ZOG Shuts Down Alex Jones


Dishing out so many red pills you just know the Illuminati (aka ZOG) had to shut him down.

Anyhow, Deus Ex was right about everything:

The collective CNN/FOX/Buzzfeed filtered through Google and Facebook => Picus News.

Infowars => Lazarus.

Unz Review => Samizdat.

/pol/ = Silhouette.


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  1. The greater censorship are the ones not getting discussed as much. Like how JRL has regularly propped Michael McFaul (frequent homepage photos of him, as well as regularly propping his clear inaccuracies), while very much muting the legit comments against him.

    Mark Ames touched on this some years back. If anything, it has gotten more pronounced.

    Yes, Google seems to play games with search results.

  2. Thorfinnsson says

    They even banned him from LinkedIn.

    Surprisingly the Infowars app is still available on the App Store and Google Play.

    Jones has such a huge reach that he doesn’t need their platforms. In general dissidents need to get off these platforms completely. Jones is already using this to sell more products to his loyal fans.

    This could be a net positive for Infowars.

    On the other hand, the ongoing lawsuit by the Sandy Hook losers could destroy him.

    Fortunately lots of Alex Jones’ remixes are still on Youtube:


  3. The irony is that Alex Jones doesn’t believe that jews are involved with anything, the fact that Google and Facebook are both jew owned and run seems to escape him.

  4. The irony is that Alex Jones doesn’t believe that jews are involved with anything, the fact that Google and Facebook are both jew owned and run seems to escape him.

    I’ve never thought much of Alex Jones. I’ve always thought he was controlled opposition diverting attention from our fellow White people. I’m also not sure that the elites really feel threatened by him. I suspect they may just be doing this to see if they can get away with it, their real targets being more serious outlets, like this one, for instance.

    For all that, I really don’t know much about AJ, so I could completely wrong.

    If AJ is sincere, hopefully this episode will be a learning experience for him.

  5. Thorfinnsson says

    It’s possible Jones is controlled opposition, but since our enemies are such embarrassing faggots they’re genuinely triggered and outraged by him. Meanwhile someone like (((Li’l Ben Shapiro))), Alexa’s favorite “conservative” who backed out of a debate with Alex Jones, is obviously controlled opposition.

    Also worth noting that Jones is in his 40s and got his start in libertarianism back in the ’90s after Waco and Ruby Ridge. Nationalism is new to him.

    Jones is mainly in it for the money these days (lives in like a 25,000 square foot house and has a dozen Rolexes), but he still drops some bombs here and there. He’s been important in red pilling people for many years, and if nothing else he’s a great entertainer.

  6. Daniel Chieh says

    Deus Ex was, in many ways, only far too positive about the ability and willingness of the population to resist. The Brave New World is far more passive, and the control is far more total than anything that cyberpunk implies(a common error,I find, as they had often assumed that power would decentralize, rather than centralize).

    Still one of the best video game trailers ever, in HR:


    I never asked for this.

  7. I fear the Jews’ efforts to censor the ‘net

    like their efforts to disarm the Whites

    are too little

    too late.

    in fact, they may eventually precipitate

    annaduh holocaust

  8. diverting attention from our fellow White people.

    Oh, now I understand.

  9. Hyperborean says

    Jones is mainly in it for the money these days (lives in like a 25,000 square foot house and has a dozen Rolexes), but he still drops some bombs here and there. He’s been important in red pilling people for many years, and if nothing else he’s a great entertainer.

    Rather literally in a sense. I don’t get why he feels the need to market these dubious pills on his website.

  10. Hyperborean says

    Consider the kind of disclaimer that comes with some of the pills.

    Below MORE tag:

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

    Supplement & Food Product Disclaimer: Infowars thanks you for your support of the operation. As always, we offer what we have researched and believe to be the highest quality selection of products for you and your family that have been developed along with the advisory of top doctors and experts. It is important to do your own research and consult with a qualified healthcare provider or doctor to decide what is best for you. We also know that everyone’s bodies are different, and it is essential to consult with a qualified health care professional before taking products offered on this website. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. And by purchasing any item from this store, you agree to these terms and conditions as well as understand that by using these products you are agreeing to abide by this contract. Infowars Life is not held responsible for the irresponsible use of this product.

