Will Ukraine Honor Its Pledge to Celebrate Diversity at Eurovision 2017?

Ukraine has committed to celebrating diversity at Eurovision 2017.


Russia agrees with this noble sentiment. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger fan of diversity than Russia.

This is why Russia is sending wheel-chair bound Yulia Samoylova to sing “Flame is Burning,” a powerful ballad about love and hope.

Now Kiev don’t seem to be very happy about this, they are alleging that she entered Crimea without getting their permission. Very absurd demands. They seem to be under the strange delusion that Crimea belongs to them, or something.

They have even added her name to the Peacekeeper kill list and are threatening to bar her entry to the contest. This is an assertion of ableist privilege, and is absolutely inexcusable for a country that claims to respect European values.

There have also been hysterical accusations that Russia is cynically politicizing this affair, hoping that Ukraine either bars her entry, or that the audience booes her, to score sympathy points. This is complete nonsense. Everybody knows that Eurovision doesn’t and never had a political bone in its body. It has always been a celebration of pure culture and musical talent.

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  1. Daniel Chieh says

    Russia has gained many levels in trolling in the world as of late.

  2. German_reader says

    Who even cares about Eurovision, it’s only interesting to a subset of homosexuals.

  3. Verymuchalive says

    If the Soviet Union had ever taken part in Eurovision, they probably would have sent some insipid Moscow crooner. Now Russians are giving proper thought to how to handle this musical monstrosity.
    Whoever said, “Music is war by other means. ” ( Though many may object to Eurovision being classed as music )

  4. Verymuchalive says

    Eurovision, like Nato, should have been wound up in the 1990s after the dissolution of the USSR. Eurovision used to attract well-known pop acts, but for decades now has become a freak show for every talentless transsexual, transvestite or sodomite. If Bruce Jenner were Austrian, he would be appearing in this year’s show as Kaitlyn Kunz or suchlike. The last time I watched the show would be about 1980.

  5. Philip Owen says

    And yet it has a huge audience. Not hetrosexual men, I suppose but women galore.

  6. Philip Owen says

    Moscow sent Tatu but everyone forgets that. And then there was Verka Serduchka and Philip Kirkoroff. The full list is longer. Wholesome heterosexual women have not always been the Russian offering.

  7. ussr andy says

    Homos liked ABBA and the Pet Shop Boys, too, doesn’t mean some of their songs aren’t pretty good. And the former didn’t even actively seek out that demographic, AFAIK.

    I think Russia is accurate when they treat the ESC as a political thing and thus, serious business, even though it may look naive to Westerners, such as when people take some fringe sports serious.

    I hope Russia trolls the f*** out of the kartvelophilic, ukrophilic (sorry – ancient-ukro-philic), baltophilic, glorified infomercial for %current year% values and globalism which is the ESC.

  8. ussr andy says

    just as I divulged I scored “Center SR” on the “Who would you have been in 1917” self-test, my posts are queued for pre-moderation.