Will The Social Media Purges Accelerate?

As with wokeness, blackpill seems the safer bet.

Emil Kirkegaard noted that Amren is now banned from Twitter (including in DMs). This is not a one off, some searching shows that DavidDuke.com was banned a couple of months ago.

So I would agree with Emil that there’s a very good chance bet that hyperlinks to the Unz Review will be banned on Twitter by 2022 just as they were on Facebook.

Moreover, it’s not just WN/JQ type websites that are being quietly scrubbed. 

Further investigation shows that pro-Russia/Donbass news resource South Front, which has likewise been banned from Facebook (see writeup on that on this website), was also recently scrubbed from Twitter.

Incidentally, a related question: How long do you think @realDonaldTrump will survive on Twitter after Jan 20, 2021?

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  2. One of the reasons this can happen is that the top sites get a very large percent of the total internet traffic. I can’t find the statistics for this now and I don’t remember the exact numbers, but the top sites used to get a significantly smaller percent of all internet traffic.

  3. The poll closed before I could vote on it, but I would have voted accelerate. But this should certainly not have given credence to the view that “the purges will accelerate because Biden was elected.” I would have said the same thing no matter the election outcome.

  4. Stonewall Jackman says

    E. Michael Jones has all but been removed from Twitter since yesterday. He doesn’t come up on searches. I got to his twitter page through another account and saw his page is restricted.


  5. Re: Belarus

    It seems that at the present time Belarus is very much a current topic.
    Anyway, I mentioned the Belarusian model Polina who about 10 days
    ago unburdened herself of some random thoughts about Russia
    (and what a splendid little actress she is!). I wondered how come
    I find her Russian so easy to understand, and then it hit me. Maybe
    she was speaking Belarusian (I’m no expert), and Belarusian is, like
    Ukrainian, in many ways a heavily polonized Russian (I know I’m
    generalizing but I don’t want to get into technicalities). It seemed
    like every third or fourth word she was speaking was identical to Polish.

  6. Yep. I saw that too. It’s not only social media, they want to completely erase anyone who is not on board with the NWO. While they may not be able yet to “disappear” people, they can remove them from the public discourse. And no one will bat an eyelash. “It’s hate speech”. People are easy to train. Good dog, Goy, good dog. Now fetch! Now, play dead.

  7. Moreover, it’s not just WN/JQ type websites that are being quietly scrubbed.

    Wow, what a betrayal. C’mon man, I thought we had an agreement.

  8. Yes, you’re next. Cheer while you can.

  9. They will cancel everyone who is not on board with:
    Biden, Covid hysteria, globalism, anti-racism and satanism, etc.
    And even some who are, but are not enthusiastic enough about it.

    Samizdata, here we come.

  10. siberiancat says

    It is very unlikely that Malinovskaya was speaking Belorussian. Ethnically she’s half Russian, half Italian.

  11. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    It will at least be funny to see the meltdown of MAGApedes after Trump is banned from Twitter, maybe they might even arrest him for crimes against humanity at the Southern border against those poor defenceless children…


  12. Look… there is a fix but it will take time(and some money).

    The problem is MONOPOLY.

    If Twitter and Facebook weren’t monopolies but mostly peopled with Progs, it wouldn’t matter as Cons would have their own versions of Twitter and Facebook.

    The problem is Twitter and Facebook(and other sites) pulled a con. They became monopolies by promising fairness and neutrality to all sides. They promised not to censor and editorialize. This is why EVERYONE used their services, and they became monopolies. But NOW, they are favoring the globalists over the nationalists. They are allowing globalist lies and propaganda but shutting down nationalist ‘lies’ and ‘disinformation’.

    If Twitter and Facebook had stated their intent from the beginning, they never would have become monopolies because too many cons and nationalists would have said F*** THAT. But everyone signed on thinking they’d get equal treatment.

    Because of Twitter and Facebook’s monopoly power and HOW they became monopolies, they should have been treated like utilities and prohibited from censoring anyone(unless he engages in criminal behavior). But GOP takes donations from Big Tech, and Trump was afraid of doing anything that might anger his big Jewish donors(who want censorship). Indeed, if GOP is so much for free speech, why did they support the suppression of BDS?