  11. Daniel Chieh says

    Have to stop the gay chemicals somehow.


  12. Who’s to say that this will end here and Jones own site will be allowed to live on?

    There was a blog on SANDY hook called memory hole blog and was literally kicked off the internet. No one would host his site.

  13. Shapiro is definately controlled opposition, and I used to think Jones was too.

    Now I think Jones is just a guy with no back bone.

    He is not controlled per se, but he is not the kind of guy to stand by his own convictions.

  14. Offtopic – article from Kommersant this week about the Boer story.

    Journalist has similar kind of points as Philip Owen reported in the comments – issues about they want to buy land, while typical in Russia is only leasing land.

    30-50 families who are interested are all very wealthy though, kind of desirable immigrants.


  15. Alex Jones – some project to demonstrate stupidization of America is continuing successfully and reaching new depths.

    Most kindly explanation that it is perceived in American culture as performance art or real life enactment of a South Park episode.

  16. South Park is pretty good in its sarcastic jibes. AJ shouldn’t be taken as seriously as has been the case.

    Like comparing the 1960s TV shows Hogan’s Heroes to the Rat Patrol. Hogan’s Heroes was produced as intended comedy, whereas the Rat Patrol was presented as a serious (at least somewhat serious) depiction of 4 allies in a jeep mowing down scores of Germans in the desert.

  17. How about all that funny photo stuff arguing that ‘Alex Jones’ … is really comedian Bill Hicks – William Melvin Hicks – who supposedly died in 1994 at age 33 of cancer, said to be a ‘pseudocide’ … not too far out of line in claimed age of Alex Jones (b. 1974)
    Elizabeth Greenwood has written a book, ‘Playing Dead – A Journey through the World of Death Fraud’, suggesting this is doable and not as uncommon as one might think

  18. The collective CNN/FOX/Buzzfeed filtered through Google and Facebook => Picus News.

    The CEO of Picus’ Montreal branch, who is also a member of the Illuminati, orders Picus TV employees to get the President of Mexico in 2027 removed from power. They have done this previously with other political figures by revealing incriminating information about them. In the case of the President of Mexico, Picus plans to reveal his ties with the Russian Mafia.[3]

    Muh Collusion!

  19. reiner Tor says


    Could our commenters of the Chinese persuasion invoke their magic powers (i.e. knowledge of Chinese language and culture) and comment on this?


    Some remarks from a more racialist European perspective:

    I don’t know if it’s a good thing if Trump wins the trade war and delays Chinese growth by a couple decades while losing in the race-replacement war. At a minimum, he should win both, for it to be worth for us non-American whites (and I’d wager even for non-elite American whites), but it might just fuel neocon adventurism. So Trump’s win might actually protect the stupid American elites from themselves, which we don’t really need. If they are pushing race-replacement and stupid neocon adventures on us, then I fully support free trade with China and female and transgender soldiers. In fact, I’d support a regulation which would only allow a fully female military force. The more powers the neocons have, the more I’d like to see an end to the discrimination against the mentally ill and the cognitively challenged, who should instead be promoted to positions of power.

  20. Alex Jones is hardly the first victim. I’ve heard that Virgin is deplatforming Brietbart in the same manner. Leftists are also trying to shut down the NRA via refusal of service from major banks. And we know what happened to Andrew Anglin’s site. YouTube has been banning anti-feminist channels, gun channels, and videos depicting Obama in a negative light, such as an unintentionally comical conspiracy video claiming Michelle Obama is actually a man…it got millions of views, so they deleted it; they’ve also been putting videos they deem “wrong think” into limited state shadow bans, despite not really promoting any violence, just facts and opinion – Jared Taylor’s IQ video, for instance.

    Further, Apple has blocked Face Book and Twitter competitors on their app store under the guise of “promoting hate” (i.e. threatening their ideological monopoly).

