Putin Reads Blog? Russia to Rein In Jack & Zuck?

RT: Could they be blocked? Russia refuses to grant extension to Facebook & Twitter over demand to store citizens’ data inside country

Russia has changed its mind about giving Facebook and Twitter extra time to fulfill the legal requirement of moving their servers. The law states that data on Russian users is required to be stored inside the country’s borders.

According to newspaper RBK, it was previously thought that the two tech giants, as well as some other companies, would be given until October 30, 2022 to comply. Instead, the government has decided only to grant delays to companies that sell airplane tickets, leaving everyone else scrambling to find a Russian server.

In related news:

(1) Twitter has gone from labeling Russian (and Chinese) state news channels “state affiliated media” (while failing to extend the same standards to Western state-owned outlets such as RFERL, or NATO allies such as Turkey) to actually imposing soft shadowbans on them by excluding them from searches.

(2) Perhaps even more remarkably, a week ago, Twitter also banned the Valdai Club from its platform, while some people associated with it vanished from my Facebook Friends list.

The Valdai Club is basically a milquetoast economics discussion group. They are not exactly the Orthodox nationalists from Tsargrad TV, which was banned from YouTube in July.

This is information asymmetry. Western platforms are allowed to bombard Russian Internet users with their propaganda, but Russian outlets are increasingly barred from doing so – and not even just the state-owned ones.

Russian youth gets more of its news from the Internet & since 2018, they have been increasingly subverted by Western propaganda and is observable in electoral and polling trends since the 2018 Presidential elections. This is in stark contrast to China, where young people are – if anything – more supportive of the CPC against Western subversion.

If the Putin regime is smart, it needs to make an ultimatum to Silicon Valley, either their provide a level playing field or they’re getting blocked by a Great Firewall. Russia has a domestic Facebook, and it’s not like it’s technically hard to set up a clone of Twitter.

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    If you are new to my work, start here.

  2. AnonFromTN says

    either their provide a level playing field or they’re getting blocked by a Great Firewall.

    Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wiki, and many others of their ilk are pure globohomo and would stoop to any trick or lie to promote globohomo propaganda. The only way to deal with globohomo sources for anyone who is not wholly owned by the globohomo is this: give them an ultimatum and cut them off if they don’t fulfill your demands.

  3. another anon says

    Indeed, time to go back to great Russian tradition of censorship, only with computers.
    Because computers can make everything work.

    You cannot read this! THE CHURCH says it is UNCHRISTIAN!
    You cannot read this! THE PARTY says it is BOURGEOIS!
    You cannot read this! THE COMPUTER says it is HOMOSEXUAL!

    Everything will be fine, nothing can go wrong. Nothing at all.

  4. But why go after Valdai Club?

    Because the Empire started lashing out at anything that isn’t a total puppet. Valdai Club, after all, ofteh hosts Putin and other russian state functionares.

    It is a sign of growing radicalisation of the Empire. It fears a decline and thus it can not accept anything that isn’t a total puppet to itself.

    That is – the more it declines, the more it will attack with hatred and lash out in various directions like crazy. Like an wounded snake.

    Ultimately, they will follow the far right ban playbook on Russia, China and Iran. At some point, most russian media will be banned.

    This requires joint information cooperation between these countries to counter the US in the information field.

    And the promotion of information multipolarity – that is – the formation of rival information networks in many other countries as well. Such as Turkey or Brazil or India.

    There must be large Facebooks and Tiwtter and Youtube alternatives in any medium to large size country.

    This is the way to break western information monopoly.

    Oh, and by countering the english language as well. For example promoting chinese, spanish, russian, arabic, or hindi language in international settings.

    The way to break the Empire is multipolarity. The US empire does not have the strength to fight everybody. Multipolarity is needed in the information, language and cultural field.

    But it will try, as it desperately lash out at anything that isn’t a US puppet, thus entangling itself in more and more conflicts with everybody.

    Additionally, Russian and Chinese networks should offer english language services to break the infomation monopoly within the Empire.

    Why not encourage westerners to use VK?

  5. It’s too late in the day for the Russian youth. They are completely immersed in Western propaganda. Same in Belarus. The sub cultures that have long since died out in the West (Goths for example) are still full rage in the motherland. If I’m honest, the milennials of Russia want to be Western. If you dare even try to censor this or forbid it, they will riot about that taking away their freedoms.

  6. Daniel Chieh says

    Everyone censors. Some just are less honest about it than others.

  7. Russian youth gets more of its news from the Internet & since 2018, they have been increasingly subverted by Western propaganda and is observable in electoral and polling trends since the 2018 Presidential elections. This is in stark contrast to China, where young people are – if anything – more supportive of the CPC against Western subversion.

    Strong endorse. If Russia allows info/cultural asymmetry like this, it’s only a matter of a generation or two before Moscow gets a Rainbow Revo – and one more hope for a sane multipolar world dies.

    I don’t want a world where China is the only alternative to the Rainbow Empire.

    The Rainbow Empire has been touting “4G War,” “cyber-war,” “info-war” etc… since the 1990’s. Countries that want to maintain their sovereignty need to engage and push back hard. Missiles & planes aren’t enough.

  8. Lars Porsena says

    I think they should provide their own alternatives for westerners and globally. That would be a smart play.

  9. HyperDupont says

    At this point, the issue is not even whether to censor or not, it’s whether you hand over most of the information channels/platforms to a foreign hostile interests, including the power of censorship.

  10. The rainbow revolution is inevitable unless two conditions is met to truly make Russians realise that the West has lost the plot entirely. Western Europe needs to turn Islamic and the quality of life plummets, causing a Western exodus into Eastern European territories.

    If this happens, all bets are off and Russia will realise what madness the West created. If on the other hand the West does not implode, the quality of life remains good despite some migrant troubles, then emulation is a real possibility.

  11. another anon says

    It is better not to talk about “honest” and “dishonest” censorship, but about successful and unsuccessful one.

    And Russian censorship in its Czarist and Soviet form was total failure. In both RE and USSR, the achievement of the heavy hand was to alienate all educated people from the regime, to make them hate the system with rage hotter than thousands suns.

    People who weren’t there cannot comprehend how educated people in USSR felt, what personal affront it was for them when barely literate apparatchik orangutans told them what books to read, what music listen to, what movies to watch. I do not want to say this was the only reason for fall of USSR, but it was one of the top ten.

    And AK, no matter how he professes to hate USSR, wants to repeat all of its mistakes.
    In great Karlin Empire, he will grow IQ160 clones in artificial wombs, and then feed them nothing than IQ80 patriotic propaganda.
    What can go wrong? 🙂

  12. anonymous coward says

    Wishful thinking. “The youth” everywhere (including Russia) are complety disconnected from boomer mass media.

  13. Daniel Chieh says

    Our friend Karlin has mentioned another, more contemporary comparison for blocking Western influence agents.

  14. IMHO to survive Russia should learn as much or even more from modern day China, as modern day China did learn from USSR in the 50ies.

    And the first thing to learn would be capital punishment for economic crimes (corruption, graft and embezzlement).

    That would uplift the spirit of the Russian people.

    And cause a lot of parasites to run for cover abroad…

  15. Daniel Chieh says

    Many of the corruption stars in China under Jiang learned to fly.


    While not all of these suicides can be attributed to Xi’s anti-graft crusade, many of them can be. Experts say some officials may be choosing to end their life instead of facing harsh police interrogations and prison time. Some may hope their deaths will put an end to official inquiries, sparing family members from government attempts to recoup any ill-gotten gains.

  16. A flying Chubais would be a marvelous sight.

    Russian government’s popularity would sky-rocket immediately.


  17. Russian youth have been increasingly subverted

    If Putin Reads this Blog?

    Israel is the only country in the world that i’m aware of, where young people are more right wing than old people, so if Putin wants to fix the problem, he should look at Israel and what they do there.

    In many ways, Israel is a unique developed country, far more different than the West.

    This is one of their (many) unique ways.

  18. If this happens, all bets are off and Russia will realise what madness the West created. If on the other hand the West does not implode, the quality of life remains good despite some migrant troubles, then emulation is a real possibility.

    Do many in the Russian sphere study Western neo-Marxism and where globohomo comes from? I’ve tried to explain some basic elements of things like trans and queer theory to Belarusians I know, these are people in their mid-late 30s but very educated and with some Western orientation and experience due to their professions, the response to ‘trans’ was literally ‘run away from that’.

  19. I think I’m figuring out their angle here. You need some tinfoil hats for this:

    The techcucks WANT the great bifurcation to happen now. Hence why they assault all the “mild” and “respectable” Russian and Chinese outlets – the ones who still want some cooperation with the West.

    They’re literally based and acceleration pilled!

  20. Belarusian Dude says

    This but unironically.

  21. People who weren’t there cannot comprehend how educated people in USSR felt, what personal affront it was for them when barely literate apparatchik orangutans told them what books to read, what music listen to, what movies to watch. I do not want to say this was the only reason for fall of USSR, but it was one of the top ten.

    Strangely, when Zuckerberg and Dorsey are censoring us, the intelligensia grow ecstatic with applause.

    The Trump administration has literally shilled for Silicon Valley when the EU came knocking on taxes/antitrust

    And what did they get in return.

    When we get a Redstan, we will have our own Culture Industry.

  22. The West is moving towards a “matriarchal techno-authoritarianism”. moreso than it faces the prospect of Islamist revival.

    Nearly all major US cities are experiencing a significant uptick in violent crime; but from the media engine you wouldn’t even know it.

    American cons long clucked about the “no-go zones” of Europe, when most of our cities are considerably more violent.

    The oddity is that the gender gap appears currently reversed in Russian polling. Western left parties almost all depend on a monolith of young women.

  23. AnonFromTN says

    Strangely, when Zuckerberg and Dorsey are censoring us, the intelligensia grow ecstatic with applause.

    FYI, Lenin called intelligentsia “the shit of nation”. In the same vein, Russian poet Gumilyov once said: ”I cannot be intelligentsia: I have a profession and love my country”

  24. Sinotibetan says

    I agree with Hartnell that it is indeed too late to ‘save’ Russian youth from the clutches of the West, if we indeed believe the polls mentioned by AK in his many posts. Censoring Facebook and Twitter will push them even more into the embrace of globohomomulticulti West because it will ‘confirm’ (in their eyes at least) Western media assertions that the Russian Govt is anti-freedom and a dictatorship. I used to hope that Russia would be the last bastion in Europe standing against globohomomulticulti but if Russian youths are that brainwashed, then there is no hope except a near future European Union implosion due to their multicultural agenda with ensuing poverty and white slavery by Muslim and African immigrant overlords, similar to that envisaged by Hartnell. If the EU remains successful in the near future, it will spell doom for Russia. It is the end of indigenous Europeans. It is a depressing thought but nothing can be done if Russian and European youths themselves in the majority hate their own identities and vote for a future of no more indigenous Europeans.
    I am of Chinese descent from southeast Asia but admire the different European cultures, too bad all these are inevitable.
    I think (and hope) China will not follow the path of Russia. Perhaps being non-white is one of the factors that helps insulate Chinese youth from full blown Western propaganda. Russian youth identifies with Western white youth (apparent) material wealth and ‘freedoms’. Perceived Western white racism towards Asians partially insulates Chinese youth from Western internet propaganda and perhaps helps the CPC to inculcate nationalism for the Motherland.

  25. Chubais has a brother, who seems pretty reasonable. Haven’t heard of him for awhile. Then again, some of the more astute (ahem) are censored, in one form or another.

  26. Explains why Putin seems lie a bit of an Israelphile.

  27. Can be seen as Lenin calling himself out, albeit unintentionally. Like Putin, I’m not a fan of him. Sorry not JRL promoted Yalensis.

  28. It’s too late in the day for the Russian youth. They are completely immersed in Western propaganda. Same in Belarus. The sub cultures that have long since died out in the West (Goths for example) are still full rage in the motherland. If I’m honest, the milennials of Russia want to be Western. If you dare even try to censor this or forbid it, they will riot about that taking away their freedoms.

    They want to be, like all of Eastern Europe (indeed like much of the world, even China) the West of the 1980s and 1990s, i.e. the last peak of “the normal West”. And this is a completely reasonable desire, to live as if in the normal West of the 20th century, but with modern tech.

    What should be promoted is relentless pointing out that the West is no longer the normal West of the 20th century, and if someone wants to recreate a modern local version of the life as shown in Back to the Future or Alf (or Friends or T.J Hooker), this can only happen in spite of the efforts of the current abrnomal West, not through working for it. Working for it can only help quickly poison and kill any fragile shoots of a growing normal life.

  29. Sinotibetan says

    Agree to a point. Youths may not able to appreciate that ‘current normal’ is not the ‘normal West’ of the 80s/90s though. If Russian authorities ‘point out’ this fact, it is counterproductive because youths have been brainwashed by Western media that Russian authorities are corrupt and anti-freedom, generally ‘evil’.
    That youth age group is idealistic and tend to be anti-establishment. They need to be engaged by influencers of their age group using social media, initially in a subtle way. Russian authorities should learn how the West does it to maintain a near global cultural hegemony on the minds of these youths. Learn from a successful enemy!
    AK’s idea of having Russian platforms similar to twitter/facebook/whatsapp etc is a good one… Eg similar to WeChat, Weibo etc in China. But the option of banning Facebook, Twitter etc is not possible in Russia unlike China. A better way is to perhaps play dirty…. Allow these apps but perhaps get hackers to constantly hack these apps etc to discourage their use by youths. I know this sounds bad, but the West play dirty all the time, why should Russia or other rival regimes be defeated by refusing to do so?
    In the case of China, their Govt is fortunate that Chinese people are more pragmatic people, not so idealistic,even among youths. Not being white race helps in the partial insulation. And it’s good that the USA continues to be hawkish towards China – PRC Govt can paint the West as an enemy to Chinese ascendancy. Racial difference, historical humiliation by the West, difference in system of Govt, perceived unfair Western response to Huawei Etc can be effectively used by the Chinese Govt to blame on the West for any failures on their part. Maybe Russia should study how this is done to influence their youths to be not pro-West at the very least.
    Of course, there are the Hong Kong protesters and the liberal dissident groups within China that proves the insulation is only partial. Should study how the West control the youths thinking through internet and launch a counter offensive. The ball is in Putin’s court but so far he has done miserably

  30. Blinky Bill says

    learn as much or even more from modern day China,

    France’s Macron details plan targeting Islamist ‘separatism’

    President Emmanuel Macron, trying to rid France of what authorities call a “parallel society” of radical Muslims thriving outside the values of the nation, laid out a series of measures on Friday in a proposed law that would disrupt the education, finances and other means of indoctrination of the vulnerable.

    Macron has coined the term “separatism” to describe the underworld that thrives in some neighborhoods around France where Muslims with a radical vision of their religion take control of the local population to inculcate their beliefs.