    If Twitter and Facebook and etc are not going to forced to play fair, then the only option is to create and expand conservative-friendly versions of those sites. It will take time, but it’s the only way. Also, a truly fair search system. Google is totally corrupt.

    Some call this ‘alt-tech’, but it should be called Free-Tech as opposed to Control-Tech.
    Up to 2016, Twitter and Facebook operated mostly as free-tech. But since then, I’ve been purged from Twitter and Facebook even though I wasn’t for 14/88 or such stuff.

    Trump and Cons can play a big role in this. If Donald Trump or Eric Trump wants to run a revenge campaign in 2024, they will need to have developed and expanded a Free Tech to rival Control Tech. And Free Tech may even attract some leftists and progs because of its no-censor policy.

    Free Speech is effectively dead in the US because one side is given the power to decide what is ‘true’ and what is ‘disinformation’ and shut down the other side.
    But Free Speech doesn’t work that way. It allows both sides and other sides to say their say. Some of it will be true, some of it will be false, and it is up to the public to decide.

    It’s like Alex Jones told a lot of lies but also told some truth. And NYT and CNN told a lot of lies — WMD and Russia Collusion anyone? — but they also told some truth. So, we need to hear both sides, and both sides need fair access to the internet.

    But for some reason, one bunch of News organizations can decide what is ‘true’ and what is ‘false’. So, they can work with facebook and twitter to shut down people like Alex Jones. True, Jones did lie, but so did the NYT and MSNBC and etc. The whole story about Assad gassing his people was a lie. Imagine if people like Jones were given the power to tell Big Tech to shut down NYT and MSNBC because they told lies.

    Free Speech means we should equally hear Side A tell truths & lies and Side B tell truths & lies.
    It is not about letting Side A or Side B decide that the OTHER side is lying and must be suppressed and shut down. But that is the kind of speech we have.

    (As for Alex Jones, he could have done much more good if he’d been more like Joe Rogan who appeals to regular folks but also knows how to listen with curiosity than just howling like white king kong.)

    We dont’ have free speech anymore. We have Fried Speech. Fried by the Friedmans of the world.

    I don’t see hope of Facebook or Twitter every changing. The only way is to have Free Tech as the place for those who are either conservative, dissident, or just want free speech.

    There was a time when you could find anything on youtube. David Duke and Brother Nathanael. But when Jews had to choose between freedom/principles and control/power, they went for the latter. Jews are dirty. They once prided themselves on being so pro-free-speech that they’d even defend the neo-Nazi freedom to speak. It was all a ruse. With supremacist power, Jews have chosen to play Kafkaesque games with us.

    We need Free Tech. One of the biggest failures of Trump was he failed to deal with internet monopolies.

    JEWS ARE DIRTY REFEREES. They work like insider handicappers allied with the mafia in the sports gambling industry.

  13. I agree with your article, to that extent that you, very well, describe the sympton of the issue.
    However, addressing the symptom by creating more conservative alternatives will, in the end, not solve the root of the problem.
    Which is, quite simply, mass idiocy of the American people to accept censorship in the first place.
    The only solution for this is really, really hard times.

  14. If Twitter and Facebook had stated their intent from the beginning, they never would have become monopolies because too many cons and nationalists would have said F*** T

    But it didn’t start out like that. Facebook was some idea of Zuckerberg to monetize “dumb fucks” who agreed to enter personal details into a fly-by-night website and rate girls’ photos. It wasn’t clear that this website would hoover up MySpace and whatever else existed back then and then become some kind of “master website” to the point where companies have Facebook profiles (WTF, right?)

    Same as Twitter. It started as a crap loss-making service to pump short text messages between the Internet and assorted mobile text service. Who would have thought that people like to let their hindbrain splurge 140 characters apiece into some Internet crudware that has become a surveillance and social beahviour monitoring service? It was extremely retarded back then (that’s 2007, when mobile messaging could do much more than send text.)