    For many years Google has also been manipulating search results. Try their autocomplete feature out by typing in a celebrity’s name and “is gay.” In most cases, it will not autocomplete; the exception being when it would be noticed, such as with actors long rumored to be homosexual. I believe there was a similar disparity between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the election. They are attempting to prevent people from searching information they do not approve of.

    There have also been efforts pushed by gaming websites funded by George Soros to pressure game companies to insert left wing propaganda into their products under the guise of talking about “politics”. They were furious when a game called Far Cry, I believe, didn’t demean rural people or attack Donald Trump.

    I think this is just the first wave of major repression leading up the 2020 election.

  21. reiner Tor says

    It’s difficult to even repeat these facts to leftists, because it will automatically label you as someone who agrees with these channels. Normies will also usually not understand what’s wrong with deleting “hate” from websites. They will also claim it’s not censorship because these monopolies are privately owned corporations. They will also think that it’s actually supporting the “opposition,” because they think that since Trump is the president, he must have power, and so websites vaguely supporting him must be some kind of government propagandists. (This is a common misunderstanding in Hungary as well. Since Orbán spreads news about Swedish no-go zones, those must be nonexistent, and anyone talking about them must be on his payroll.)

    On the plus side, I can now better understand how people supported dictatorships throughout history. Support for liberty is probably not normal for most humans.

  22. I am proud of myself today.
    I didn’t even click on either of AK’s nuke clickbait posts.

  23. Daniel Chieh says

    Only rumors. Chinese net itself is mostly just nationalism at the moment(with exceptions from some academics); a lot of “this is the new Opium War, also about trade surpluses, but this time we will prevail!” and the milder ones of “reform may be necessary but must be internally driven.” There’s obviously some evidence within the Party lines that the “lay low” element should have been emphasized more, though, with triumphalists being criticized:


    China will probably get set back a decade, rather than decades. At least publically, its probably impossible for a deal to happen so I envision the deadlock to continue for some time. Nationalists will see making significant concessions as capitulation, and they’re a significant public force at the moment; even if the Party somehow flips to the economic liberals, they will have to soft-play this for some time(a year or two).

    The first time I saw the article, admittedly, my thought was pretty hostile to Telsa. I was just thinking that Musk, having finished squeezing one country, has moved on to the second…

  24. Thorfinnsson says

    Obviously he wants to make money.

    There’s nothing dubious about the supplements either. They’re comparable to what you would find in competing products. They do tend to cost more than competitors, but then the competing products don’t support the INFOWAR.

    As an example I see he’s now selling fish oil: https://www.infowarsstore.com/health-and-wellness/infowars-life/ultimate-fish-oil.html

    Ingredients label looks fine to me.

    I prefer fermented cod and skate liver oil from Green Pasture (https://www.greenpasture.org/public/products/fermentedcodliveroil/), but I would not mind taking Jones’ product.

  25. Daniel Chieh says

    Its a really weird thing. I imagine most of us have personally been affected/banned/intimidated at some point, and yet we should believe our own lying memories.

  26. Thorfinnsson says

    Not hard to run your own web server.

    A more serious issue is what happened to the Daily Stormer.

  27. Thorfinnsson says

    Tommy Robinson deleted from Instagram.

    There’s a war on for your mind.

    Vox Day is right. Don’t use their platforms.

  28. Hyperborean says

    All of them?

    What is your opinion on something like DNA Force Plus? I find the fact that he has to issue a disclaimer on some, and only some, of his pills to be dubious. And it’s not exactly like they are cheap.

    But since Jones is also selling prepper kits, perhaps he is on to something?

  29. What do you mean “race replacement war” and how is that related to trade with China?

  30. Thorfinnsson says


    I take several of the ingredients that are in DNA Force Plus separately. In particular I take CoQ10, r-alpha lipoic acid, rhodiola root (occasionally), and trans-resveratrol.

    Reishi is just a mushroom.

    Quercetin is a flavonoid and lycopene is a carotenoid (it’s what makes tomatoes red).