    Macron stressed in a speech that stigmatizing French Muslims would be falling into a “trap” laid by radicals. He blamed France itself for organizing the “ghettoization” of a population that could easily fall prey to the preaching of those whose goal is to substitute their laws for those of the nation, and reiterated that secularism is the “cement” of France.

    He spoke in Les Mureaux, a working-class town west of Paris, after meeting with the mayor, Francois Garay, who is largely credited with building projects that help bring the Muslim population into the mainstream. He said that 70 people from the region of Les Yvelines, where the town is located, traveled to Syria and Iraq.

    Macron’s gave his speech while a trial is underway in Paris over the deadly January 2015 attacks on satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket by French-born Islamic extremists. Last week, a man from Pakistan stabbed two people near Charlie Hebdo’s former offices in anger over its publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Macron noted both cases.

    The president laid out a five-point plan aimed at upending the world that lets those who promote a radical brand of Islam thrive, notably via associations or home schools that steep members and students in radical ideology.

    France has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe with up to 5 million members, and Islam is the country’s No. 2 religion.

    The proposed bill, which would go to parliament early next year, would require all children from the age of 3 to attend French schools, and allow distance learning only for medical reasons. Associations, which receive state funding, would be made accountable for their spending, their sometimes invisible leaders and be forced to reimburse misused funds.

    Macron called France’s schools “the heart of secularism (where) children become citizens.”

    Authorities contend that the vector for inculcating Muslims with an extremist ideology was once the mosque but, today, the main vector is schools.

    The proposed measures nevertheless address mosques, which Macron said are sometimes subject to hostile takeovers, as well as imams to keep houses of prayer and preachers out of the control of people who use religion for their own ends.

    “In a few days, you can see radical Islamists…take control of associations (running mosques) and all their finances. That won’t happen again,” the French president said.

    We’re going to install an anti-putsch system, very robust, in the law,” Macron said without elaborating.

    The bill, which is to be sent to religious leaders for review this month, also includes putting a gradual end to the long-standing practice of importing imams from elsewhere, notably Turkey, Algeria and Morocco, and instead training imams in France to assure there are enough. A Muslim organization that serves as an official conduit to French leaders is to take part in the project.

    The rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris cautioned against mixing all Muslims in France with the “separatism question.”

    “For those who let it be believed that Islam is Islamism, and the reverse, there is indeed a distinction between the Muslim religion and the Islamist ideology,” Chems-Eddine Hafiz wrote in a commentary in the newspaper Le Monde.

    However, the rector threw his support behind the initiative — on condition it’s not used as a communications gadget.

    “For nearly 40 years, a ghettoization has progressively installed itself, first urban, then sociological, before becoming ideological and identitarian,” Hafiz, the Paris mosque rector, wrote in his commentary.

    Authorities say there are all kinds of “separatisms,” but Macron said the others are “marginal” while radical Islam is a danger to France because “it sometimes translates into a counter-society.”

    For Macron, a perverse version of the religion has penetrated French society, including public services, from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport to the transport system. He said some bus drivers have been known to bar women with short skirts from getting aboard.

    The proposed law would also ban “certificates of virginity” provided by doctors to some Muslim women ahead of marriage. Macron, who has made gender equality a priority of his presidency, said the documents are offensive to women’s dignity.

    He conceded the fight he proposes would be long because “what took decades to build won’t be put down in a day.”


  31. Sinotibetan says

    Russia’s’ problem’ is Russians are white Europeans and thus highly susceptible to the globohomomulticulti virus so heavily infecting the West. A vaccine needs to be developed, and the way forward is through Russian youth influencers who know about these issues who can engage their peers.

  32. Hyperborean says

    A better way is to perhaps play dirty…. Allow these apps but perhaps get hackers to constantly hack these apps etc to discourage their use by youths. I know this sounds bad, but the West play dirty all the time, why should Russia or other rival regimes be defeated by refusing to do so?

    Instead of that a much smoother way is to simply create latency issues.


  33. Sinotibetan says

    Thanks Hyperborean!
    I learn something new today. Perhaps I shouldn’t comment too much on internet and tech stuff coz I am bad at it haha. Yeah, should try out your idea on those Western owned platforms.

  34. Hyperborean says

    Russia’s’ problem’ is Russians are white Europeans and thus highly susceptible to the globohomomulticulti virus so heavily infecting the West.

    I wouldn’t be too confident concerning non-white immunity.

    SEOUL – A sociopath. An ex-convict. A transgender. A high school dropout. And a guy of half Korean, half African descent.

    These characters come together in Itaewon Class, a South Korean drama that celebrates diversity and the underdogs in a country widely seen as homogenous, conservative and conformist.

    Set against the backdrop of Seoul’s “most international” neighbourhood of Itaewon, the drama has won praise for its realistic portrayal of subjects such as prejudice against foreigners, misbehaving scions of the chaebol (Korean for conglomerate), and discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

    Itaewon Class just ended its run at home last Saturday (Mar 21) with a rating of 16.5 per cent for its finale, making it the second most watched drama on cable channel JTBC, after Sky Castle. It is the top-ranked drama on Netflix in both South Korea and Singapore.

    Actor Park Seo-joon plays the main character Saeroyi, a high-school dropout and ex-convict, who opens a pub in Itaewon in hopes of beating his enemy – the founder of a food conglomerate whose arrogant son caused Saeroyi’s expulsion from high school and killed his father in a car accident.

    In real life, chaebol scions have got into trouble for drink-driving, assault, smuggling drugs, and flying into a rage over how nuts are served on a flight.

    In the drama, Saeroyi ends up hiring four other people – a former cellmate, a transgender, a sociopath, and a biracial man – to help him in his journey to become a successful businessman.

    JoongAng Ilbo newspaper described Saeroyi as a typical heuksujeo (Korean for mud spoon) , referring to someone who struggles to make ends meet as he lacks rich and powerful parents with connections in high places.

    “The fact that he still manages to succeed gives viewers a sense of catharsis,” it added.


    The foreigners in Itaewon create an exotic ambience, said Ms Shim Bong-soon, 55, who runs a business in the area. “People visit Itaewon because they think Itaewon is exotic,” she told The Sunday Times.

    Prejudice against foreigners, which experts attribute to a lack of awareness and exposure among Koreans, is among the once-taboo topics tackled in the drama.

    For instance, Koreans assume foreigners in their country speak English. But, in the drama, Toni Kim, who is half Korean and half Guinean, always has to explain why he only speaks Korean and French, not English. His story brings to mind Korean-Nigerian model Han Hyun-min, who grew up in Itaewon and does not speak English.

    Toni also gets turned away from a bar due to his skin colour – a complaint among foreigners in real life that has persisted despite efforts by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea to change public perception. There are no laws against discrimination here.

    Cross cultural marriages are also frowned upon in South Korea – which is reflected in the drama.

    The inclusion of a transgender chef, who is saving up money for sex reassignment surgery, is also deemed a timely reflection of attitudes towards them in real life.

    Transgenders made the news in the country recently when one withdrew from Sookmyung Women’s University after getting flak for enrolling in the prestigious school, while another was discharged from the army after undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

    Critic Jeong Suk-hui said Itaewon Class shows how diverse South Korean society has become.

    “From transgender to ex-convicts, sociopath and single mum, it was really interesting to see all these characters in the same drama. Isn’t this how our society is like now?” she said.


    At Kashiwanoha Junior High School, which opened in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, in April, students can freely choose whether to wear skirts or slacks or ties or ribbons with blazers, regardless of their sex.

    Originally, the school did not intend to make students wear a uniform, but had to change course because nearly 90 percent of parents and prospective students surveyed wanted one.


    Similar moves are spreading in Japan, with a junior high school in Fukuoka Prefecture preparing to abandon the stand-up collars and sailor suits for blazers that will let students mix and match with skirts or trousers when the April 2019 school year kicks off.

    In Tokyo, the Setagaya Ward Board of Education is set to follow suit in April, while boards of education in the cities of Osaka and Fukuoka plan to broach the topic in the near future.


    In 2014, there were 606 cases of consultations related to gender dysphoria, according to a survey by the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry covering elementary, junior high and high schools across Japan.

    The following year, the ministry issued a notice encouraging schools to improve support for sexual minorities and pay consideration to their clothing, hairstyles, and bathroom use.


    On this day 22 years ago, the term “shanbao” (mountain people) in the Additional Articles of our Constitution was replaced with the proper name: “indigenous people”. This correction not only did away with a discriminatory term, but also highlighted the status of indigenous peoples as Taiwan’s “original owners”.

    From this basis, today, we are taking another step forward. To all indigenous peoples of Taiwan: On behalf of the government, I express to you our deepest apology. For the four centuries of pain and mistreatment you have endured, I apologize to you on behalf of the government.


    In an age of polarising populism, Audrey Tang puts empathy and seeing “all sides” at the core of her politics, an approach she says is bolstered by her transgender identity.

    Taiwan’s digital minister is the world’s first openly transgender cabinet member and has blazed a trail ever since she quit school aged 14.

    As a self-taught programming whizz, she started her own company two years after leaving education. She then forged a career in Silicon Valley before returning home to enter government — an unusual step for a self-described “conservative anarchist”.


    Tang breaks the mould for a minister in many ways. She routinely walks to work, snapping selfies with locals as they offer up ideas.

    She eschews hierarchies within her team, makes many meetings public and has no physical ministry, choosing instead to bounce between government departments to solve problems and offer advice.

    Some of the more recent issues her team has been involved with are youth engagement, battling misinformation and using tech to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.


    As a conservative anarchist, Tang sees herself as working for neither the government nor the people, but as a kind of conduit between the two.

    “I am at this kind of ‘Lagrange point’ between the social movement on one side and the government on the other side,” she added, using a phrase that describes a point in space where the combined gravitational forces of two large bodies hold a third much smaller body in place.

    Tang believes the standard top-down form of government needs to be overhauled.

    In a world where viral videos of injustice can spark movements such as the Arab Spring or Black Lives Matter, she says “democracy itself is being democratised”.

    People should directly contribute to government policy and those with seemingly unorthodox political backgrounds like hers should get involved, she added.


    Despite being one of the world’s most prominent transgender politicians, she says Taiwan — which last year became the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage — has more to do on progressive social issues.

    Tang said she would like to see Taiwanese transgender people being recognised on their national ID cards — especially as a non-binary choice is available to foreigners filling in health forms on arrival.

    But she remains optimistic, at one point quoting the Leonard Cohen lyric: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

    “I think Taiwan is firmly on the path of inclusion,” she said.

  35. Sinotibetan says

    Good try by Macron but I think this is a lost cause. Generally I think Western Europe has too many Muslims (and Africans), and these populations are growing, to stem the tide of either ultimate subsumation or ethnic wars. These 2 groups are nearly(if not absolutely) non-intregable without the extinction of the host nations’ ethno-culture. To me, the future of Western Europe is bleak and can be, once these nations collapse, used as examples to explicitly demonstrate the failure of ideological globohomomulticulturalism preached by Western European elites like Macron and his ilks.
    True Islam =’Islamism’. The Islamic faith is holistic in an adherent’s way of life. Islam has its own laws(Sharia) and in reality is a theocracy, it is religion and politics, never religion alone . One cannot argue for an Islam with no total political power.
    If Western Europe wanted migrants from Muslim countries, then they should have only allowed in those who renounced Islam because Islam is always political and is totally incompatible with Western ideas of secularism.
    Good luck to Macron in his lost cause. The West fails because they brought down Christendom as a religious-ideological bulwark against Islam and left their populations directionless with secularism. Their elites failed to realize that the common folk needs something to adhere to and Christendom was that tool. Secularism is recipe to disaster.. Especially one that promotes globohomomulticulti.

  36. Sinotibetan says

    Thanks Hyperborean for the links.
    Sigh… Unfortunately you are right, we Asians are not immune

  37. Kent Nationalist says

    Macron will not rest till every beurette is chugging alchopops and having sex in an alleyway at 2am on a Friday night

  38. His brother once said in an interview that he disagrees with Chubais and that they don’t really see each other. His brother looks like a pretty decent fellow although he is still a liberal.

  39. I still have a theory that the lower level of gender fluidity, feminism and LGBT in Eastern Europe can be explained by biological factors. The dislike for LGBT and gender fluidity in Eastern Europe, as well as the femininity of women, are very well known and often bemoaned by western sources.

    2D:4D ratio predicts femininity and masculinity in humans.

    A study has found a greater prenatal testosteron difference between men and women in EE and lower testosteron difference between men and women in Western countries.


    This does not mean that EE men must be nessecerily more masculine than western men, rather that sexual dimorphism (the difference between men and women) is higher in EE than in the West, which in turn causes less gender fluidity in Eastern Europe, and thus less LGBT and fluid gender behavior.

  40. The French once had a good understanding of traditional Sufi Islam, they got along rather well with the Sufi tooruk (plural of tareekah) and used them to help control their colonial realm in Maghreb, Mali and Niger. Although the Sufi sects initially fought French colonial presence, by the 1940ies they were largely cooperative with the French administration.

    The problem is that during the independence of the former colonies, the Sufis got labeled collaborators and discredited. This is specifically true for Algeria, which was part of the France itself for a time, not a colony, but a Département Français . In socialist Algeria the Sufi sects were ridiculed, pressured and outlawed.

    The void left behind by the destruction of Sufi Islam (the dominant form of Islam for the last 800 years or so) was readily filled with Salafi organizations, especially the Wahhabis who had the Saudi and Gulf petrodollars behind them. The West, which used the Wahhabis against the secular/socialist Arab dictatorships, helped the Wahhabis get a veneer of respectability. The honeymoon between the West and Wahhabism was celebrated during the anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan.

    French government also accepted Wahhabism on its soil in the 80ies and 90ies. Now they reap bitter fruits.

    They should bring the Sufi back as did Algeria and Chechnya to put the Wahhabis down. But Sufism is of course anathema to globohomo’s plans. Sufis are clever, they have a deep understanding of history and they play the long game. They would be hard for globohomo to digest and might even end up infiltrating and subverting globohomo itself.

    Here’s what a typical pro-French Sufi Algerian leader looked like:


    He was a member of the association to defend the memory of Marechal Pètain.

    His son was also a notable member of the French establishment:


    France has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe with up to 5 million members, and Islam is the country’s No. 2 religion.

    I am pretty certain there are more Muslims in France than 10% of their population. They do not record the religious affiliation of French citizens. Second and third generation French Muslims of immigrant decent are probably closer to 10 million.

  41. Almost Missouri says

    Also, the people doing the banning are not clever, nor subtle, nor well informed, nor even particularly perceptive. They strike at anything that might earn them “likes” from their boss.

    The Murdoch Murdoch ban-hammerer is the accurate meme of the type.

    Basically, what another anon said.

  42. The idea that China’s younger generations are more supportive of the CPC against western subversion is not all that accurate, at least from my conservative viewpoint. Most of them subscribe to a pseudo-Maoist, left-leaning version of “progressive nationalism”, which I think may eventually face a legitimacy crisis, rather than a more racially conscious version. Chinese zoomers are likely far less racist/anti-homo than their Russian or South Korean counterparts.