    The whole things grew and mutated according to the prevailing spirt (there is probably some feedback loop but I will leave that to Chinese PhDs in sociology)

    Both need to be bombed accidentally the whole campus with BLU-96 ordinance and no warnings given, but I’m not the guy at NORAD who can pull that off.

    Note that without easy & free money, none of that would exist. “In 2016, Twitter was valued by Forbes at US$15.7 billion”. Hahah. LOL.

  15. President Biden-Hulk-Lizard Man Crush!

  16. What did she say about Russia?

  17. What are your thoughts on the 2024 Trump political comeback, Anatoly?

  18. As on Twitter:


    But it’s not a high confidence prediction.

  19. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    In think green Biden’s official name is JoJo, the answer to the evil and antisemitic Pepe used by the deplorable.

    That being said, I merely come across these memes on other forums, I do wonder who is making them, it can’t be leftists as the memes also include pretty politically incorrect tropes like gas chambers, hook-nosed Donald’s, and Israel related stuff. My guess is that they are made by NazBols and/or by aggrieved 1488ers.

  20. Was CNN even that liberal back in the 90s? CNN was founded by Ted Turner, who was known to be liberal, but recall that he produced the films Gettysburg and Gods and Generals, which portrayed Southern whites and the Confederate military in a favorable light. And I remembered the film Sweet Home Alabama back in 2002, which starred Reese Witherspoon, and also had a good portrayal of small town white people from the deep South in Alabama, and the film Dukes of Hazzard from 2005, where the good guys were redneck Southern Whites. With a car named General Lee which had the Confederate flag painted on its roof.

  21. Ann T. Zemitik says

    E. Michael Jones has all but been removed from Twitter…”

    His book, “Jewish Privilege”, was removed from Amazon recently as well. And, as always, what this tells us is that it’s exactly the book that Americans should be doing everything in their power to read. If the kike parasites don’t want you to see it, then it’s a sure bet that it ‘s factual.

    Meanwhile, traitorous, anti-Caucasian scumbag Jeff Bozos has no problem with books that were written by Jewess piece of shit Susan “The white race is the cancer of human history” Sontag being for sale on his joke ass site. Notice how the “Zionist Mafia” (Truman Capote – Playboy interview – 1968) that runs the publishing industry has zero compunction with giving that racist sack of feces Sontag the full gold star treatment for a book about her worthless life and “Work”, written by (((Benjamin Moser))). But, wait, it gets better. Then those same Yid vermin, that also comprise the overwhelming majority of the nominating committee, award said “Works” the (((Pulitzer))) Prize. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


    But, wait again, the tentacles reach even further. After they’ve handed their self-promoting kike asses enough awards, they then write books about what “geniuses” they must be because they’ve won so many awards. Smh.


    Written by (((Norman Lebrecht)))

    Most recent example of the aforementioned self-promotion: (((Jon Landau))), head of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee, shockingly, saw fit to nominate himself to the Hall.



    By the way, if any of you are wondering why ignorant, 80 IQ Negro rappers, that can neither play instruments or sing, keep getting inducted into the R&RHOF, now you know whose (((hand))) is behind it.

  22. prime noticer says

    “Will the Social Media Purges Accelerate?”

    why wouldn’t it?

    carte blanche now.

  23. Chrisnonymous says

    I don’t care about the social media purges per se, but I am concerned that lack of pushback on that front emboldens other institutions like payment services, banks, ISPs, URL registries, etc. Also, employers in general.

    I expect the purges to continue.

  24. Turner is definitely a liberal. In 1997, he pledged $1 billion to the UN. Paid in annual installments of $100 million of Time Warner stock. (Wonder how that went after the merger of AOL.) A guy can be a liberal and not a trigglypuff though – or that used to be the case, anyway. I am sure there were once many liberals who were proud Southerners. Wasn’t Lyndon B. Johnson a proud Southerner, even as he engaged in faux negrophilia?

    CNN used to have Lou Dobbs on it. He would rail against Mexican invasion every night. Meanwhile, Tucker used to be on MSNBC. But neither one was in prime time, and they never would have been given prime time slots.

  25. Lou Dobbs was on Moneyline, which was CNN’s main financial show, when it was trying to compete with CNBC and Bloomberg, so he was very prominent on CNN back then, and was a household name.