    I haven’t investigated PQQ but it’s some new Japanese product popular with the life extension supplementation crowd.

    Then I spot some digestive enzymes.

    So this product looks fine to me. I generally don’t suggest many supplements to people if you consume a good diet (and few people have a good diet), but nothing I’ve seen available from Infowars Life looks harmful. At worst a waste of money.

  31. Hyperborean says

    So this product looks fine to me. I generally don’t suggest many supplements to people if you consume a good diet (and few people have a good diet), but nothing I’ve seen available from Infowars Life looks harmful. At worst a waste of money.

    I’ll take your word for it, but why does he feel the need to issue a disclaimer? American litigation laws?

  32. Thorfinnsson says

    Yes, such disclaimers are completely standard. It’s illegal in America for products not marketed as medicine (and thus not regulated by the FDA) to make medical claims. Even General Mills got into hot water for making heart healthy claims about Cheerios.

    See here from a competitor for instance: https://www.primalblueprint.com/collections/supplements/products/primal-damage-control

    * There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from person to person. However, we feel so strongly about our products that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Try Primal Damage Control today, and if you’re not completely satisfied with the results, return it for a full refund minus shipping and handling—no questions asked.

    Naturally Big Pharma is constantly trying to subject the supplements industry to FDA regulation, although unlike the pharmaceuticals industry the supplements industry has never killed people.

  33. On the plus side, I can now better understand how people supported dictatorships throughout history.

    Me too.


  34. Thorfinnsson says
  35. Max Payne says

    If it wasn’t for X-Files Alex Jone would’ve never launched into what he is today.

    Rarely, if ever, does he talk about Israel or Jews. Therefore rarely, if ever, he has anything important to say.

    He’ll be back. And he’ll be used as an example of how magnanimous the MSM can be in allowing “fringe” views to be broadcasted to the public. “See? We’re a free media after all” all the while RT.com gets banned for life.

  36. Daniel Chieh says

    This is obvious but worth asking. Can Infowars not be hosted on Mr. Unz’s site?

  37. Snake oil??!!


  38. This is for dogs and cats because in America also dogs and cats are smart and can read.

  39. Hyperborean says

    I think his videos are already hosted here along with a lot of other channels.

  40. Daniel Chieh says

    So far it just links me to Youtube.


  41. Hyperborean says

    Ah, I never watch the videos, so I must have misunderstood the nature of them.

    On an other note, do you by any chance know any video watching site available without VPn that has a relatively international selection?

    Youku seems not to have much beyond Chinese and some English videos and I think iQiyi foreign component are just some films.

  42. Daniel Chieh says

    I think niconico was unblocked when I last visited, and it should still be so.

  43. Hyperborean says

    The site is open but the videos themselves seem to be blocked. I can think of other things to do, but it is just kind of annoying.

  44. Daniel Chieh says

    GFW is easily the most annoying thing about China in my experience.

  45. Hyperborean says

    I seem to remember it worked a couple of months ago, along with a lot of VPNs that got shut down recently, I think the Cyberspace Administration is getting stricter.

    What bothers me the most is how arbitary it sometimes is. A harmless site might be shut down, but on the other hand I am free to read seditious material at The Guardian and CNN.

  46. I daily read the headlines from: Drudge, RT, JPost and UK. I weekly review the headlines in: Japan, South Korea, China & Al Jazeera. Lately I have followed unz.

    I use Google strictly to spot the ‘sponsored dominant paradigm’.

    Google is a completely biased source. Google results are constantly bought & sold.

  47. Thank You, Karlin. Yes, it’s Jewish oligopoly that is behind this. The fact that even Jones can’t mention goes to show how powerful it is not only as a trans-corporate network but near-spiritual entity that cannot be named.

    I hear Vox is leading the demand for MORE SHUTDOWN of dissident voices. A hypothetical open letter to the Vox commissars(even if I doubt they visit this site).

    Voxers, the Great Question of the Hour is “Should the 2%(Jewish percentage of the US population) have god-like control over information and news that affects the 98% that is Gentile?”

    Hello Voxers.