  43. That maybe the case but somehow I can’t see the Chinese youth wanting to demographically swamp themselves as is the case with the West. There might be more progressive politics in China eventually settling for better treatment of its ethnic minority populations and more freedom of speech. But I don’t see it going absolutely crazy.

  44. I’ve always said that in 30 years from now, when the cities of the West start to Islamise, the quality of life starts to deteriote and it jusg simply is not safe to raise a family anymore, many Western Europeans will start to migrate en maase to Eastern European countries. Will be great for places like Ukraine and Belarus that could do with the investment and need a population boom. What Hitler failed to achieve for the Germans the Muslims have succeeded in doing.

  45. Almost Missouri says

    Question: is the Israeli young-more-rightwing-than-old phenomenon merely a side effect of higher Haredi and Haredi-adjacent birth rates, or it is an actual generational shift within families (liberal grandfather, libertarian father, national socialist son)?

    I don’t know the answer. I’m asking for someone better informed’s opinion.

    Because if it is the former, then “if Putin wants to fix the problem, he should look at Israel and what they do there” would mean “encourage extreme birth rates among rightwing religious minorities [Cossacks?].”

    Heck, even if it is not true in Israel, it may be a good strategy anyway.

  46. another anon says

    Also, the people doing the banning are not clever, nor subtle, nor well informed, nor even particularly perceptive. They strike at anything that might earn them “likes” from their boss.

    Exactly. The people doing the actual banning are minimum wage workers, often barely literate with limited English skills. They are bashing the big hammer for living all day, do not expect from them some deep analysis.
    Are there reports and complaints about this account? Does it look suspicious? BAM!
    Better to hammer thousand innocents than let one fascist pass and make boss angry!


    This is why mass complaints and protests about banning sometimes work – when you and few thousands of friends raise enough ruckus about hammering your account, someone higher up will review the case, see you were posting only cat pictures without any racism, fascism, homophobia or transphobia and could unban you.


  47. The vast majority in China believe there’s too much positive discrimination, which failed to uplift ethnic minorities economically, and did not create better interethnic relations, so that’s not really a problem.
    The biggest challenges IMO are economic inequality and gender issues, the former may eventually force China to democratize, and the latter inevitably pushes young women into cosmopolitanism and hatred towards authority. Unfortunately China’s official ideology has neither the ability to address these issues nor the instruments for fighting back.

  48. another anon says

    Back to the original topic – banning of Valdai account.

    Why go after Valdai Club?

    Good question.

    What exactly was Valdai Club account?
    What it looked like?


    Ordinary account with no blue check, 14K tweets and 10K followers. I expect that blue check accounts are entitled to more extended attention and some kind of due process before banning, but this account was nothing special.

    Imagine Pajeet sitting in his cubicle and working on his daily quota.

    Another case.
    Many reports that this account is racist.
    Checking the account.
    I cannot understand what is Mr. Valdai Club talking about.
    Could be racist.

    Another case.

    This is what most probably happened. No mastermind neocon plot necessary.

  49. Philip Owen says

    I monitor the Valdai Club blog. It is content free.

  50. Religiosity is a factor, but if it’s indeed due to Haredim birth rate alone, they’d be voting for UTJ and Shas more, instead of voting primarily for Likud.
    Israel’s left was throughly discredited by the events in the 00s, and Netanyahu brought Israel unprecedented economic progress, therefore, the left have become the boomers’ choice, the “old and corrupt”, just like Lukashenko and Yanukovych, the generation gap still works the same way as in other countries.

  51. AnonFromTN says

    Lenin calling himself out

    Yes, and in this he was correct. I am no big fan of Lenin, either. I see him as a brilliant tactician, strengthened by total lack of scruples, but addled by pretty silly beliefs.

  52. Daniel Chieh says

    China practices exam worship in lieu of other markers.

  53. Daniel Chieh says

    Its rare to see a post where I agree heavily on the notions posted but completely disagree with the outcome.

    The biggest challenges IMO are economic inequality and gender issues, the former may eventually force China to democratize, and the latter inevitably pushes young women into cosmopolitanism and hatred towards authority.

    1) Economic inequality is an issue and probably will remain one, but its not like the CCP never attempts to address it. A good amount of their time is spent trying to rein in the power and attitudes of the wealthy, often recreating the classic 权或钱 debacle(power vs money), sometimes visualized as “Beijing” vs “Shanghai.”

    Democratizing will worsen, not improve income inequality issues. I believe that most of the population believes that as well.

    2) Yeah, China is patriarchal and it annoys a lot of women. Japan is pretty patriarchal too and it annoys a lot of women, often triggering emigration. But it doesn’t seem fatal to society – you bleed off the population that doesn’t fit, give a little bit of space for unprincipled hypocrisy, and the remainder mostly fit into the expected vision of culture – this is arguably a function of East Asian governance as a historical feature, I mean. Recent polling has found that public opinion has moved toward more classical gender views, so it apparently works as opposed to trying to appease those more liberally inclined.

    3) China does have an ideology which pushes against a lot of things, and that is the notion of the importance of harmony. As such, almost nothing is completely prohibited, but nothing is supposed to happen quickly. Technically, this allows the societal ship to correct course as it enters new realms of existence, though it also means that everything is always slower.

  54. Sinotibetan says

    The eventual collapse of Western Europe is a logical consequence of current elite policies leading to demographic displacement of indigenous Europeans by Muslims and Sub-Saharan Africans. What mystifies me is the staying power of the EU/”progressive” European political elites. They get voted in again and again. Perhaps the numbers of non integrable migrants have not reached a critical mass to cause such severe societal disruptions enough to expose the failures of farcical policies of these European political elites.
    Hopefully Eastern Europe has not become like Western Europe in 30 years time. Russian and Belarusian authorities need to the turn the tide on youthful pro-West tendencies.


    Russia apparently has pro-Govt youth groups like the above. Perhaps Russia can get influencers from such groups in combination with Russian owned social media platforms like that suggested by AK to counter Western social media propaganda?

  55. Mass of people in Russia, will not adopt the current Western European ideologies, as the social economic conditions for the majority of people are very different, and so are the tastes of the population.

    So, if you want to claim there will be such conversion in Russia to recent Western ideologies, this would also require that you predict there will be an economic miracle in Russia.

    Of course, in wealthy pockets (like central Moscow), it has been already converted to a gay hipster place a decade ago, but this is not a typical Russia at all.

  56. The population in Israel has in the last two decades been psychologically and morally brutalized by a low level war and conflict (where there are weekly killings and terrorist attacks).

    In addition, there is a Supreme Court, which prevents the government from following so-called “right-wing” policies, and therefore never being able to discredit those policies by being able to actually follow them.

    This brutalization by terrorism, is not prevalent in other countries, so Israel is not a very useful example for anyone to follow. There are larger terrorist attacks in Paris or Moscow, but they are too unusual to be constantly in the public’s mind, whereas in Israel, small attacks are the constantly daily or weekly news.

    ightwing-than-old phenomenon merely a side effect of higher Haredi and Haredi-adjacent

    To the extent that I understand Israeli political geography, Haredim in Israel are not usually described as rightwing or leftwing, but are considered neutral on that plane. They can support a coalition with either rightwing or leftwing parties, if that side will give them the special religious concessions they demand for their cult groups. Their demands are quite specific and the political parties representing other sectors of society give them these demands, in exchange for support on their own agendas.

    A significant part of this Haredi population also oppose Israel or Zionism, even while they live there, and vote for their interests. Although with some diversity of opinion between different groups’ religious authorities – for example, the Hasidic groups like Chabad Jews are described as being relatively conciliatory to zionism, while the Lithuanian Haredim (which is another large segment of the Haredi population) are a highly antizionist people.

  57. AltanBakshi says

    But I have understood that the Chabad and Hasidic Jews are a huge group in Israel unlike Lithuanian Haredim, who mostly disappeared in the holocaust?

    I must say that Israel is very interesting country, is it true that most Israelis are very secular but nationalist? There are very strict halakhic requirements for Jews in Judaism and many warnings for the Jews of the divine wrath that will happen if they will not follow the commandments of God. Traditional Jewish identity and culture were almost completely derived from religion. How modern and secular, but still nationalist Israeli Jews relate to traditonal Jewish culture and faith? Are they conscious of strict religious obligations that Jews historically saw necessary for a Jew? Is there any sense of contradiction arising from this?

  58. Hyperborean says

    Mass of people in Russia, will not adopt the current Western European ideologies, as the social economic conditions for the majority of people are very different, and so are the tastes of the population.

    So, if you want to claim there will be such conversion in Russia to recent Western ideologies, this would also require that you predict there will be an economic miracle in Russia.

    Of course, in wealthy pockets (like central Moscow), it has been already converted to a gay hipster place a decade ago, but this is not a typical Russia at all.

    Dmitry, I think your materialist determinism that treats economics as the base blinds you when it comes to these issues.

    Thailand’s GDP per capita is $7,273.56 (2018) while Russia’s $11,288.87 (2018) (World Bank).

    Yet Thailand has been undergoing anti-monarchist and democracy protests with plenty larpers from pop culture like Harry Potter and Hunger Games

    On Sunday morning, student activists cemented a commemorative “People’s Plaque” close to a field known as Sanam Luang, or Royal Field.

    The plaque, dated 20 September, 2020, proclaims in Thai: “The people have expressed the intention that this country belongs to the people, and not the king.”

    Organisers said the plaque was a replacement for another marking the end of absolute monarchy in the 1930s, which went missing in 2017.

    Cheers erupted as activists installed the new plaque, with protesters chanting: “Down with feudalism, long live the people.”




  59. John Achterhof says

    For what it’s worth from my monolingual perspective I doubt that Mandarin Chinese could become international currency as English has, even as China supplants the US as an economic/political power. English is the international language in considerable part because it’s a practical, rich language.

  60. What mystifies me is the staying power of the EU/”progressive” European political elites. They get voted in again and again. Perhaps the numbers of non integrable migrants have not reached a critical mass to cause such severe societal disruptions enough to expose the failures of farcical policies of these European political elites.

    The current level of ‘progressive’ cultural control in Western countries has been built up gradually over 40-50 years, the ‘long march through the institutions’ towards the current level of power and influence started in the 1960s and 70s. This is one reason they are able to maintain control of the institutions and cultural narrative despite gradually growing scepticism from within Western populations.

    Individuals and groups who go too far in openly challenging or questioning the narrative around things like mass immigration, multi-culturalism, trans etc. are now starting to be faced with both overt and soft censorship, issues with the police and lately, having their jobs and livelihoods put at risk.

    I think the crisis may come in the next 15-20 years. The immigrant and ethnic minority populations will be larger than ever and simultaneously the generations born in Western countries the 1930s and 40s will have disappeared and the post war boomer generation, people in their 60s and 70s at present, will also be fading away and retiring completely from the scene. These groups, who have extensive experience of pre-diversity times, seem to be providing a level of stability and rootedness to Western identities which will be impossible to replace.

    After that time Russians will probably be able to easily source plenty of anti-Western material by just drawing on what will be being produced within the West itself.

  61. After that time Russians will probably be able to easily source plenty of anti-Western material by just drawing on what will be being produced within the West itself.

    That is why the Globalist Elites will do their best to finish off Russia in the next 10-20 years. Now they control the West, but they want to control the World. To destroy China they first need to gain control of Russia and Central Asia. China is the target one should see behind all the anti-Russian attacks by the West.

  62. I do agree that material determinism is a very silly view, but Thailand’s young protestors represent a very small, urbanized, young minority of the population. Half of the country still live in rural areas, and its biggest opposition party, relying upon that half of the population, has a very populist authoritarian, nationalist past record.

  63. AnonFromTN says

    English is the international language in considerable part because it’s a practical, rich language.

    I think the most important factor is that English has the simplest grammar among all developed languages. In terms of numbers, Spanish and Mandarin should have a shot, but they don’t. Spanish uses alphabetical writing, but its grammar is arguably even more mind-boggling than French. Mandarin has writing system that precludes it becoming an international language. That leaves English as the only contender, regardless who becomes the dominant power. Besides, after an obvious failure of monopolar US domination, which essentially ruined any international laws and rules, I don’t think the world would allow any single power to dominate. While the Empire would likely drag Europe down the drain with it, there are healthier centers of power that will likely survive the imperial downfall: Russia, India, and Latin America. Even Eastern Europe has a chance if its elites have enough wisdom to emancipate their countries from the dying Empire in time (this is a big if, though).

  64. Kent Nationalist says

    Spanish uses alphabetical writing, but its grammar is arguably even more mind-boggling than French

    Spanish grammar is very easy, easier than French and in general it is probably an easier language than English.

  65. This conversation has actually gotten me thinking about the future, liberalism, wealth creation and I have noticed a rather interesting cycle that does seem to constantly repeat itself throughout history and is actually relevant to our times. Allow me to explain.

    When a society is first formed, it always starts out as very poor and Conservative. Eventually the society starts to grow, becoming more wealthy and Liberal with each passing generation until eventually it starts to decline and collapse.

    In some cases, this collapse is facilitated by a more advanced power taking over a declining Liberal society such as the case of Ancient Rome taking over Ancient Greece, the latter being described as being nothing more then dancers and artists. The Assyrians conquering Ancient Israel comes to mind also.

    In other cases, it is a large underperforming population that takes over and starts to form a new dark age. The Germanic tribes invading Rome, the current migrant crisis in Europe, these are examples of this phenomenon.

    Now this is where it gets interesting. The survivor populations that eventually become the minority. What usually happens is that the once dominant population always becomes a Conservative minority. Some eventually die out and intermingle if the dominating tribe is similar in their outlook. Others become more inward and bent on survival at all costs.

    We can see this phenomenon taking shape with the Jews, the Greeks, the Armenians, Circassians, Georgians, even the Afrikaners to an extent . All of these groups I would term as part of a wealthy substrata that are intensely patriotic and want to survive.

    I think that is the overall trend for white people down the pipeline. They are still majorities, they are still Liberal, but eventually they will probably start to dig their heels in when it becomes obviously clear that they are the minority and the new majority just isn’t quite that friendly.

    That said, I still stick by my Eastern European migration hypothesis as people always try to flee tto the friendly neighbouring tribe until there is no where left to run.

    As for the Russians, I suspect that this phenomenon will take shape in Russia too but at a much longer interval. Dmitry is right, Russia is just not that economically advanced yet to be worried about SJW concerns. Aside from Moscow and St. Petersburg, the rest of the country is still 50 years behind and very Conservative. Even amongst my discussions with Russian youth, their main focus is economic and they don’t have time to be worrying about saving Africa when they need to develop the rest of the country.

  66. “Lithuanian” in Israel is a branch of religion (or religious cults), rather than ethnic indicator. It’s described as one of the larger categorization of Haredim in Israel.