  26. Trump – assuming that various legal actions by the establishment or his health won’t prevent him – might have a good chance to run successfully again.

    Some background: For all the talk of “left”-“right” politics, what’s happening all over the world may be more accurately be described as “imperialism” vs “republicanism” such as that which Rome went through.

    The US is an Empire – weak as it is riven by its own internal contradictions – and this imperialism is supported by most of the elites: the Dems/GOP/DC-perma state (Pentagon/FBI/CIA)/Multi-National Corps (which in the old days were dominated by commodities based companies but now are technology/service based ones)./Global Media in the US and many of its vassals/bottom feeders abroad.

    Opposition to this Empire comes externally from the usual suspects (China/Russia/Iran/South American leftists etc) and internally within the US from a huge swatch of the electorate. What POTUS since Eisenhower warned of the power of the Military-Industrial Complex and getting out of the business of wars and regime change operations abroad (candidate Obama briefly did) and focus inwards? Trump. And he got 70 million votes and with for example libertarian votes going his way (even without the still to be legally fought shennanigans evident in Dem controlled states) would clearly still be POTUS (with everyone singing a different tune: the election was close, as was 2016)).

    Trump and Tulsi Gabbard are the only two prominent pols who ran for President on an effectively anti-Imperial line (with very different ideas of domestic politics). And both were mercilessly hounded: Trump, we know about and while Gabbard is a woman, a minority ethnic class, a veteran, young, good looking..all the identity boxes for a super Dem candidate – she was demonized and pushed out by the establishment. Both got the Putin-treatment – someone so vile that nothing good and only bad can be said about them.

    If Trump can manage to channel the huge distaste for the establishment from those already feeling disenfranchised, he may be able to mount a credible campaign again with much better preparation and new media support (FOX defected – it has become more and more anti-Trump – including on election night in calling close races like AZ for Biden before even liberal ones; while delaying calling Florida for him long after it was clear he would win – is going to lose a lot of viewers to channels like OANN and I would not be surprised to see the highly rated Hannity/Carlson somehow migrating to friendlier pastures taking their viewers with them.)

  27. Well California drifted left after the Cold War because it lost its defence industry and also appliance and automobile manufacturing, factory workers tend to be more conservative than libertarian or liberal. I still remember having a Sony TV from 1995 that was made in Long Beach. The Bay Area was always liberal going back before WW2, but that was balanced by Southern California and the Central Valley being more conservative.

  28. “Turner is definitely a liberal.” – Irrelevant. He was not trusted. He was too much of a maverick. A goy controlling a major network was unacceptable. He was outmaneuvered and outplayed. He lost control of CNN. His ego never recovered form being outplayed.

    Stripped of Power at Empire He Built, Ted Turner Quit AOL. (Jan 2003)

    CNN chief accuses Israel of terror (Jun 2002)

    “Ted Turner, the billionaire founder of CNN, accuses Israel today of engaging in “terrorism” against the Palestinians, in comments that threaten to lead to a further decline in the news network’s already poor relations with the Jewish state.”

    July 31, 2015

    Will CNN founder Ted Turner ever get over getting pushed out of his own company?

    “No,” Turner tells Christiane Amanpour. “I don’t have to get over it. I live with it.”

  29. Janus Knight says

    Here’s another interesting question.

    If the Iranians eliminate Donald Trump after the inauguration in retaliation for his killing of General Qasem Soleimani, will the Biden administration do much of anything about it? After all the heated rhetoric surrounding Mr. Trump, I wonder if the left might not just let it pass with only a token gesture in response. I wonder if the Iranians are thinking that, too. Open season on Donald in 2021?

  30. John Johnson says

    Well California drifted left after the Cold War because it lost its defence industry and also appliance and automobile manufacturing, factory workers tend to be more conservative than libertarian or liberal.

    California went left after WW2. A lot of factories had brought in Black workers during the war and they liked their new digs. That led to all kinds of White guilt and leftist meandering in an attempt to fix Black areas. Both Oakland and Compton were once considered upscale before the war.