    Some of you are Jewish, the majority of you are not. But even if you’re not Jewish, deep in your heart of hearts, you know the Jewish oligarchs have power over you. After all, Vox is funded by Jewish tycoons who also control Wall Street and finance. And because it’s is Jewish-owned, it’s been incestuously promoted by the rest of the Jewish-dominated media. You know it, and I know it.
    Sure, Jews are pretty clever in window-dressing their power. It’s called using a front or buffer. “Corleone family had a lot of buffers.” So, even though the founders and funders of Vox are Jewish, notice they got a black woman as ‘editor-in-chief’. (And NYT hired Sarah Jeong the teacher’s pet as their barking dog.) It’s like Jews used Obama as a front when, in fact, the so-called ‘Muslim Socialist’ bailed out Jewish globalist banks and waged Wars for Israel.
    He took out Libya, the ONLY African nation that sort of resembled Wakanda. Now, it’s a hell-hole with slave trade. Obama did that because Zionists wanted it. And Obama never did anything about illegal migration-invasion of West Bank by Zionist colonizers. I’m sure Jews consider those illegal Jewish invaders in West Bank to be ‘dreamers’. And Obama engineered the coup in Ukraine for the Globalists. I know and you know that the animus against Russia is driven by Jewish Globalists. They have a long historical grudge against Russia. They once ruled Russia in the early Bolshevik period, but Trotsky lost out to Stalin. Jewish globalists once again took control of Russia in the 90s as a collusion of Jewish American advisers and Russian Jewish oligarchs did a lot of damage to the vulnerable drunken lazy Russian louts too stupid to run their own economy. Given those facts, it’s understandable why Russians reject globalism and the bogus siren song of ‘liberal democracy’.

    The US has historically approved of democracy ONLY WHEN it suited US interests. The Anglo-ruled US favored Shah the dictator because he was so pliable. Indeed, US itself is hardly a democracy. Why would the elites want majority rule when they are the ruling neo-oligarchic minority elite?

    Trump’s victory was democracy in action as he won against all the machinations of the Deep State and media moguls, but of course, Big Media say Trump is ‘endangering democracy’. And the US never presses democratic reforms on Saudi Arabia because the vile and grotesque royal family is totally servile to the US. When democracy led to victory for Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood in Palestinian territories and Egypt, the US swiftly moved to support coup d’etats. Far more people died in the Egyptian Military retaking of power in Egypt(with full-backing of Obama) than in the CIA-led coup against Allende in Chile, but most so-called ‘progressives’ were silent about that. I guess it was bad when Nixon and Kissinger used military strongman Pinochet to remove Allende and Marxist-Leninists, but it’s no big deal if Obama, the ‘historic black presidnent’ , supported Egyptians military men to gun down supporters of the democratic government. The Egyptian military, like the Saudi Family, is totally servile to the US, and so the US supports such regimes even when they crush democracy and majority rule.


    So, is it any surprise that Jewish Globalists are so anti-Russian? In the past, Anglo-American imperialists cooked up lies to grab remnants of the Spanish Empire. Now, Jewish globalists are playing the imperial game.
    It’s not about democracy. It’s not about ‘human rights’. Funny coming from the US, a nation that cooks up WMD lies to destroy an entire nation. Or a nation that illegally occupied Syria and supplied Alqaeda eleemnts(called ‘moderate rebels’) there. Funny coming from a nation that gives 4 billion every year to Israel, a nation that occupies West Bank. What a joke. Indeed, things have gotten so demented and perverse that the US even allies with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine as strategy against Russia. Imagine that! We are told “Trump is a Nazi, nyah nyah” but the Deep State forges alliances with real Nazis on the basis of ‘enemy of your enemy is your friend’.

    Now, surely you Voxers know what I’m talking about. You have access to alternative news. Unless you’re a total idiot, surely you don’t rely on NYT and WAPO(with close ties to Deep State, overstaffed with biased Zionists, and funded by monopolist oligarchs like Carlos Slim and Jeff Bezos) as sole sources of information. You must know what is REALLY going on. So, why are you such dogs and toadies to Deep State Power? Because Jewish globalists have the controlling interest at Vox. It is funded by them, was founded by them, and its black female editor-in-chief was given that role because she’s a Auntie Tom.