    All these Haredim streams look quite multiracial if very inbred, although perhaps the leaders are determined ethnically, and they don’t intermarry with other ethnicities.

    Antizionism encompasses certain radical parts of both Lithuanian and Hasids though.

    For example, Haredim which protest conscription by standing in the road, are the “Jerusalem faction”, which is described as a breakway branch of the “Lithuanian”Haredim.


    But on the other hand, these are branches of Hasids, who burn the Israel flag and also wear keffiyeh (symbol of support for Palestinian militants).


    These look like Hasids (singing, dancing) which burn the Israel flag


    These are surely look like Hasids (singing and dancing).

    most Israelis are very secular but nationalist?

    It’s a country divided into lots of tribes, where you can distinguish peoples’ tribal identity by different dress codes, among other things. Some of their culture, is simply counter-signalling against other tribes in Israel.

    So for example, bacon is fashionable luxury food, in the most popular hipster restaurant chain. Eating bacon may feel partly as a kind of fashion badge, that you are really secular.

    Or that the secular youth jump into LGBT virtue-signalling, and even LGBT parades in the most industrialized working class, but secular areas

    How modern and secular, but still nationalist Israeli Jews relate to traditonal Jewish culture and faith? Are they conscious of strict religious obligations that Jews historically saw necessary for a Jew?

    It’s very tribal country, and the secular probably have even more religious mythology and rituals, than the religious people.

    One of the experiences I remember from Israel, is seeing late at night in the city square, randomly hundreds of youth holding hands, and singing sad songs.

    When we looked up later, we found it out this wasn’t any planned event, but apparently some youth from their organization has died in an accident. So the local youth are spontaneously going to the city square in response, and holding hands – like you imagine Bedouin sitting in the desert.

    Secular population itself has such a heavy socialization – it’s not what you expect in a Western or developed country. It’s also not what you expect in Mediterranean. (Perhaps only Lebanon can be a bit similar, with its different tribes).

  67. AnonFromTN says

    Spanish grammar is very easy, easier than French and in general it is probably an easier language than English.

    Spanish has only one serious advantage over English and especially French: in most cases, you say what you write. Spanish grammar is more logical than French in that they have a lot fewer irregular verbs, and even those mostly obey simple rules applicable to a group of verbs. However, Spanish has more tenses than French. What’s even worse, in Spanish most of those tenses are used in spoken language, whereas in French most are used exclusively in highfalutin writing.

    Even theoretically English has only 13 tenses, most of which are used exclusively in writing (I mean, in British writing; American writing is as primitive as American spoken language).

  68. You don’t have be so strong as to say “determine” – rather we can say more trivial claim that the socioeconomic conditions are correlating with, and usually important preconditions, for peoples’ demand for certain of these ideologies.

    For simple example – what people call now “virtue signaling”, is clearly, usually demanded more by populations’ in areas which have a certain level of material comfort (e.g. it’s not yet wildly demanded by the populations of Africa and India, to atone for their comfortable lives).

    Or it’s not difficult to notice that “New Left” ideologies of May 68, were designed and satisfied larger proportion of type of emotional demands which are found more frequently with Parisian students, than the needs of the peasants of Somalia, or working classes of Indonesia.

    I was discussing this a bit in relation to Marx last week with Ano4 – https://www.unz.com/akarlin/obituary-tesak/#comment-4179600

  69. AltanBakshi says

    Thank you. By the way are very know what you meant by Lithuanians or Litvins, they are those Orthodox Jews who follow more rational aristotelian theology and they have historically resisted influence of Kabbalic groups, or so I have understood.

    Jews are a great enigma for me. My personal experiences of Jews have been generally good, but ethnocentrism of Jewish religion has always been somewhat appalling to me.

  70. I like the dancing Nach Nach Jews, repeating their Rabbi Nahman mantra.

    They are clearly happy and uplifted.




    Notice the keffieh worn by the preacher couple guy…

  71. AltanBakshi says

    Is Keffieh sign of anti-zionism in Israel? Didnt know that Nach Nachs are anti-zionist.
    I have understood that they are some kind of hippie orthodox jews, but for many of them its just a phase and when they grow older they leave rabbi Nachmans sect.

  72. I don’t think they’re pro or anti-Zionists. They seem to have a нам п☆х, мы танцуем attitude that probably allows them to get along with a lot of very different people. This particular preacher guy cites Sufi sayings in a Jewish context, so he is probably kind of pro-Peace, although he is probably a staunch pro-Israeli all the same.

  73. OT: An interesting article in today’s New York Times: “A Toxic Alien Is
    Taking Over Russia” by Maria Antonova. It says that since rural Russia
    is rapidly depopulating, it can offer little resistance to the infestation by
    the giant hogweed, an invasive and toxic plant which typically grows to
    heights of 2 to 5 meters. The plant is originally from the Caucasus region.
    There is no information of whether Ukraine is similarly affected

  74. AnonFromTN says

    If I lived in Russia, I wouldn’t worry. In at least the last 10 years NYT was never caught telling the truth.

  75. I am ignorant of French.

    German has a difficult grammar. The grammar of Spanish strikes me as more purely logical than English. It is a beautifully logical language in nearly every particular (I am sure much more logical than Mandarin) save irregular verbs, (with some very minor other exceptions) and those are easy to memorize. It is difficult to master at a very high level, since the subjunctive becomes somewhat idiomatic, with certain verbs. But that would be like if you were writing poetry or a high-brow novel – that’s not necessary in business communications.

    It is quite easy to master at a low level, with a pocket dictionary. You can actually express the future tense in two very easy ways, without even knowing the future forms. (Using a word like “tomorrow”, or by saying “I am going to….)

    Why isn’t it a global language? HBD – it was the language AOC (I assume) learned at home.

  76. AnonFromTN says

    You are confusing two different things: the ability to make yourself understood and speaking the language. Say, if you tell during business negotiations with an English speaker “mine yours understand no”, your counterpart would get your drift perfectly well, but that does not mean speaking the language. This is a crude example, and there are lots of subtler things. Say, some years ago a got from my German collaborators a draft of a paper. It was grammatically impeccable, but it was nineteenth century Queen Victoria English. I had to “translate” it into modern American.

  77. Sorry, I would not understand “mine yours understand no” – it’s gibberish and I don’t believe anyone would ever say it unless they had a stroke or were speaking in tongues.

    My point is you can actually say those things in Spanish. It is the way it can actually be used on the street, and you can even write it like that – just like you can end a sentence with a preposition in English. Very prim people might frown a little. Lord knows that it is not the most sophisticated way, not the way a doctor would talk, or necessarily the upper classes, but it is not like some Papuan speaking pidgin. You cannot (at least one thing I said) do it in English.

    Again, I’m speaking in the sense of basic communication. Short time investment. Tourism or business, not law, science, history, or philosophy. When young, moderately intelligent brains are subjected to a formal education, in public school it is quite easy to learn it on a more sophisticated level. (Though perhaps not in college, if you had to memorize a million things in other subjects.)

    It is quite easy to conjugate the future tense, or the other tenses. Some forms only require the knowledge of a particular helping verb.

    There are other complications. Different countries use different vocabulary in a more significant way than English. But formally, it really is a very easy language. Much easier than English. Totally phonetic. Reasons why it is not a global language: no analogue to US or China when it comes to scale, and HBD. (When I was a young lad, I used to hear people say they wanted to learn German because of science – never heard anyone say that about Spanish.) It has absolutely nothing to do with the grammar.

  78. https://polandin.com/37380718/hogweed-horror-warning-about-toxic-plants-in-poland

    It is supposedly quite similar to an overgrown dill plant. I hope it ain’t gonna end up mixed up with some ogorki kiszone. Especially given that Poles used to eat fermented hogweed.


  79. True. NYT has gone the way of the Lügenpresse. It’s not just anti-Russian,
    it’s anti-Slavic. But this is not an opinion piece. I personally have never heard
    of these gigantic and toxic plants until today

  80. Europe Europa says

    English is an unusual language because it seems almost like a creole, in that it is not clearly either Germanic or Latin but basically a combination of the two. It’s officially classified as “West Germanic”, but I think that classification is more for historical reasons (ie Anglo-Saxons) than an objective analysis of where the English language properly fits.

    You don’t have to be a linguist to see that English does not strongly resemble other West Germanic languages such as Dutch and German, in fact it probably resembles French at least as much as any West Germanic language.

    English is an unusual case, I can’t really think of another example in Europe like it, most European languages clearly fit into a certain group.

    Probably the most analogous example I can think of anywhere else is the Japanese language, which most linguists can’t agree what linguistic group it fits into, but probably the most popular theory is that it is an Altaic (ie Turkic, Mongolian, etc) and Austronesian creole with significant word borrowings from Chinese later on, almost certainly the result of its location as an island nation in the same way that Britain’s location as an island nation has caused it to speak a Germanic and Latin creole.

  81. Grey striped kittens. The Two on the right are male and have that hunter look, and probably the third from right too.

  82. Kent Nationalist says

    Maybe this is just because of such a long familiarity with romance languages, but the tenses do not seem very hard to me at all. There are basically five conjugated tenses with six endings each (the different verb group differences are very minor) so thirty endings in total.

  83. AnonFromTN says

    But this is not an opinion piece.

    Everything in NYT or WaPo is propaganda, i.e., a lie. Have you noticed that no one ever propagandized times table? That’s because it’s true.

    As to hogweed, looks like its toxicity is an exaggeration, to put it mildly (see comment # 79).

  84. AnonFromTN says

    It’s true that the history of English made it unique. The number of synonyms tends to be higher than in most languages, with highfalutin ones usually French in origin. But I think simplified grammar is also a result of that mix: few forms survived, fewer than in the original Germanic or in French.

  85. AnonFromTN says

    From my perspective, the devil is in usage. Say, the usage of the two subjunctive modes in spoken language is anything but logical.

  86. My theory is that people from Central to Eastern Europe tend to, or historically tended to, take up Spanish late, owing to their distance from Spain and Latin America. So, with the exception of Italians, most have difficulty learning it, as adults.

    In English there is an expression, “It is all Greek to me.” Germans have an expression, “It is all Spanish to me.” Though to be fair, some Germans do learn rudimentary Spanish in gymnasium – it is nowhere near at the level of English.

  87. I assume Breslovniks (of which Na Nachs are a subgroup) must be a type of antizionists, but on the other hand the Na Nachs seem to often dance with soldiers (probably because they recruit from soldiers)?

    Well, I read a lot about Israel, but I don’t know the answer for this question.

    • Something postmodern about Na Nachs, is that they probably convert a lot of formerly secular Maghrebi (North African), Iraqi, etc, people to become a “hippie” version of Yiddish Hasids.

    If you look up Na Nach wedding videos (the only one I could find in YouTube) – the guests of the Na Nach look like postmodern mix of typical North African Israelis, with Yiddish Hasids.


    Another thing about them – is they will still be probably as ultra-conservative as any other ultra-orthodox Jews. I.e. you can see in their wedding that they can’t dance with women which are not their wife. (Men and women have to dance separately).

  88. If your first language is Russian – Spanish should be very easy to learn, at least for my experience. (If your first language is English, it may be more difficult perhaps). I learned Spanish to a high level as a third language, just from watching some YouTube videos.

    Spanish pronunciation is also relatively (compared to other languages) easy if you are Russian-speaking people. My Spanish accent might be better than my English accent, and yet I studied English carefully for years, while learning Spanish from YouTube.

    • But now with us all unable to travel due to coronavirus – I started to think learning Spanish was a less good language to learn, rather than getting better in French. There’s so much more interesting books in French, than in Spanish.

    I wonder if there might be something like 5 times more interesting books by French authors, than Spanish authors. (Unless you are a fan of late 20th century Latin American literature).

    I remember my disappointment trying to find some interesting books to buy in Madrid, and most of even most of the books of Spanish history in the bookshop are translations of English authors.

  89. Kent Nationalist says

    Spanish pronunciation is also relatively (compared to other languages) easy if you are Russian-speaking people

    I was really confused when I first went to Lisbon. When I first arrived in the railway station, I thought that there must be a lot of Russian tourists in Lisbon. Then the horrible reality dawned on me….

    they were speaking Portuguese

  90. When I hear Portuguese, I often have the impression that people speak Spanish with a terrible British accent. Perhaps tthat’s due to the Celtic influence in Portugal and Galicia?

  91. Back when I was learning Spanish, it was harder to acquire foreign language literature in the US. So, as a result, I never really explored it, only the stuff that was given in school (some of the same was promoted elsewhere). Honestly, it didn’t seem very attractive to me – the stuff promoted. I mean, I don’t know if I want to read a 17th century novel, or the poetry of a Stalinist South American, or politically correct stuff about the Indians at the time of the conquest, or stuff about the rebellion against Spain.

    But, then again, I think the literature that is the most promoted in any language is generally the subversive stuff that doesn’t appeal to me. Like, Thomas Mann in German. Or Dream of the Red Chamber in Chinese.

    I wonder how many white Spanish speakers there are compared to white French speakers. Latin Americans typically don’t read a lot – that is why soap operas are so popular. Partly, it is HBD reasons, partly I believe books are very expensive in some countries, due to import duties. I would suppose the main corpus of literature comes from Spain, where I imagine the biggest market of readers is. And I suppose Spain was traditionally more isolated than France, so perhaps less a center of ideas.

  92. AltanBakshi says

    How common are by the way Jews in Israel who convert to other religions? Are they seen as forsakers of Jewish tradition?

    I am not sure but I have hunch that those Jews who totally convert and see themselves more strongly part of Christian, Muslim or Buddhist community than Jewish are converts par excellence. At least there are many such cases in the history of Islam and Christianity, Jews who see their new religion as their tribe, and maybe thats why many of the greatest Muslims and Christians have been Jews.

    In Buddhism there are some such individuals like Bhikkhu Boddhi and Alexander Berzin, but then there are those in American convert circles who have clearly not converted completely, but there is similar case of residual cultural baggage among many western converts, after all religions often have their own weltanschauung which is often incompatible with other faiths or cultures, at least without heavy modification, which is a long process. Like the ancient Germanic culture and Christianity.

  93. reiner Tor says

    Linguistics has simple rules about classifying languages, like grammar, basic words (almost all are Germanic in English), and similar. It’s not even controversial that English is a Germanic language. That its vocabulary is full of words borrowed from French is also never disputed, to the point that linguists often say that, for English speakers, it’s usually easier to learn French (or any Romance language) than German.

  94. Interestingly, Portuguese languages and Romanian share most in common in terms of phonetics, IIRC about 30% of sounds are the same. If there was Celtic influence it was maybe on some form of vulgar Latin that was originally spread more widely across Southern Europe.

  95. I think in linguistic terms English most closely resembles Frisian but with much stronger French and Latin influence in vocabulary. Frisian has been more influenced by Dutch and Low German in terms of noun vocabulary.

    I have found that English and Dutch, also Swedish, are pretty close if you get used to similar sounding words hiding under different spellings.