    Reagan actually started the trend of passing widespread state gun laws instead of dealing with the problem honestly which at the time was Oakland Black Panthers.

    That paved the way for California Democrats to ignore the 2A and pass all kinds of state laws instead of facing the reality of Black crime.

  31. They should accelerate since the upper management of these companies is leftist.

    Some people jump to the conclusion that the entire computer industry supports the left but I don’t think that is true. I work around computer guys. They seem to lean in a more libertarian than traditional conservative direction but are certainly not liberal. They aren’t outspoken in their beliefs but that is because they don’t want to end up like James Damore. If they were rich like Ron Unz, Peter Thiel or John McAfee they could be more outspoken but they want that steady paycheck coming.

    It’s mostly the upper management where I work, many of whom are women or minorities who got their jobs through affirmative action, who are parroting liberal slogans like “diversity is our strength” and so on. It’s the white males further down who are doing the day to day technical stuff that keeps everything running and they are not liberal. I suspect that may be true for the computer industry as a whole and not just where I work.

  32. Republicans won almost every presidential election in California until 1992, remember when Pete Wilson was the governor and Proposition 187 passed by 60%? California turned blue due to the inflow of tech jobs and loss of manufacturing jobs.

  33. Or to use Russia terms, California before the mid 90s was as vatnik as Russia is west of the Urals.

  34. I do not understand why the writers on UNZ do not encourage readers to sign up with GAB.com and Bitchute. E. Michael Jones has only 1,900 followers on GAB.com, which is a shame for somebody with his body of work.

  35. EK’s association with antisemites brings disrepute upon his co-authors and their socially beneficial research into race, genetics and IQ.

    Twitter and Facebook may hate race realists, but deplatforming the crude unhousebroken ones is a great favor to the rest.

  36. John Johnson says

    Republicans won almost every presidential election in California until 1992, remember when Pete Wilson was the governor and Proposition 187 passed by 60%? California turned blue due to the inflow of tech jobs and loss of manufacturing jobs.

    Sure but the California Republicans were always weak and confused.

    They never cared about guns and seemed to think the race issue would magically go away.

    Their platform amounted to “not Democrats” and maybe tax cuts.

  37. John Johnson says

    If the Iranians eliminate Donald Trump after the inauguration in retaliation for his killing of General Qasem Soleimani, will the Biden administration do much of anything about it?

    The Iranians don’t care about Donald Trump.

    They hate that American Whites keep electing weak men like Biden.

    To understand the Arab and Persian mentality you have to spend time around them.

    Of course they are angry over Soleimani but they hate weak Whites even more.

    They think it is faggotry to not let the strongest rule.

  38. However, addressing the symptom by creating more conservative alternatives will, in the end, not solve the root of the problem.

    The problem with creating more conservative alternatives is that it won’t happen. It won’t happen unless there are fabulously rich conservatives out there prepared to risk flushing countless millions of dollars down the toilet.

    The problem with social media is that those conservative alternatives needed to be established before farcebook and twatter established themselves as monopolies. Now it’s too late.

    Unfortunately such immensely powerful monopolies can only be taken down by government.

    If only there’d been a populist President elected back in 2016 who could have tamed those monopolies.

  39. Yes, Mr. Doom-Doom, just show us the way to the gas chamber.

  40. According to his autobiography it was a Jewish conservative who duplicitously marginalized him from his network.

  41. The Alarmist says

    Social media is the tip of the iceberg. If your views don’t line up to the narrative, you will be frozen out of the credit and capital markets, de-banked, and probably thrown out of a job. Social Scores and digital currency will be the tools of our destruction.

  42. He wrote what was printable. He could not have writer “the Jews”. The existence of a major network in control of a gentile maverick who demonstrated by past actions that he could be unpredictable was not acceptable to the establishment. I am pertly sure that the plan to take over his network was carefully deigned and prepared. It was luring him into seemingly very lucrative deals catering to his big ego so he did not recognize it was a trap until it was too late. When Henry Ford backed off he did it consciously realizing the power he was against while Ted Turner did not know what hit him because he was too naive believing in the myth of coming to the top on merit by fair unobstructed competition.

