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Intellectual Restructuring

Why I Used to Suck, and (Hopefully) Now Suck Even Harder

The Soypill Manifesto

My Proud March from Russian Ultra-Nationalism to The Big Gay

The Z of History

Z Is The Last Letter in the Alphabet. What Were You Expecting?

Why Jail is Programmed for All Rightoids

Why the Right-Wing Ideology is Programmed to Keep Losing Until the End of Time

IR Comments Thread

Comments thread to “Intellectual Restructuring”.

China’s Military Power

Less Butter and Fewer Friends, But More Guns

As China’s economy slows down ahead of expectations and it loses its luster abroad, it’s hard power seems set to acquire a bigger profile.

Gaza War 2023: Enjoy Your Two Minute Hate

Taking sides in vicious tribal conflicts is dumb as fuck and is going to boomerang back on you.

Film Review: Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer (2023) ★★★

Although Oppenheimer is a solid and historically accurate film, it is overly long – making its missed opportunities all the more glaring – and the key dramatic tension rests on speculation that was considered entirely fictional long before 1945.

Film Review: Barbie

Barbie (2023) ★★★★★

This might be a “Woke” film, but it is Wokeness with a human cafe.

Genies, Golems, Demiurge

Some modest suggestions for AI terminology of a fantastical nature

AI x Crypto Risks, or: Is it TIME for Jail Szn?

The cryptocurrency space can provision a putative malevolent AI with discrete decentralized compute, storage, and opportunities for secure accumulation of cryptographic assets and social capital. Consequently, there might be an AI Control Trilemma: Ban further AI software development; cap hardware; criminalize crypto – pick two.