  96. Philip Owen says

    As someone has already said, although English has almost no Brythonic (Celtic) vocabulary (but then Dad for father is Brythonic) verb tenses such as the continuous have no continental analogues but closely resemble Welsh. That said, Welsh word order is very different. English is a puzzle. It may even have been a British language well before the Anglo-Saxon invasions. The Belgae, arriving just ahead of Julius Caesar, for example are thought to have spoken a Germanic language.

  97. Of course, modern day Portugal was conquered by Roman Empire after having been settled by Celtic tribes. All Romance languages derive ultimately from Latin.

  98. And there have also been other people before the Celtic migration to the British Isles. We don’t know what language(s) were spoken in Megalithic Britain or at the time of Bell Beaker takeover.

  99. Old English and Old Frisian, another Germanic language, were mutually intelligible, and the connection between old, middle, and modern English is well documented. There is absolutely no ambiguity whatsoever regarding English being a Germanic language. If you want to compare languages you need to compare ancestral forms. If there are more similarities the further you go back, then you have evidence for languages having a more recent genetic relationship. Whereas if similarities are increased the nearer to the present, that’s evidence for language contact.

    The relation between English and Japanese is substantially different in that we have abundant evidence not only of English, but of tons of Indo-European languages. With Japonic languages we do not even know if they are closely related to any other known language families(this is even true of the Ainu language).

    I won’t make this case, but one could possibly argue that a comparison of the Celtic languages with Japanese makes more sense.

    Comparison of Britain and Japan as “island nations” could be fruitful if done properly, but keep in mind England is much closer to European continent than Japan is to the Asian continent. This partially explains why the British Isles have been successfully invaded and settled more often.

  100. It’s a question of Big Idea vs Little Ideas. Big Idea subsumes little ideas. Big ‘Truth’ redeems small lies. Also, of the Big Conviction and Small Criticism.

    Nothing is perfect and can be criticized. During the Cold War, there were plenty of faults with both US and USSR. One could pile up countless things wrong with the US, the West, capitalism, and liberal democracy. Same with the Soviet Union. And yet, some Big Ideas and Big Systems, despite all the problems and imperfections, are better than other Big Ideas. Take Freedom vs Slavery for example. One can find much that is wrong with freedom and find some advantages to slavery. So, when it comes to nitpicking, one can find bad things about freedom and good things about slavery. But as Big Ideas go, most people prefer Freedom to Slavery.
    Communism, as a big idea, argued that capitalism is just a form of exploitation and doomed to failure. It argued the state must control everything to prevent one bunch of people from gaining all the wealth and power to exploit the rest. Capitalist liberal democracies argued that capitalism can reform, the democratic process allows for checks/balances, and only a market economy can function properly, create lots of wealth, & lead to innovation. In both argument and delivery, capitalist democracy won over communism — what Francis Fukuyama called the ‘End of History'(or Conflict among Big Ideas).
    But then, what Fukuyama failed to understand was that, as liberal democracies are essentially plutocracies(where politicians are vetted and selected by the rich), their character reflects that of the ruling elites. Lucky for America, the Anglo-Germano-American ruling elites, for all their faults and hypocrisies, were among the best the world had ever seen. They had some sense of common good and higher principles. And some sense of shame and honor. In contrast, when elite power passed to Jews, many of whom turned out to be utterly shameless in their hypocrisy, megalomania, and paranoia, the Jewish character came to shape the direction of democracy and capitalism in the West.
    In Russia, the unfettered extreme Jewish kind of capitalism led to the crazy 1990s when a handful of oligarchs, mostly of the Tribe, took control of much of the Russian economy while leaving most people destitute. And as ‘democracy’ is a plutocracy, the Russian government of Boris Yeltsin merely did the bidding of Jewish oligarchs.
    Though the US has been much richer and better prepared to weather economic storms, something similar happened there. The increasingly financialized and monopolized economy became less principled, less fair, and less rational. It led to ever greater concentration of wealth, especially as globalism undermined the checks-and-balances among the classes, i.e. globalism gave capitalists access to cheap labor all over the world and pretty much destroyed the US working class that had once been a real political force. Moral Hazard totally went out the window; if anything, the ‘experts’ smeared it as hypocritical hand-wringing by economic illiterates. And the media, another corporate entity, became a total propaganda machine. When the internet promised to spread the power around, the Jewish monopolists and their allies used all manner of dirty tricks to shut down free flow of information and debate. And of course, Republican politicians, shills of plutocracy, haven’t done anything. (There is a ‘libertarian’ argument for letting the rich do as they please, but notice the so-called libertarians are oddly silent about the state’s role in shutting down BDS. Shouldn’t libertarians at least be opposed to STATIST suppression of activism and discourse?) At any rate, even though Fukuyama focused on the value of Big Ideas, he failed to understand that any set of ideas, big or small, is shaped by the character of those with the power. Indeed, the failure of Latin American democracies is ample proof that worthless elites lead to worthless democracies. Freedom is better than slavery, but Freedom controlled by rotten scum can be as bad or even worse than slavery(dominated by enlightened tyrants).

    Anyway, the Big Idea and Big Conviction works like an umbrella against the storm of small ideas or small criticisms. People with a clear sense of Big Idea can weather the storm of small criticisms. (Same goes for Big Feeling vs Little Feeling. No family is perfect, but the deep wells of emotion keep the family united against threatening forces, like in THE GODFATHER.) But people without such conviction can easily lose faith and go with whichever side is making the Most Noise.
    The question is, do most young Russians have a Big Idea/Conviction about Russian people/culture, history/culture, and destiny? If they do, they could brush off subversive foreign efforts to undermine Russian unity and power. If they don’t, they will likely be swayed by whomever has the means to make the most noise(as most people cannot think for themselves and allow others to do the thinking for them). Among the primary ways of persuading people are the means of associative ideology and associative idolatry. Globo-Homo spread by both means. The elites associated ‘gay’-this and ‘gay’-that with ‘equality’, as in ‘marriage equality’ even though the notion of homosexuality being of equal value/worth with real sexuality is ludicrous. But in a political culture that lionizes the notion of ‘equality’, it did the job in persuading many people that homos are deserving of ‘marriage equality’. But there was also associative idolatry. Homos were made sympathetic, ‘cool’, joyous, colorful, wonderful, and even sacred by endless propaganda in movies, TV shows, advertising, ‘gay pride’ celebration days/weeks/months, and etc. They were made ‘iconic’. And of course, as the West is most associated with power, wealth, and status, many around the world seek to burnish their image by being pro-‘Western’. It is the Polish Disease — Pathetic Polacks are Slavs who want to be thought of as being part of the West, not the backward East — , and it is spreading in Russia as well. Ireland is falling apart because it too has the Polish Disease.

    Another example of associative ideology can be seen in the West’s coverage of Ukraine and Hungary. Even though Ukraine is run by Jewish gangster oligarchs, it is associated with ‘liberal democracy’, whereas Viktor Orban’s style of governance in Hungary is associated with ‘autocracy’ or ‘anti-democratic’ impulses. This may seem odd when Orban came to power through free election whereas the current Ukrainian regime is the product of US-backed coup or ‘color revolution’. But for many fools who rely on the media, such ideological sleight-of-hand tricks do the magic. Of course, many wanna-be-elites and would-be-educated rely on New York Times, The Economist, New Yorker, and the like for status-reasons. Though ostensibly about ‘freedom of the press’, their main value is as status-signalers. They offer fashion-news, or the kind of ideas one must espouse IF he or she is to be accepted into Elysium, if only ‘psycho-virtually’ — even those who come nowhere near elite bastions of power/privilege like to smugly feel that they belong to the ‘better kind of people’ because they get their information from stuff like The Atlantic, a journal read by ‘important’ people.

    As for another example of associative idolatry, there is the cult of Noble Negro, what with some European nations being even more enthused about BLM than the US is. The idolatrous idea or ‘idological’ notion is that blacks are ‘cool’, badass, noble, awesome, and etc., therefore anything is made better if associated with Negroes. Why is that taco better than this taco? Because it has been advertised as ‘BLM’. BLMour(or blamour) is the new glamour.

    Vladimir Putin has been around for some time, and he’s been a good manager. But has he supplied Russia with a Big Idea or Deep Conviction about Russian Civilization? Being a good manager is important but not enough. In the end, managers serve the idea. Without a Big Idea about the worth of Russian Civilization, many young Russians will just become minions of Pop Culture and silly memes. Their worldview will be mostly that of associative ideology and associative idolatry pushed by the West, which isn’t even Western anymore but Judeo-Afro-homo or JAH-ist. It is ironic that Anatoly Karlin is worried about the West’s infection of Russia, but he bought the Covid-hysteria nonsense hook, line, and sinker. Covid was never going to be a mass-killer, and Jews pushed it to destroy Trumponomics and to restore power to globalist governments to shut down populist-nationalist challenges.

    If Russians have a Big Idea about the Motherland, they will be able to weather the storm. For all its faults, they will see Russia as worth preserving and defending against the globalist tide. If not, Russia will become a big Ireland or what Poland is destined to be, as its young are total minions of JAH-ist garbage. Russia must articulate its role in history. How it came to be, how it survived(sometimes against impossible odds), and how it is unique. A sense of how Russia overcame communism and Jewish oligarchic capitalism.
    Also, Russia must be honest about Jewish Power. The current US and EU animus against Russia was cooked up mostly by Jews. Russians must know this. Russians must know the Jewish Mind, i.e. that Jews believe that they are so smart and Russians are so dumb, and therefore, Jews deserve to dominate Russia and Russians deserve to be helots of Jews. In a way, the Jewish vision of Russia isn’t much different from the Nazi vision of German ‘Aryans’ lording over Russian Slavs as helots. Russians must understand that most goyim in US and EU are puppets of Jews.
    The reasons are twofold. Naturally, most politicians whore out to Big Money, and Jews are the richest. But the other reason is Jewish Power replaced Christianity with Holocaustianity. Therefore, white goyim not only serve Jews-as-oligarchs but Jews-as-god. Now, Russians make a big deal of how Russia defeated Nazism and saved Jews, and that is a legit historical and moral argument. But, Russia must also understand that Jewish radicalism and subversion did great harm to Russia prior to rise of Nazism and, if anything, led to Adolf Hitler’s rise because Germans(among others) had enough of crazy Jews. Furthermore, Jewish craziness is buried deep within the Jewish Core. Karl Marx thought communism would cure Jews of greed, but Jewish communists turned out to be bloody greedy for power. Libertarians and conservatives think capitalism and Zionism will cure Jews of radicalism, but today’s super-capitalist Jews are pushing insane radical agendas. (But the lesson of Nazism is one shouldn’t fight craziness with more craziness.) Russians must also understand that Globo-Homo is the proxy tool of the Jews. Jews relish the sight of the vast-majority of straight people groveling at the feet of homos and even trannies. (Homos went from liberation to inquisition. First, they were liberated from traditional restrictions and could do their homo thing. But that wasn’t enough for their vanity and vengeance. They weren’t content to be homo and distorted the law and other means to FORCE straight people to comply to homo demands or else be purged. In other words, straight society had to swallow the notion of ‘gay marriage’, and we must make-believe that a tranny is a ‘woman’ or some guy is a ‘they’ than a ‘he’. Of course, Jews love the sight of this. Just as they relish the sight of hapless goyim groveling at their feet, they just can’t get enough of the vast-majority of straights being kicked around by a bunch of trannies. Jews or homos/trannies, it’s a case of elite-minority supremacism over the majorities.)
    Russians must also realize the threat of the Cult of Negro. So far, most Russian athletes are Russian, and Russians look up to Russian idols as ‘national heroes’. Russians must realize that the promotion of Negrolatry is to rob the white race of their own idols and heroes. In the US, white boys and girls worship Negro stars in pop culture and sports. And this is spreading all over Europe. Presence of Negroes leads to white cuckery. Look at the Africanization of France and UK. Why would anyone want this? Well, Dumb Polacks want it because they have the Polish Disease and are so eager to be petted by the West as ‘good doggy’. But Russians should not play this game.
    Of course, it is tempting to play the Noble Negro card. The USSR did it during the Cold War by spreading propaganda that Noble Negroes were being oppressed by Evil Whites. And Europeans who felt moral inferiority-complex vis-a-vis the US(especially because of WWI and WWII) played the same game. But what is the result of this? Tug-a-Gro(or Tug-a-Negro) where all sides pretend (1) Negroes are so special and (2) they love Negroes more than others do. “With Negro on our side.” What kind of moral argument is this? Elevating the most savage and destructive race as sacred/noble and premising one’s moral value on the extent of slavishness to Afromania and BLM. Russians and Chinese who, cynically or sincerely, brandish BLM memes need to understand that it is a Jewish Ploy against the National Majority. Jews rule the US, and Jews spread BLM to morally browbeat the white majority. Russians and Chinese must stop believing that US is run by whites who oppress blacks. US is run by Jews who oppress whites by invoking black holiness. So, if China and Russia really want to counter Jewish Power that controls the US, they are better off with PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter.

    How many Russians know that Russia is a world unto itself and has so many potential(and that Russians are the biggest under-achievers around the world)? If Russians got their act together, the sky would be the limit. But they do so little with what they have and look to the outside world(that is dominated by Jews, homos, and white cucks) for meaning and purpose. This is truly sad. For all the rottenness of Jews, imagine the things they could do if they were the majority group in Russia. In some ways, Jews have done more for Israel than Russians have done for Russia. Too many Russian elites are corrupt, and too many Russian masses are stupid ‘white trash’. They really need to clean up their act. While Putin made things more efficient and streamlined, he hasn’t altered the essential character flaw of Russians. He hasn’t cultivated a new crop of visionary and inspirational leadership. All around him are flunkies and hangers-on. This is why when Putin eventually leaves the scene, Russia could become a big Poland or Ireland. The Polish Disease is spreading.

    Now, there are smart and dumb ways to spread the Big Idea. Russians need a Big Idea about Russia, and to some extent, Putin has tried to bring this about. He built more churches and promoted more nationalism. But building more churches is only symbolic. Most Russians will not visit these cathedrals and won’t care. In our age, people are persuaded by electronic signals, not stone objects. Electronic signals are the ‘spirit’ of the modern world. Also, a generic kind of nationalism isn’t enough. A nationalism needs a clear sense of ‘who we are’ and ‘who hate us’. While Russians are clear about their enemy during World War II — the Nazi Germans — , they aren’t about the New Enemy, the Jewish Globalists. Now, this doesn’t mean Russians should bash all Jews. Just like not all Germans were enemies(and Russia and East Germany could be friends after the war), not all Jews are enemies. Still, Russia needs to spell out what is really happening. The problem isn’t EU or US per se but Jewish control of US that controls the EU. And why do Jews hate Russia? Jews look upon Russians as vodka-swilling dummies who should serve the smarter/superior Jews. All Russians need to understand that the current Jewish animus against Russia goes back to the 1990s and even earlier. In both the early years of the Bolshevik Revolution and the gangster-capitalist 1990s, Jews nearly had Russia and are still livid with rage that the big dumb Russian fish slipped out of their grasp. But Jews are like Captain Ahab and won’t give up until they get their whale. If Russians understood this basic fact, they would see foreign anti-Russian sources of News for what it is. While anti-Russian news/opinions may well have kernel of truth to them, it would be understood by most Russians that the PRIMARY purpose of these news isn’t to spread truth or serve justice but to turn Russians into deracinated globo-homo minions who worship Negroes(than their own national idols/heroes), thereby easing the path for Jewish Supremacists to take over Russia. Such a Big Idea of what Russia is up against would weaken all the small ideas/criticism of Russia by outsider and Russian cucky-wucks.