  43. What about Al Jazeera?

  44. A Competent Physicist says

    Yes, the purges will continue.

    Eventually, there will be no one left on either Facebook or Twitter.

  45. Turner really had a lot of power before the internet became more mainstream, he was threatening the old broadcast network monopolies, and CNN was a global player. Another reason that they probably didn’t like him was how he promoted old movies.

  46. Chrisnonymous says

    Unfortunately, they are both ugly, ugly platforms. “Network effect” is keeping many people on current social media platforms, but it doesn’t help that Bitchute is almost indistinguishable in design from the worst kinds of clickbait crap, and Gab seems to be permanently stuck in 2016 by having Pepe the Frog as a logo.

    Seriously, we don’t need to broadcast any social signals. Somebody just remake YouTube and Twitter without censorship. That is all please.

  47. I doubt, the Republican Party is going to bury him so deep in the ground he’ll come out the other side in CHYNA. They’ll go after his money, businesses, his whole family, the works, they’ll want to make an example for everyone to see.

  48. “What about Al Jazeera?” – I do not know. I was not following the transformation process of Al Jazeera. It is possible that they were from the beginning intended to become what they are now. The sheiks of Qatar know who calls the shots.

  49. Well libertarians tend to lack in cooperative traits, as an inherent part of their personality.

  50. Mildly O/T: And just like that … not a week after the correct candidate won … we got a US C19 vaccine. Lol, looks like the plague is over guys.

  51. John Johnson says

    Was CNN even that liberal back in the 90s? CNN was founded by Ted Turner, who was known to be liberal, but recall that he produced the films Gettysburg and Gods and Generals

    His weird defense of the south in that garbage movie Gods and Generals was an aberration.

    He is on record somewhere stating that the network was always liberal but went too far after he left.

  52. mark green says

    Nick Fuentes has also vanished on Facebook and other social sites. Dissident views are being squelched.

    Here’s a timely (and explosive) interview from Newsmax on the subject of Voter Fraud (which should be a major story in the MSM but isn’t.) ‘Liberal censorship’ is on the rise.


  53. John Johnson says

    The problem with creating more conservative alternatives is that it won’t happen. It won’t happen unless there are fabulously rich conservatives out there prepared to risk flushing countless millions of dollars down the toilet.

    Well the other half the problem is that most of those conservatives would invest in a “nice guy” type medium that doesn’t go for the jugular of the left. Or it would be like AM radio where they get stuck on oversimplified libertarian ideals that ignore the issue of race.

    The problem with social media is that those conservative alternatives needed to be established before farcebook and twatter established themselves as monopolies. Now it’s too late.

    Those platforms can be undermined for the reverse effect. Catch them censoring and highlight what they don’t want you to see. There just isn’t currently a counter-platform that serves that purpose.

    If only there’d been a populist President elected back in 2016 who could have tamed those monopolies.

    Bannon wanted Trump to go after the media and not worry about the Democrats. He was right that the real power stronghold in this country is the media. Most Democrats are actually confused about policy and will just do what the media tells them.

  54. sudden death says

    Lol, looks like the plague is over guys.

    Not so fast, Denmark just managed to breed new resistant mink-human strain 😉

  55. One of the problems with social media alternatives, IMO, is the financials. Anyone motivated enough to use alt media is probably motivated enough to use ad-blocker, or Brave. And then, how to sell aggregated data? I mean, are these the bugmen customers that global corporations want?

    I have to say that I really don’t understand Bitchute’s financial model. No ads. If I understand part of it correctly, they propose to save on bandwith costs, by making part of the process peer to peer. But the viewer count of a lot of their videos is low. I don’t think there are a lot of near simultaneous views, where this might be done using RAM. And I’m skeptical that people would want to turn their PCs into servers, with all the wear and energy use that implies. If anyone can explain it, I’d appreciate it.

  56. California is liberal because of its ballot propositions. Most of them are pretty populist – people vote to give themselves more, and then the government has to scrimp from elsewhere (like using prison slave workers like Kamala is fond of). One other consequence is that the California constitution is the longest in the world.

