be. but again, everything is relative. you’d rather have those serbs and croats than mexicans or puerto ricans.

  53. Not according to the article you posted, and not indicated elsewhere. According to your article, as of October 16th 3,000 homes in a city of 3 million had been without hot water.

    Do you, this meant “Ukraine” was without hot water.

  54. You should take this kind of graph as a grain of salt. After all it comes from Foreign Policy. What do you expect?

  55. I think 70 years of Soviet communism that wiped out Russian elites, replaced initially with Jews did a job on Russians. The end result is a jaded and cynical man who suspects that everything is rigged and there is angle to everything and that the only way to get ahead is to know somebody and to work the system. And worst of all is that he is educated or so he thinks. This makes him impregnable to good influence of new environment.

    Slavic immigrants in early 20 century were mostly uneducated but often god fearing peasant. They had bad habits, they were not too smart, but they worked hard and did not complain and in second generation their children could take opportunity from being in America. Most importantly they did not engage in more sophisticate crime of scheming others and the system. Here are few excerpts from E.A. Ross, The Old Work in the New (1914) about Slavs. The book has chapters or Italians and Jews.

    For these manful Slavs, no work is too toilsome and dangerous. Their fatalistic acceptance of risk has much to do with the excessive blood-cost of certain of our industries. They are not “old clo’” men, junk-dealers, hucksters, peddlers, and snappers-up of unconsidered trifles, as are some of the people among us. They have no nose for the small, parasitic trades, but with a splendid work courage they tackle the heavy, necessary tasks. Large of body, hard-muscled, and inexpert in making his head save his heels, the Slav inevitably becomes the unskilled laborer in the basic industries.

    Still, their heavy drinking is spasmodic, and they are said to lose less time from work on account of intoxication than certain other nationalities. Says a Jersey City doctor practising among the Ruthenians, “They drink, but few die drunkards or hurt their health with alcohol. If a man does get drunk he is likely to be violent. If he strikes his wife she defends herself if she can, but she does not complain, for she knows he has ‘a right to hit her’ and that makes a great difference.” In Slavic neighborhoods, American influence first shows itself in the rise of a community sentiment against alcoholic excess and in a growing refinement in festal customs.

    For crime the Slav betrays no such bent as the South Italian. Aside from petty thieving—noted in some cases—the complaints of people near a Slav settlement center upon the affrays that follow in the wake of convivial drinking. The Bohemians have about the same criminal tendencies as the Germans. The other Slavs reveal the propensities of a rude, undeveloped people of undisciplined primitive passions. Animosity rather than cupidity is the motive of crime. When the Slav seeks illicit gain he takes the direct path of violence rather than the devious path of chicane; he commits robbery or burglary rather than theft or fraud or extortion. From crimes against chastity, and the loathsome knaveries that center in the social evil, he is singularly free. Morally, the stock is better than one would judge from the police records and from its reputation.

    Our million Poles outnumber all the rest of the Slavs in America, and the Poles are very clannish. When they settle in groups there is little association between them and their neighbors. “In the communities visited,” reports the Industrial Commission, “farmers of German, Scandinavian, Irish, Bohemian, Belgian, Swiss, and American origin were found living in juxtaposition to Poles. In virtually every instance the Pole was considered one degree lower than his neighbors.” “Neither the Poles as a body nor the others desire to fuse socially, and the Bohemians felt well above their Slavic brethren.” The farmers look down on the Poles as uncleanly, intemperate, quarrelsome, ignorant, priest-ridden, and hard on women and children. When a few Poles have come into a neighborhood, the other farmers become restless, sell out, and move away. Soon a parish is organized, church and parish school arise, the public school decays, and Slavdom has a new outpost.

    Without calling in question the worth of the Slavic race, one may note that the immigrant Slavs have small reputation for capacity. Many observers, after allowing for their illiteracy and lack of opportunity, still insist that they have little to contribute to our people. “These people haven’t any natural ability to transmit,” said a large employer of Slavs. “You may grind and polish dull minds all you want to in the public schools, but you never will get a keen edge on them because the steel is poor.” “They aren’t up to the American grade,” insisted the manager of a steel-works. “We have a ‘suggestion box,’ and we reward valuable suggestions from our men, but precious few ever come from immigrant labor.” The labor agent of a great implement-works rates the immigrant 75 in ability as compared with the American. A Bohemian leader puts his people above the Americans in music and the fine arts, but concedes the superiority of the Americans in constructive imagination, organizing ability, and tenacity of purpose. “The Czechs,” he says, “are strong in resistance but are not aggressive.”

    Of 23,000 pupils of non-English-speaking fathers, 43.4 per cent. were found to be behind their grade; the percentage of retardation for the children of Bohemian fathers was only 35.6 per cent.; but for Poles, the retardation was 58.1 per cent., and for Slovaks 54.5 per cent. While this showing is poor, there are good school men who stoutly maintain that it is still too soon to judge what the Slav-American can do.

  56. Damn, that’s amazing. I hope ROK can resist the younger generation which is pushing to become more diverse

    But it’s the younger people who tend to be higher IQ, and more conscientious, high-trust, less corrupt, etc. in ROK.

  57. Canadians assimilation index 50%? What is the index and who made up this data? Must be some moron from Asia.

    1. It’s an index, not a percentage.

    2. It’s based on the long-running Manhattan Institute study on immigrant assimilation.

    3. The combined index is based on three separate indices of assimilation in economic, cultural, and civic terms and are tabulated based on proxies.

    4. Canadians have very high economic and cultural assimilation, but low civic assimilation. They tend not to think of themselves as immigrants, but as cross-border working visitors, and hence acquire citizenship, serve in the armed forces, etc. at lower rates than some of the Asian immigrants.

  58. They tend not to think of themselves as immigrants

    That is a sure sign of a thought crime for guys from Manhattan Institute who like Koreans because they are Moonies and Filipinos because they serve in the US Navy.

  59. It doesn’t matter, you are still an alien who needs to be gotten rid off.

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  61. Why should a person have any speck of loyalty or sympathy to the personnel of an illegal occupation government?

  62. I feel for those intrepid superheroes of liberal democracy who snuck into North Korea and measured its corruption level, all scientifically like!

    Chinese and South Korean companies do business in North Korea.

  63. AP you are a stupid piece of shit you scum sucking sonofabitch.

    Such a cogent and convincing argument. I am sure your mother is very proud of you.

  64. Maybe a well timed RPG and IED ambush coming up? Martial arts Vs. TNT? Should be like Han Chinese infantry Vs. Mongol horse archers lol.

  65. hahahaahahahaha! wtf? Seriously you thick twat?

    The article clearly states that they have restored 3000 homes hot water…..not that there are only 3000 homes without hotwater. In English I suppose it’s easy to misread an article by glancing at it and confusing “restoring hot water to 3000 homes” with “3000 homes remain without”….but in Russian, particularly with this article it’s impossible to confuse the two you derange psycho scumbag

    You are obviously a f**ktard spamtroll liar who gets by , from posting BS on Ukrop-Badnerite sites in Canada and Google Translate ( the gutter). Embarrassing. Embarassingly funny. You can’t speak Russian.

    Also thrue is that only a severely screwed-up nutjob full-time troll vermin with no actual life could try and pass-off as “only 30%” in Ukraine’s biggest and richest city are without hotwater for 6 months…..an absolute 3rd World disaster