    Putin’s style of nationalism has been the Silent Majority kind. Building churches may have some symbolic value but lacks dynamism. Byzantine Empire built many churches but couldn’t prevent the enervation and decline. Under Byzantine rule, Christianity became a dogma controlled by corrupt elites into court intrigue. In a way, as bloody as the Catholic vs Protestant conflict was, it might have been good for both and for Western Christianity that it fostered competitiveness. Neither could take things for granted as a monopoly. The Protestant challenge also meant that Western Christianity couldn’t just be a bureaucratic labyrinth. Individual conscience mattered. Even as Catholics denounced Protestantism, the threat from the New Church forced them to reflect and make reforms. In contrast, no such challenge compelled the Eastern Church to make reforms and revivify itself as the soul of Byzantium. It became the mummified religion of the elites behind the walls. Against the threat from Muslims who, for a time, had all the youth, excitement, and energy, the Byzantium World only knew conservatism, wall-mentality(against Muslim war mentality), and status quo. When one side pushes to gain new ground while the other side stands only to hold territory, the former will eventually win. Against the pusher, one must push back. Byzantium failed to push back. And today, Russia won’t push back against the Jews. Even as Putin took measures to restore some degree of nationalism and restrain out-of-control Jewish Power, he hasn’t taken up the necessary challenge.
    Also, Russia has failed to offer anything of itself to the Western World. For example, RT News doesn’t convey Russian ideas, Russian values, and Russian grandeur. Rather, it just hires Western SJW types and ‘leftists’ to offer ‘progressive’ assaults against Western Imperialism. It’s like the ‘conservative’ game of ‘Democrats are the real racists’, i.e. it accepts the enemy’s platform as the main moral premise. Now, if this was just a facet of RT, it wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s about 99% of it. Even when Russia gains access to other nations, it does little to impart Russian ideas, culture, and values. It just hires ‘leftists’ with somewhat more integrity than the usual ‘liberals’ in the Western Media. So, Christopher Hedges and Rick Sanchez have shows on RT. Now, this isn’t entirely a bad strategy: Use Western Left to attack Western Liberals. Also, whereas the educated class in the West may scoff at Russian culture and values, they might listen to True Leftists or Dissident Progressives who’ve been fired, purged, or blacklisted by Jewish-dominated ‘liberal’ mainstream media.
    Still, it’s just Russians offering an alternative Western viewpoint against the ‘mainstream’ or official Western Agenda. America is now a satanic and crazy empire(with both its elite and mass culture in a state of total retardation), BUT what it has to offer still excites people all over the world. Something always seems to be ‘happening’. It’s an ‘event’. It’s ‘cool’, ‘badass’, and/or ‘awesome’. Whether it’s comic book movies, rap concerts, globo-homo-mania, BLM, or whatever, the West seems to be always ‘rocking’.
    Now, there is pro and con to the current ‘Western’ Way. It is highly effective because it’s so well funded and charged. It’s abuzz with energy as the Jews control all the hype machine. Also, the West’s shamelessness means that it will promote and disseminate ANYTHING, no matter how outrageous(or more outrageous the better), that might have mass appeal or immediate sensory excitement. Like ‘twerking’. It’s demented, but it has spread all over because, by the lowest common denominator, people are hairless apes. But there is a downside to all this. It’s the Disco Factor. At one time, Disco ruled and was everywhere. It seemed like it would last forever… except it vanished almost overnight. What had been so ‘cool’ was deemed clownish and insipid. People were embarrassed that they had anything to do with Disco. Usually, something sensational has a short shelf-life. And so much of current ‘Western Values’ or ‘Western Causes’ are like fireworks without the fire. They are so much about hysteria, outrage, thrill, orgasm, or etc. When fireworks are over, they are really over. This is why the West has to keep generating sensationalism and excitement to keep up the thrill-level or outrage-level. Nothing it puts forth has any intrinsic value except as hype or Da Bomb. Whether it’s the buzz over the new blockbuster or new video-game OR hysteria for something about homos, BLM, illegals-are-dreamers, or Covid lunacy, the Western Media have to keep injecting new doses of sensory overdrive. Thus, there’s a lot of energy but almost no meaning.
    Take the hysteria about J.K. Rowhling and trannies. Sane people would not attack a woman for saying ‘man with balls is not a woman’, but so many young people in the West are so charged with ‘moral’ outrage and hysteria about holy homos and precious trannies that they can’t think straight. Of course, they can’t think at all, and their ‘morality’ or ‘ethics’ is just a matter of celebrity-worship and Political Correctness. Celebrity Worship makes them agree with whatever Hollywood and Music Industry pushes at the moment, and PC molded their minds to think in terms of holy vs taboo. Despite its term, ‘Critical Theory’ is the most anti-critical tool in the academia. It says certain groups, especially Jews, blacks, and homos, are sacred, whites are especially guilty & wicked, and the rest better side with Jews, blacks, and homos against whites. This is why there is no rhyme or reason to current ‘progressive’ thought. Leftism used to be premised on class ideology, mostly of Marx. Liberalism used to be based on either the theory of individual rights or universal justice. But current ‘progressivism’ is mostly about idolatry of Jews, homos, and blacks. Antifa and billionaire oligarchs chant the same mantras about trannies being treasures or BLM even though all facts show blacks kill blacks(and non-blacks). And if Jews are truly liberal, why do they insist we support Zionism and Jewish imperialists over Palestinians? Jews used to bleat about socialism or individual rights, but now, most are totally okay with super-capitalism(that made Jews the richest people) and into globo-homo, which lionizes homos as the favored pets of the ruling elites class. And this is being broadcast all over the world in a kind of new cultural imperialism.

    Now, Russia could stand for Nationalism against Imperialism. The problem is many people all over the world are mesmerized by the cultural imperialism of globo-homo, rap music, Hollywood, celebrity culture, pornography, and etc. Why don’t they stand for their national culture against imperialist junk culture? Because most people around the world are unimaginative folks with nothing to say or express. They are passive than active creatures. As people are easily bored, they crave distractions. It’s like a dog wants someone to throw sticks so it can play fetch. Most people need others to toss them the stick. They can’t create their own culture. It’s no wonder few religions dominate the world. If most people can’t create their own stuff, they will gravitate to whatever has the most mass appeal or generates the most buzz. If someone had to sit in a theater without anything on screen or stage, he’d be bored to death. He wouldn’t be able to entertain himself with his own ideas and imagination. But if there’s a fun movie on screen or show on stage, he could sit there for 3 hrs, even 4 hrs, in pure delight. He wants his heart and mind to be captivated by another. Most people around the world feel like bored nobodies sitting in a theater with nothing playing. So, they are grateful for ANYTHING that grabs their attention. Anything to stave away the boredom. It’s like sitting on a sofa for 5 hrs is a boring notion, but you forget all about the boredom if the TV is on. It doesn’t matter that most stuff on TV is dumb. At least, Dumb isn’t Boring, which people hate more. Now, if people are bored, shouldn’t they create their own stuff? Shouldn’t they try to be creative and seek truths? But most people want others to do it for them. This is especially true of conservatives. Even as they bitch about ‘liberal’ domination of movies and music, they hardly create their own.

    It’s been said the US is very creative, but there are just few centers of creativity. Most Americans in most of America are passive and do nothing. It’s just a few centers in cities that make most arts, culture, entertainment. 1% of America is ‘New York’, rest is ‘Nebraska’. It’s just a few universities that create new ideological trends. This is why people sound like clones. Ministry of Information says “trannies are holy”, and soon, just about everyone is spouting the same nonsense. It is why most US conservatives are such servile dogs to Zion. GOP as standard-bearer of American Conservatism says it’s one’s God-given duty to support Israel(even though Jews hate Christians and turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah).
    Most Russians are not creative. They just like to get drunk, dance on tables, and curse. They would wrestle bears too, but there aren’t too many bears around Moscow. Just about the only happening place in Russia is Moscow, but not much happens there compared to any major city in the US. Also, despite their small number, Jews do far more thinking, speaking, and creating in Russia than Russians do. Now, most Jewish ideas may be crazy or harmful, but they are saying something. Meanwhile, Russians are just getting drunk and acting dumb. To be sure, this ‘dumb’ quality, along with corruption, may have allowed Russians to become relatively more independent of Jewish Power. Anglo-Americans, being better educated, more sober, and more conscientious, could be easily baited and cajoled into looking up to Holy Holocaust Jews as the ultimate moral arbiters. In contrast, the more slovenly and rule-breaking Russians are less likely to be conscientious, therefore less likely to be morally baited by Jews. (You can fool a well-meaning person but not a gangster who cynically believes EVERYONE, even the so-called ‘good’, are up to no good.) Indeed, one key difference between the Russian Revolution and Jewish takeover of the US is that Jews had to pander to Russians in the former whereas goyim ended up sucking up to Jews in the latter. Though it’s true that the Bolshevik Revolution put many Jews in power over Russians, Jews themselves had to de-emphasize Jewishness and speak up for the common good for all those in the Russian Empire. While Russian chauvinism was suppressed, so was Jewish identity. This may be why Jews eventually lost out in the Soviet Union. In contrast, Jewish takeover of the US after WWII was premised on elevating Jews as a specially holy and tragic people. The Holy Holocaust People so full of woe, wit, and wisdom. The idea was the US had to support Israel because the ultimate truth is about Holy Jews vs Their Evil Enemies. Anglo-Americans were well-meaning and conscientious enough to fall for the moral bait. (A cynical Sicilian would have seen right through the BS.) If Jews are holy, their demands are godly. And if Jews are godly, those who displease Jews are ungodly and must be crushed. Look at today’s US. Jews shit on Donald Trump day and night, but Trump’s big message is “I love Jews, I serve Jews.” If Jews cut off one of his legs, Trump would say, “I will hobble around on my remaining leg to serve you holy Jews and give you anything you want.” Is it any wonder this country is so screwed up?

    Against all this, what can Russians do? Against the insane fireworks of the New West, what can Russia offer? There is nationalism to be sure, but it must be substantive than symbolic. Parades and pageantry are nice, but such didn’t save the USSR. And they won’t save Putin’s Russia. Also, while military parades and big rallies have a galvanizing effect, they can also become routine and boring, especially with young people. Of course, young people eventually turn into old people, but as the young are more active than the old, nationalism must have the hearts and minds of those who are young. Karlin wonders maybe Russia should censor like China to win over the young, but that is a form of retreat. In the long run, it won’t work because the young will feel that the ONLY way the system can win is by shutting down speech and availability of information. To truly win over the hearts and minds, the System must offer the better vision and solution.

    1. Russian youths need to be instilled with a deep sense of Russian-ness. Such depth has been lost in the US, UK, and EU, replaced by PC and Pop Culture. Deep Nationalism requires family life and its connection to history and heritage. Consider the film SIBERIADE by Andrei Konchalovsky. What that film teaches us is that family, community, and personal memory are the glue between the individual and the nation/civilization. In the West, there is a sense of the individual and a sense of history/civilization but hardly any sense of family, kinship, and memory. It’s almost as if the individual is independent of or separate from the civilization. No wonder then that anyone can become anyone. An African can become a Frenchman or Briton. Now, if a European had a personal, familial, and ancestral consciousness, he would know that he is bound to his nation by blood of relatives and forebears. Without such mindset, a civilization is just a bundle of ideas, and that means ANY individual who applies for citizenship and learns to speak the language is part of the nation. Such is recipe for national suicide and decline.
      Today in the West, young people are taught history, but they are not encouraged or guided to cultivate a personal link to the story of the past. What links an individual in a deep personal sense to history and nation? He is linked by ancestry. People were aware of this in the past, especially as their cultural outlook developed in close proximity of family and community, independent of the constant distractions of TV and pop culture that make young ones primarily identify with pop idols, most of whom are shallow dolts or freaks. A Briton had an ancestral and cultural sense of who he was. But today, Britain is just an idea. Anyone can become ‘British’, and even British history no longer belongs to the ancestors of the White British. Rather, it’s a just a bunch of narratives that can be molded by BBC to feature past Britons as some multi-culti polygot. Now, Britain is diverse in the sense that it was a coming together of various ethnic groups, some of whom to this day have a sense of distinctness. Still, they have deep roots in that land, real ancestry of blood and soil. For this reason, no people can survive for long if they just focus on the individual and civilization. It must focus on familial ties and ancestry as the binding element between individual and civilization.
    2. Russia or any civilization that wants to survive in the long run must prioritize organicism over individualism. This doesn’t mean individualism should be quashed. It is valuable for freedom, enterprise, and creativity. But just like the body isn’t a collection of individual/independent cells, a civilization cannot simply be about individuals. The fact is individuals are different and serve different roles. Imagine if liver cells decided to serve as pancreatic cells. This doesn’t mean a return to serfdom where people are strictly bound to occupations or obligations. But it does mean one should think of one’s place in society than merely “whatever I want to do”. The individual must ask, “how does my ideas and my actions serve the nation well?”
      Also, men and women are fundamentally different. True, women are equal in intelligence and, especially in our mechanized age, can do most jobs men can do. Women can be good doctors and accountants. But any healthy society must prioritize jobs for men, especially well-paying jobs for men. Whereas men will marry women without jobs, vice versa is rarely true. So, if women take jobs from men, far fewer men have incomes necessary to attract wives. Therefore, most key jobs should go to men. Now, women may call this ‘unfair’, but this is because they prioritize individualism over the common good. Favoring men in the economy is a form of biological socialism. If men and women are allowed to pursue jobs as individuals, men with good jobs will marry women with good jobs, and most of the wealth will accrue to such people. Meanwhile, men who can’t get good jobs will have a hard time finding a wife, and many women without good jobs will end up single. There is something to be learned from Islam. A people must work for the common good. They must have a sense of what is good for most people than just ‘myself’.

    3. As for arts, culture, and entertainment, Akira Kurosawa presented the best formula in HIGH AND LOW. There must be both substance and style. Not just hardy boots or flimsy high heels but a shoes of quality with measured style. The kind of work that can bridge the elites and the masses. Kurosawa’s films certainly did that. They were serious and entertaining. They were unique to Japanese culture but had universal appeal and reach. Russians need to follow this model to revive culture and gain soft power around the world.