    As for purges, I guess you could throw in the media sitting on the story of vaccine efficacy to deny Trump any positive gains from that news. They are doing far worse to elections than what they accuse Russians of doing.

  57. Kratoklastes says

    Neither TWTR nor FB are monopolies.

    They dominate their space, but the market in which they operate (the market for exchanges of drivel between halfwits) has all the characteristics of a competitive market:
     • a significant number of competitors;
     • low-cost entry and exit;
     • no ‘natural monopoly’ characteristics (e.g., network build);
     • marginal-value output pricing.

    I detest TWTR and FB, but it doesn’t help to mischaracterise them as monopolies when they’re not.

    It just turns out that halfwitted retards want to shit their nonsense into the biggest bucket, in the hope that someone – anyone, please please let anyone – thinks they’re significant.

    Being the largest, most popular version of a thing doesn’t make one a monopoly. Kodak wasn’t a monopoly; Xerox wasn’t either; IBM likewise. (Some aspects of those businesses had some artificial-monopoly characteristics because of IP law: didn’t help in the long run). StackExchange isn’t a monopoly; Reddit isn’t a monopoly; Quora, Medium etc aren’t monopolies. They all dominate their space, but a decent team could set up a replica in under a month if they set their minds to it.

    Most people are dimbulbs who do not have the cognitive machinery to discern truth from falsehood; their skulls could be hollowed out all the way down to the amygdala, without loss of explanatory power regarding how they live their lives. The vast bulk of the TWTR/FB audience don’t want to be informed; they want their prejudices confirmed.

    TWTR and FB are confirmation pumps that gush a stream of confirmatory bilge into the limbic system of stupid people; they’re not a source of information .

    People whining about being cut off from TWTR, FB (and YouTube) aren’t really whining about principles: they’re whining about the loss of a low-information audience – because low-information audiences are gullible and therefore profitable.

    WAAAAH! They won’t let me add to their stream of bilge! They won’t let me make a living by getting the attention of their herd of Epsilons! WAAAAH!!!

  58. Servant of Gla'aki says

    I’m vaguely acquainted with a fellow who runs a Facebook page about American history, with over 18K followers…or did until yesterday, when it was summarily and permanently banned.

    This guy is a total normie Boomer, who voted for Biden. The algorithms are just taking anything down that’s patriotic, I guess.

  59. Europe Europa says

    Free speech is a funny thing. I find it hypocritical how most seem to believe that we should be free to re-publish the Charlie Hebdo anti-Muslim cartoons, yet most of the same people would see it as absolutely unacceptable for a white person to call a black person a “nigger”, and would see any subsequent retaliation as justified and deserved, no matter how violent. If the word “nigger” is used by a white person all bets are off as far as most are concerned.

    So basically it’s ok to insult Muslims and they have to just take it, but not black people and they can retaliate pretty much as they please? Seems like a big double standard there.

  60. It is remarkable how popular the Flashman novels were. George MacDonald Fraser used a clever gimmick, whereby he made his main character into a lecherous coward, so he could have him use the word “nigger” profusely, to describe everything from blacks to Indians. But the books got favorable write-ups in liberal newspapers because the reviewers could claim that Fraser only used the word because he wanted his character Flashman to appear more odious. In reality, I think Fraser just hated political correctness and probably also the fact that Britain was being invaded by blacks and Indians.

    Of course, if his books had debuted today, then nobody would have published them. Amazon would have banned them, and the newspapers would have blacklisted Fraser from their reviews.

  61. Chrisnonymous says

    This isn’t entirely fair. FB, Twitter, and YouTube are not meant to address topical political stories. The fact that they are not good sources of news information should not be an indictment of them. On the other hand, their censorship practices do affect both news and non-news topics. Before YouTube’s algorithms were revised and they started censoring, I was introduced to several personalities and perspectives I would not have likely come across otherwise via videos of lectures. So, it is not the case that censorship complaints are just people whining that their preferred political take on the news is not being reinforced.

  62. AltanBakshi says

    Although I think its worse to insult religion than race, there is no double standard. It seems to me that somehow nowadays most Anglos deludedly believe that Islam is a race, but its not, you cant be a racist against a religion, its just impossible, there are native European Muslims, native Asian and African Muslims. You cant be anymore racist towards Islam than you can be against Christianity or Buddhism. So actually French are at least genuinely progressively liberal unlike the British, whose government just tries to maximize the bashing and demoralization of the native population or something.