    4. Russia should promote a kind of universal nationalism that respects the differences and particularities among nations in history, culture, values, food, attitude, and etc. Now, there are universal values in our day and age. We don’t want a culture to practice human sacrifice, slavery, or torturing animals as blood-sport. Still, one-size-fits-all globalism must be countered with true appreciation of diversity. When PC globalists claim to celebrate ‘diversity’, they show no interest in other peoples, cultures, and values. Rather, they mean the diverse peoples of the world should all listen to rap music, worship the Holocaust & praise Jews, and wave the homo flag. It’s McDiversity where all groups must go for Happy Meal of Jewgromo-centrism(Jew-Negro-Homo-centrism).
      There are so many peoples and cultures in the world. The world is truly diverse. The best way to preserve and honor diversity is for every nation to secure itself against the threat of mass-invasions(aka immigration) and to respect the uniqueness of other peoples. Of course, there should be trade and travel among nations but never to the point where it leads to the Great Replacement and Deracination(as preparation of the satanic globalism that would have everyone bow down at the altar of sodomy, black thuggery, and Jewish gangsterism). There was a time of national cinema. The world came to appreciate the films of other nations in a spirit of mutual respect and curiosity, but each nation produced its own movies with uniqueness and distinctness. But look at French and British culture today. French are now like Americans who speak French, and the British might as well be members of the 51st state of America. And just look at the state of Polish and Japanese cultures. All globo-homo and Negro-worship.

    Now, it’s a tall order for vodka-swilling Russians to sober up and get off their asses to do what’s right. But this looks like the repeat of the Roman Empire. The Western Empire fell but Eastern Empire survived. Western Europe seems about to fall to host of diseases like feminism, globo-homo, BLM, and etc. If things continue, Russia will be the last remaining bearer of European Civilization. Now, Byzantium, even as it survived the fall of the Western Empire, failed to achieve much and just slowly rotted. Can Russia survive the new Western Fall and also avoid the fate of the Byzantines who lacked the dynamism necessary to keep the fire going?

  101. Europe Europa says

    Portuguese strikes me as very nasal compared to Spanish, and also has some unusual vowels like “u” in place of Spanish “o”.

    I wouldn’t agree that the accent sounds British, because British English doesn’t have the nasal characteristic of Portuguese. I think nasalisation is more common in American English though.

  102. Name borscht comes from hogweed. Beetroot replaced the hogweed in 18th century as the main ingredient of borscht.

  103. Showmethereal says

    It is almost surreal. Russian and Chinese companies get banned or extorted in the US. While Russia and China give US tech companies the chance to localize and obey local laws before getting banned. Yet the US is labelled “the free world”. Strange

  104. Showmethereal says

    So why does Trump and his team want to ban Tik Tok? Seems Putin and his team are far more fair and logical

  105. Slavic languages due to their redundant syntax and high degree of inflection are pretty immune to word order.

    First five permutations are understandable and the first three are correct.

    я люблю тебя

    я тебя люблю
    тебя я люблю
    тебя люблю я
    люблю я тебя

    люблю тебя я. – only this is weird but understandable perhaps as a tease between very close friends.

  106. Showmethereal says

    Yeah i read that. Macron makes me puke with his hypocrisy. I almost puked when he went to Beirut thee day after the explosion to “listen to the people”. But indeed – almost everything he said is what China is doing in Xinjiang. When Chinese do it its is “evil” – but when the west does it then it is pure. Ironically China didnt come up with those ideas – it was the neighboring “stan” countries who wanted to stamp out the Saudi influence on Muslims in their countries. After the formation of the SCO they shared their laws with China. Like everything else – China just “turbocharged” it and added employment training. Now people like Macron claim it is forced labor. Not much worse in this world than a hypocrite.

  107. “why it is not a global language” – It could have been if Spanish Armada succeeded, if France did not play both sides in the Thirty Years’ War. And 100 years later Seven Years’ War buried any chanced for French becoming a global language.

  108. Many thanks for taking the time to put it all in writing. There are many things that you wrote that many (probably most) Russian nationalists would agree with. Unfortunately, Putin is not a Russian nationalist. He pretends being one, but he isn’t. Russia is not a National State. It is not even a Nation. And it is not an Empire anymore. You are absolutely correct about Russia needing find a Big Idea simultaneously rooted into deep Past and branching out into the infinite Future.

    Do you understand Russian language?

  109. Hogweed in Russian – борщевик and in Polish – barszcz.

  110. Some of the species are edible, but other are toxic.


    Interestingly enough, in French they are named berce which looks close to Polish barszcz. Did they eat it in Unetice culture times?

    I would think they did.

  111. Showmethereal says

    The reason many of the religious Jews are not zionists are because of all the secularism. A democratic and secular Israel is an oxymoron. In reality – a modern “biblical” Israel would look much more like Iran to be quite honest. A secular Israel has no basis. If it is just based on ethnicity and who was there first then the land would go back to the Canaanites (though Judah did intermix with them)

  112. toxic? – I think that even this one борщевике Сосновского after processing is edible. After all it was Soviet scientists who propagated it from Caucasus through the Soviet block as a new fast growing source of food for cows and pigs. Something did not work. Now it is an awful read that can burn skin and even blind eyes.

  113. On more thing. Do you know the meaning/etymology of the root in борщ-евик/barszcz?

  114. Nope. It must be something related to овощ, which was pronounced оборщ in some regions. Care to explain?

  115. AnonFromTN says

    You are right that Slavic languages (at least Russian and Ukrainian that I am fluent in) do not have fixed word order, because they don’t need it.

    Let’s start with math: a phrase consisting of three words allows six permutations. All of them are correct, but carry slightly different meaning.
    я люблю тебя and я тебя люблю are relatively neutral, meaning I love you, with a slight stress on love and you, respectively.
    люблю я тебя emphasizes love and can be used in response to a partner who expresses doubts in your love
    тебя я люблю emphasizes you and can be used in response to a partner who expresses doubts that your love is directed to him/her
    люблю тебя я and тебя люблю я are less common sequences, but both are still correct; these were used in a song or two

  116. Showmethereal says

    Practical rich language???? That has nothing to do with it. Spanish and French are spoken all over the world because they had colonies. The British had the biggest empire. It just so happens that the next country that took over the most powerful label was the US – which is itself a former British colony. So the lane was already wide open. I agree that Mandarin wont become the English or the Latin or Greek. But that has nothing to do with anything else than colomization. If Persians had colonized the world like the Brits – Farsi would be the world language

  117. There is also some theological reason for Orthodox Jews to oppose Zionism/Jewish nationalism. However, this is only one branch of Orthodox Jews (Haredim) that oppose Zionism.

    There is another large branch of Orthodox Jews, which are one the most radical and extreme nationalist tribe in Israel. These are called the “Religious Nationalist” sector (“Datim Leumim” in Hebrew).

    • This different tribe of Orthodox Jews is also highly insular, and indicated their separation from other tribes by their clothing, and they have their own schools, ideology, national festivals, dating, and music – and likely different bodylanguage and even ways of dancing.

    For example, Haredi Jewish men have a large hat, while Religious Nationalist Jewish men wear a small cap (ermolka or kippah) at the back of the head.

    For men, it’s easy to identify the nationalist Orthodox Jews because they wear this kippah hat in the streets. (Secular and traditional Jews in Israel, wear this hat inside a synagogue, but the religious nationalists wear it in the street and at all times in their life).

    The women also have a specific uniform and clothing style, which match Orthodox Jewish religious law, with indication of adaptation to 20th century life. Unmarried Religious Nationalist women do not have to cover their hair, but they have to wear dress (they cannot wear trousers). They cannot do things like to dance with men.

    They are also visually communicate between each other how liberal or conservative they are, in terms of whether dress extends below knees and ankles, or above it.

    E.g. These will be “liberal” branch religious nationalists in Israel, as the women are showing their elbow joint. However, women have to wear dresses (never trousers) at all times, and the men and women still have to dance separately.


    • This group are economically successful for the state (unlike Haredim), but politically have become problematic – due to a combination of extremist nationalist views, attachment to West Bank, and high birthrates of these religious cultists, relative to the secular population.

    In the early years, the state has believed that they could use these religious nationalists as a kind of “attack dog” against Arabs (for example, sending them to settle in the West Bank) – however, their population has grown due to birthrates, and they become a political obstacle by the 1980s, with increasing radicalization. When Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin proposed a Two State Solution in 1990s, the result was assassination of the Prime Minister by a religious nationalist.

    • In the election geography – Nationalist Orthodox Jews are represented by both Yamina, but also a significant branch of the Likud Party is based on support from this sector.


    So Yamina has attained seven seats in Parliament, but also a proportion of Likud’s seats are also based on the Religious Nationalist sector. Likely Religious nationalists represent something like 10-15 seats now in Israel, which means a significant fanatical/messianic/religious obstacle to evacuate more from the West Bank.

  118. ^ I wrote response (sort of related) to your post above. I forgot to add it as reply to your post.

  119. Most of the interesting native content in Spanish language, is produced in Latin America nowadays. Spain is very import dependent for books.

    If you look in typical book section of El Corte Inglés. They always have a large section of Latin American literature. The Latin American writers are given their own of the bookshops.

    And then in the general literature section, it’s mainly translations of French, Italian, English and German books. There is not much content produced natively from Spain.

    In documentary literature, it’s mainly translations of English language books.

    • Spanish readers seem to have a strong taste for French, Italian and German literature (in Spanish translation). Actually they love a lot 20th century authors. In bookshop in Spain, always see a lot of promotion of writers like Stefan Zweig or Umberto Ecco, in beautiful editions.

    Spanish readers have a significantly different taste for non-native authors, though, than English readers (English also particularly love certain writers like Solzhenitsyn and Nabokov, which don’t seem to be prominent in Spanish bookshop – but these writers massively promoted in bookshops in England).

    • Have you noticed that Spanish television is also quite a sub-branch of French television? For example, if you watch around 10pm, there’s always some documentaries, which are actually French documentaries translated into Spanish. These French documentaries on Spanish, are usually very radical and anti-American.

    For example, I remember watching in Spain, documentaries about how CIA are built from Nazi emigrants, or about how America is secretly supporting the drug gangs in Latin America (i.e. this typical style of French television documentary).

  120. Kent Nationalist says

    And then in the general literature section, it’s mainly translations of French, Italian, English and German books. There is not much content produced natively from Spain.

    I was amazed when I saw the history sections of bookshops in Madrid; most of the high-quality books, even about exclusively Spanish history like Philip II and the colonial empire, were translations of books by English writers. Very different to France, where the equivalent books would be by French writers.

  121. It seems to depend on the period being covered, there are some eminent British, American, French historians of various periods of Spanish history, the 16th century, the Spanish Civil War and so on. But looking for books about the Carlist Wars during the 19th century for example, there is little available by English language writers. Sometimes the foreign authors are producing high quality synthesis and narratives based on more in depth, focused studies by Spanish historians, sometimes they have achieved a strong reputation in Spain because of their political orientation (Paul Preston used to be well liked by the Spanish left for his anti-Francoist work on the Civil War and the generalissimo himself, for example).

    In general the Spanish seem to do okay in publishing high quality stuff on their own military history. I thought they have a pretty rich literary tradition, also some original and interesting writing on politics and some great Catholic philosophers, but all of this that I can think of is pre-1940.

  122. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    Israel still gets to do 19th century nationalism.
    National cultural programs, national breeding programs, national integration programs. These nationalistic projects are typical of any nation-state pre 1950, and would certainly benefit anyone. Not only Putin.

    Issue being, promoting a hardcore nationalist program, especially one targeting the youth, is considered pretty much fascism anywhere in the western world.

    Nationally oriented governments would try to promote their compatriots abroad, finance ethic schools, religious institutions, propaganda for national unity.
    These sort of programs were common in Western states in the 19th century. And are still practiced by Israel, it’s one of the reasons Jews still retain their identity despite being a world-wide diaspora.

    Israel has 1.5-2 milion Russians speakers out of 8 milion. If a Nationally oriented Russia suddenly decided to target its “Israeli brothers” by reinforcing their Russian-Israeli identity, Israel wouldn’t be able to outcompete the propaganda, simply by virtue of being so small. With the end result being a good few hundred thousand citizens identifying as Russian and supporting Russia.
    Then Poland does the same, playing on the paradisus iudorum, they develop a “Polish-Jewish” identity and target the Jews with Polish ancestry. Even if they’ve forgotten their language, once they remember that they’re actually proud hussars, they won’t have much problem watching Polish propaganda movies and the like.
    Maybe a Nationalist Germany will suddenly decide that the ultra orthodox are Aryan sons of Odin. The Dutch will bring their gabbers back to the holy Makom in the sky etc.

    End result being, a torn up country, divided between ethnic allegiances and not identifying with their state.

    It doesn’t take hard work on the part of bigger countries, even a relatively small % of the budget invested to funding communities in the middle east can go a long way to damage the national unity of a state the size of Switzerland.

    This is the real issue with the Israeli lobby. It’s not that it funnels US funding. It’s that it suppresses Western countries from the national programs its own state practices, because it knows the end result.

    There are ways to avoid being torn up like that. Hardcore censorship is one, but a Chinese Firewall style internet/info control isn’t viable for a 8 milion small state. Another is 19th century international alliances, spheres of influence etc. But a state as small as that can’t really get to such a level of international prestige.

    Maybe when the West Bank and Gaza are annexed, and the G-d given borders of Greater Israel are established, The Lobby will allow some degree of ethnic self-determination to the goyim.
    But we’re a far way from that. The Israeli M.O. seems to be just reacting to attacks, rather than proactively seeking out conflicts and expansion. Rather than focusing on grudges and retailatory strikes, a less neurotic state would have just wiped out its minorities by now, especially since nobody gives a fuck about dead Palestinians.

    The only real solution for nationalists is waiting on American collapse, that’s where The Lobby gets its power.

  123. I’ve never actually watched TV from Spain. I honestly think most Europeans would be shocked how many Latin American channels were available in the US even 20 years ago – I remember 3 in Boston. They were quite interesting to watch – noticeably more low-brow, though American TV is awful. A lot of plastic on the women. I liked the commercials – they were never woke. One channel had better movies on it than the American ones, though they were dumb Hollywood movies dubbed. I found that I could enjoy even a really corny movie, if it was in Spanish, since it was more stimulating to translate it.

    Since the transition to digital signal, the number of Spanish-language channels (all Latin American) has increased markedly. It’s been a while since I tried to watch any of them, but offhand, I’d guess at least 9 around Boston. There’s actually a Cuban one – I was amused to see breasts on it (taboo on American broadcasts). There’s a Dominican one, and a Venezuelan one – interesting when Chavez died.

    One time I went to the mall that opened when I was young – I hadn’t been there in ages and ages. I was startled by how few whites were there, and the more Mexican-oriented channel was actually broadcasting from there – and I was thinking, wow, this is like America was in the ’80s when Tiffany would shoot a music video in the mall, or like when someone’s older sister would be part of a fashion show. Of course, there were also tons of Arabs and blacks around, so it wasn’t quite the same.

  124. Yes it feels like most of the history books in Spanish bookshops, are translations from English to Spanish.

    I’m now looking at a small pile of Spanish books in my room I carried back as the souvenirs from the last vacation in Spain.

    I bought especially a history of Spain, which was written by a Spanish author, to try to see what the local perspective was. I read this book, and one of the main things emphasized by the author is his belief that the Islamic era was the most civilized in Spanish history.

    • Other books I bought in Spain – contributed to their translation industry.

    “1984” by Orwell (I probably should have read this book in English, as Orwell was an English writer – it was still quite interesting as a Spanish book).

    Sherlock Holmes (English writer – probably I should read him in English instead of Spanish), Nietzsche (German writer – probably I should read this in German instead of Spanish) – poems of Ruben Dario, writings of Vargas Llosa, stories of Borges (all Latin American writers).

  125. America was in the ’80s… in the mall

    If you were born at the time – was “going shopping in the Mall” in 1980s America, the lost paradise it seems to me in all of the bad 1980s films?

    I don’t know if it was related to the Cold War, but surely no people in history has so successfully glorified their current mode of capitalism, as Americans of the 1980s.

    For example.

    Garden of Eden. Flemish School. François Le Moyne (1688–1737)


    Garden of Eden. Late 20th century American School. (It was relocated to Target supermarket).


  126. There used to be a lot of novelty in going to a mall – especially in going to a slightly farther away mall, than your neighborhood one. Just looking at the different products for sale had a stimulating effect. (Probably damaged a great deal by the internet.) If you were adolescent, you would see different girls than were at your school. It was fun to people watch, when almost everyone was white.

    Hollywood does gild a bit though. When I was very young, we used to see this horribly burned woman working at a restaurant in the mall – she had a glass eye – the kind that doesn’t track, and it was sort intimidating to see her if you were very young.

    The two main things open for kids to do in a suburban environment, were go to the mall, or go the movies. And some malls had theaters. It is only later, when someone’s rather crazy mother remarked on it, that I began to see the strangeness in it – how superficial American youth culture is. It is particularly strange how early they put out Halloween stuff (August in some places) or Christmas stuff (after Halloween.) I am not Jewish, but the Christmas music drives me crazy – it seems somehow profane.

    I think a sort of ideal or utopian society would be one where there was an indoor public space as large as the mall, but if it was set up most purely for non-commercial entertainment, by wealthy donors, for people to socialize. At some malls, they let old people walk around in winter before the stores open, to exercise, or allow kids to trick or treat on Halloween, or have a guy in a Santa Claus suit, but most of it seems very commercial.

    In retrospect, within a Cold War context, two things strike me as being very weird. It was very easy for kids to play with the latest computers at the mall (before the salesperson would yell at them. These were items under export ban – though not very effective – to Russia. Westerners bought influence in Russia by smuggling computers in their luggage) It was very easy to use a copy machine – I once used one for a nickel to copy someone else’s worksheet, when I had left it at school. (But they were under lock and key in Russia, with an officer in charge of them, and you had to fill out a form to use them, even if you had access.)

  127. @Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive

    The only real solution for nationalists is waiting on American collapse, that’s where The Lobby gets its power.


    To me, the future of Western Europe is bleak and can be, once these nations collapse


    Eventually the society starts to grow, becoming more wealthy and Liberal with each passing generation until eventually it starts to decline and collapse.

    There will be no US or european collapse anytime soon, the West is stronger than many think. One of the reasons for that is that the white retards, Trumpists et al are trying everything possible to prop up the Empire, not understanding that the Empire will eat them later. And then it will be too late.

    They do not understand that the US/West are gone (will be anti-white and liberal) and there is nothing there to try to save.

    The only way for US whites to survive is to stop supporting the Empire, as you can’t have liberalism without an Empire. It is a late stage manifestation of it.

    The EU has also become so rotten that it is trying everything to prop up the US Empire and it wants to turn everybody else into a puppet like itself. It thinks that it is normal to be a puppet and it wants that for others too, like a rotten zombie trying to infect others.

    There won’t be a collapse anytime soon. Rather, there will be a new Soviet Union, that this time will be based in the West, and in the US with its center.

    But its ideology will not be about the poor vs the rich, but this time, about identity politics.

    After some time, its effects will become too much. But now is just the beginning of the Soviet phase of the West. It may take nearly 100 years to go down.

    The West represents nearly 50 % of world’s GDP, controlls the most important payments network and has the two world’s reserve currencies. It has monopoly in some important areas.

    It is the biggest Empire the world has ever seen, although it is declining.

    We are entering a multipolar world, but it is just the beginning of it. The West is trying to stop it.

    What will happen though, is that there will be a gradual decline of the West. There is too much debt, and the world is also growing faster than the West. The migrants coming in to replace the population are mostly of lower quality than the locals. Even cold war scenarios, where the West tries to stop the rise of the rest, predict a relative decline of the West, although at a slower rate.

    The decline will be faster in Europe than in the US. Europe has worse demographics, lower growth rates, and gets lower quality migrants than the US. It does not have the US dollar as well, or a common debt market.

    What can be expected is that the US will gradually lose its superpower status by around 2060 and will be more like Brazil by 2100. It will continue to lose its share in the world economy until the end of the century and probably beyond.

    The EU though, will collapse in the long run (sometime after 2070), because its demographics will be even worse than brazilian demographics (too many muslims plus being on the path of 4 billion people Africa).
    Some countries in the EU may implode at earlier stage, such as France, Italy and Greece. They have the worst demographics.

    In the long run, the US will be Brazil Del Norte, taken over by identity politics. It will be one power among many, the world’s third biggest economy after China and India. It still has the best geographic position, lots of natural resources, and anglo vassals to prop it up.

    It will be a mix of third worldism and liberal utopia, but in a multipolar world where it no longer is the strongest country. Still, it will be one of the big powers, although a declining power.

    The EU though will not make it with 50 % of the population comprised of muslims and sub-saharan africans, while also having some of the world’s oldest population at the same time.

    It will be a bunch of old european pensioners and young muslims and africans. Not politically or economically sustainable. This will happen more towards the end century though.

    That prognosis is based on current trends and it does not include black swans, such as seriously deadly pandemics or world wars.

    To visualise the future – here it is

    1 Demographics

    2 Economy

    3 US demographics 2100 – about 30 % white anglo, 10 % hispanic white, 46 % non-white hispanic + mixed, 14 % asian.

    4 Western Europe Demographics 2100 45 % white european, 30 % muslim, 20 % african, 5 % indian/chinese.

  128. Hyperborean says

    I think a sort of ideal or utopian society would be one where there was an indoor public space as large as the mall, but if it was set up most purely for non-commercial entertainment, by wealthy donors, for people to socialize. At some malls, they let old people walk around in winter before the stores open, to exercise, or allow kids to trick or treat on Halloween, or have a guy in a Santa Claus suit, but most of it seems very commercial.

    Like this (though the concept is not a new one):

    Four-year-old Joris Niekus hops excitedly in front of a wall-sized flatscreen as his dad loads up an interactive version of Roald Dahl’s BFG (known as GVR in Dutch).

    Seconds later, face beaming, his digitised silhouette is bopping across the screen together with Dahl’s gangly giant.

    It’s just one of many experiences on offer at a new downtown development in the Dutch city of Groningen that is seeking to reinvent urban hubs for the post-consumer age.

    The €101m, trapezoid Forum building is part library, part meeting space, part science museum and part recreational hangout – a 10-storey “multi-space” designed to resonate with citizens who know that shopping is not necessarily the answer. It’s a new-look department store that doesn’t actually sell very much.


    It’s early days, but the Forum certainly feels like it is working. More than 700,000 people – three times the city’s total population – have visited the library since it opened late last year. So, what’s the big draw?

    There are books galore (92,000 in total), but they are for rent, not sale, distributed liberally across multiple mezzanine floors with a joyous disregard for Dewey decimal discipline. Geography on one floor, history on another, mathematics … somewhere, presumably.

    For the non-bookish, there’s plenty besides: a six-screen cinema, two exhibition halls, a couple of cafes, a museum (about comics, no less), a 250-seater auditorium, and a hip (but not overly hip) top-floor restaurant and bar. Oh, plus a rooftop “market square” with panoramic views over the whole of Groningen.


    Once through the door, the challenge is to make people stay. It’s all about “the experience”, says Nijdam, borrowing from big retail’s mantra de jour. So no security beefs on the door, no blaring Tannoy announcements, no endless queuing. Instead, it’s all soft furnishings, mood lighting and make-yourself-at-home courtesy.

    Signposts are also kept to a minimum. Exploration, not explanation, is the building’s guiding motif, says Kamiel Klaasse co-founder of NL Architects, an upstart Amsterdam-based firm that beat off an all-star list (including the late Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid) to win the design contract way back in 2006.

    “The brief talked as much about searching as about finding and we interpreted that as an incentive to let people roam,” Klaasse says.




    Though having been constructed in a duller architectural era, it won’t be able to create the same sense of wonder as walking through classic department stores that were built when more interesting styles such as Neoclassical or Art Noveau were popular.

  129. Hyperborean says

    Though having been constructed in a duller architectural era, it won’t be able to create the same sense of wonder as walking through classic department stores that were built when more interesting styles such as Neoclassical or Art No[u]veau were popular.




  130. AnonFromTN says

    You mean that the US chicks will be a lot prettier on average? Yea, we have to look on the bright side.

  131. Daniel Chieh says

    Brasil Del Norte, but with obesity, nose rings and tattoos.

  132. But its ideology will not be about the poor vs the rich, but this time, about identity politics.

    If the identity politics ideology takes root it will speed up the decline. One plausible consequence of emphasising collective white culpability for past crimes and abuses will be the emergence of ‘reparations immigration’, speeding up the rate of entry of Africans and people from the Middle East, South Asia etc.

  133. Every time I’ve been to US I’ve been surprised at how masculine many American females look. Not to say that nowadays Western European women are the feminine ones.
    I have never been to Brazil, but their ladies look much more feminine on top of being often quite exotic.

    And boy, do they dance!


  134. A couple of beautifully drawn tattoos might not be all that bad. Nose rings are more of a turn off…

  135. AnonFromTN says

    Back in the days when The Guardian still had a meaningful comments section, there was a discussion of whether it’s a good idea to remove tattoos you made when you were young. One commenter another whether he’d remove a tattoo he made at 18. He answered: “No, I wouldn’t. It would remind me how stupid I was at 18”.

  136. I don’t have tattoos, but some people I know are tattooed. Can’t say they’re stupid, although I believe that to accept drawing an indelible symbol on one’s body, the symbol better be truly important. Which the majority of tattoos nowadays aren’t.

    In the past that was different.


  137. Daniel Chieh says

    All of that implies thought.

    Thinking is not a strong suit of the young generation from what I’ve seen; they’re as likely to get a tattoo because it feels good under the needle as because “it is pretty.” Ultimately, its a status symbol of presumed liberation to be able to do anything they wish; in order to be more liberated, some of them will therefore competitively ink further to exceed another.

    Much like inks on gangsters(or prison records), it serves as a form of identity specifically insofar as it helps indicate that they reject “normal” society(ironically, their methodology becomes the new normal). It also is difficult to remove, so it becomes a kind of lifelong symbol to confirm that they are special and that they have exhibited “courage” in defying normalcy.

    Ted Kaczynski was right: in a time where everything has become increasingly valueless, people will increasingly seek substitute goods to hollowly replace what were once real values of courage, sacrifice or even competition.

  138. Ted Kaczynski was right:

    A very intelligent man.

  139. It’s interesting how the concept of libraries (often these grandly-designed public buildings) is being reworked. On the one hand, e-books and e-readers are more convenient, in many cases. On the other hand, if you visit some – especially the grandest – it is impossible to miss how the demographics have changed, (as can be seen in some of the diversity offerings of books.) And it is easy to suppose that they are going for a less literate audience (and probably there is some built-in dysgenics, since Carnegie, anyway). Some of their offerings now, seem to be about keeping kids off the streets – i’ve joked about the angular design of some of these buildings evokes tank armor.

  140. showmethereal says

    Ok – and thanks for the info. It was good – and I know some of it. In my comment I was strictly speaking of those who are anti-zionist religious jews. At the end of the day – the only justification for a “Jewish state” is based on religion. So I understand where they are coming from. A secular Israel makes no sense. They are no single ethnic group (indeed the vast majority are converts) and most don’t have their physical origins there. What truly makes someone “Jewish” is their religious practice. In the same way – someone who is Arab isn’t automatically a Muslim… Nor is a punjab automatically a ….. etc. etc.

  141. The value of the Big Idea can be appreciated by using land as analogy. Big Territory is harder to conquer than Small Territory. If Russia had been the size of France or Poland, Germans might have prevailed over the Soviet Union with its Blitzkrieg attack. But the sheer vastness of Russia allowed the USSR to move its industrial base to the east while Germans became over-stretched across vast territories to the point where their logistics broke down, especially with rain and snow. Likewise, China was able to weather the Japanese invasion because of its vastness. In contrast, Taiwan and Korea were easily swallowed up by Japan.
    Same goes for Big Ideas. They are much harder to conquer than small ones. Now, a people don’t need a Big Territory to have a Big Idea. Jews are a prime example of this. For much of their history, they had no territory to call their own. But they preserved their identity and culture because they had a Big Idea, that of the Covenant that linked the Jews as a special people to the one-and-only God. This is why Jews, among all the immigrant groups in America, were not conquered by Anglo-American-ness but, in time, came to conquer and reduce the ‘Wasps’ into pathetic puppets and tools of Jewish Power centered around a Big Idea. In contrast, all other groups, from Germans to Filipinos, have been utterly conquered by Anglo-American-ness and are now being converted to globo-homo cuckery to Jewish Supremacism and Afromania. The ONLY group that may follow the Jews in their identity-insistence is the Hindus who, like Jews, are ethno-religionists, or identity over ideology. In contrast, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists are credo-religionists, or ideology over identity. Russia has been able to survive due to Big Territory, but does it have a Big Idea that can fend off the slings and arrows of other ideas, hostile and foreign? Of course, many foreign ideas can be useful and productive, but they’re usually in the fields of science and technology. Especially in the post-modern world, there have been no great new ideas. Indeed, we are living in the Age of ‘Idology’, or idolatry-as-ideology, and Russia need to develop its own ‘idology’ that resists that of the Holy Three of Jews, Homos, and Negroes.
    Jews want all the world to worship the Holy Holocaust uber alles. Jews want all nations to replace its national idols with Negro athletes and stars. Jews want all houses of worship of whatever faith to hoist the ‘gay’ flag and celebrate sodomy as globo-homo-mania is the proxy agenda of Jewish Supremacist Power. Do most Russians understand this and realize what is at stake? If Russians lack the Big Idea of what their people, culture, and history are about, they do not understand, and it’s only a matter of time before they will succumb to the Polish Disease.