  63. Naw, there’s significant overlap bw race and religion.
    Most people assume brown = muslim = culturally conservative = hate

    The first hate crime after 9/11 was against a Sikh.

    White = christian
    E Asian = Buddhist

  64. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8935183/Top-Biden-aide-accuses-Facebook-shredding-fabric-democracy.html

    it would be amusingly ironic if, after years of bluster from Trump but ultimately no action in cracking down on Big Tech (which actually did scheme against him, on a massive scale), the Dems swiftly (and successfully) moved to crack down on it for, basically, insufficient wokeness/allowing dissenting voices a space to thrive, in the name of being dangerous to ‘Democracy’ (the holy word!).

    It would also very well embody how utterly impotent and easily outmaneuvered cuckservatism has been for oh, 70 years at least…

  65. Wasn’t Lyndon B. Johnson a proud Southerner, even as he engaged in faux negrophilia?

    Proud enough to direct aides while sitting on the toilet. While using it. Ugh.

    Compare that to a bottom-level Democratic politician of the day, Hiram Kawasaki of Honolulu, who taught his son Guy always to dress better than his audience, as a show of respect.

    There is something upside-down about that party, and always has been.

    Turner is definitely a liberal.

    Captain Planet!

    15 Facts You Never Knew About Captain Planet!


  66. European-American says

    How about a link to E. Michael Jones account on gab, then:


    I find gab pretty well done. It’s not design that keeps me from visiting it, it’s network effects. Twitter remains super useful for me, just not for everything. And I already read some “deplorable” stuff on Telegram.

    It seems we need a smart aggregator of different services. People here have suggested feedly, but I suspect its day has passed.

    DuckDuckGo is a model for me. It’s not always good, but it’s my default because I can always bounce out with a !g if I want the Google search.

  67. In Canada today, the Sikh leader of the National Democratic Party Jagmeet Singh pleaded for more to be done to combat white conservatism, which he calls “white supremacy”.

    Further reading shows he’s just a cat’s paw for the Jewish Lobby.

    Muslim groups joined him in calling for increased repression of online speech, to include Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Gab, 8chan and Parler. They called for lowering the bar to prevent whites from organizing, by designating any group who discuss white interests as part of their charter to be labeled a ‘hate group’ and tracked by law enforcement.

    The person steering the initiative is the former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress. Having a Sikh, a white prime minister and his cabinet, and a muslim identity group out in front gives the impression that censorship of conservative speech isn’t solely a Jewish project.

  68. Bardon Kaldian says
  69. Kent Nationalist says

    How does this work? Is there someone whose job it is at Google to promote anti-white results for specific queries? Or is there a more automated way of promoting anti-white conent?

  70. Priss, believe me, I understand where you’re coming from – but this “Jews are Dirty” stuff, while not yet a crime in the USA, is definitely a mistake. I mean, c’mon – a good half of the high-value-added commenters on this site are Jews. And so is the cleverest going analyst of the deep state – Curtis Yarvin, formerly known as Mencius Moldbug. I assume you’re keeping up with his new “Gray Mirror” website? If not you should be.

  71. Bardon Kaldian says

    I wish I knew the answer ……

  72. I think it is at least narrowly possible that it is some new kind of bug. One that it is politically incorrect (and thus impossible) to fix.

    Got to figure that there is a lot of race-mixing propaganda out there, so it is conceivable that some algorithm might take that data as input and come out with race-mixing output. But, in a corporate sense, in 2020, they cannot even admit that the result is a problem. How can anyone be unhappy with the result, unless they are racist? And you don’t want to be a racist company, or a racist employee of a non-racist company because you will be fired.

    Why doesn’t it show up in other search engines? Well, Google as the company that has the most revenue, by far, might have the most technical (thus bug-prone) algorithms.

  73. Commentator Mike says

    Try searching google images for “only white people” – that one’s funny.

  74. AltanBakshi says