    You stick to the PC-dictated Narrative of ‘white privilege’ because if you were to deviate from the script and say, “But Jews are the richest, most powerful, and most dominant white group in this country, and all of Congress and even Trump suck up to Israel while dumping on poor Palestinians”, you know you’d be fired. Sure, you wouldn’t be dragged away and shot, but you’d be made a non-person in the media. Elites in the media would call up one another and tell them, “Don’t hire that guy. He is an ‘anti-semite’.” When Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem publicly denounced the Israel’s attack on civilians in Gaza, the execs in Hollywood were emailing one another about those two should be blacklisted. (Red Scare blacklist was nothing compare to how Hollywood bans anyone who wants to speak up for Palestinians.)


    Why did Harvey Weinstein get away with so much bad stuff? He threatened shikses with career apocalypse if they didn’t let him rape them. When people like Weinstein fire you, they contact other big shots and tell them not to hire you either. ADL and AIPAC work as a team. They not only pressure industries and institutions to fire critics of Zionist power but also pressure them NOT TO HIRE people they don’t like.

    So, what are the implications of people at Vox? You know you got hired because you’re such good toadies to The Power. Sure, you can be honest and critical in covering lots of issues, but when it comes to the REAL POWER, you either shut up and put up, or carefully tiptoe around it. Or you pretend that Big Bad Wolf Netanyahu is the sole culprit of the problems of Zionism.

    Also, you know Vox is small potatoes. It has many readers, but it doesn’t have the prestige of NYT or WAPO. And if you want to rise up in media ranks, you have to eventually move to other outlets. But guess what? They are also owned and controlled by people like Ezra Klein. And if you left a paper trail that was critical of Zionism or Globalism, your chances of promotion is close to zilch(unless maybe you’re black; Jews are so eager for a Jewish-Black alliance for its symbolic value that they are willing to forgive even louts like Al Sharpton who once instigated a pogrom against ‘diamond merchants’).

    The gravest issue of the US is the ethno-monopoly of media and big tech that controls the Water of Information, so critical to our understanding of the world. Why should the 2% have such power over the 98%? All these news outlets like NYT, CBS, CNN, PBS, and etc. sound ‘neutral’ and ‘objective’, but when you look past the labels, they are biased in favor of Zionist interests. Imagine if Mormons owned all of them. Wouldn’t they be mouthpieces of Mormon-leaning politics? Of course. If Arab-Americans owned CBS, it would surely favor the Palestinian perspective over the Zionist one. Would it be healthy for US democracy if Mormons were gatekeepers of 95% of the media and owned all internet platforms when, in fact, 98% of Americans are NOT Mormon? People would say such is NOT healthy for Democracy. So, why is there no discussion of Zionist oligarchic monopoly over media? It’s partly because the media and distract us from the Real Power by having us bark all day about ‘white privilege’, as if some low-IQ Evangelical honkey in the Soooooouth holds all the cards of power and privilege.

    The great thing about the internet was it was the great equalizer between the 2% and the 98%. It was essentially a free marketplace of ideas. Sure, it gave voice to extreme Neo-Nazi voices as well to Antifa Neo-Maoists, but the vast majority of people were speaking truth to power. It was a great boon to Palestinian activists, which is there has been a noticeable rise in pro-Palestinian sympathy among ordinary Americans. Prior to the internet, the three big networks, Cable News, and major newspapers and magazines controlled all news of Israel-Palestinian conflict. It’s like Charlie Rose invited 50 Zionists for every Palestinian on his show. That was called ‘balanced’. But when Youtube showed how Palestinians have their own grievances and their own narrative, many Americans began to develop a more nuanced view of the situation.
    Also, the internet was a wake-up call for white people. Thanks to the internet, white Americans began to feel that Conservatism Inc. was owned by Neocons who duped stupid whitey into fighting and dying in Wars for Israel. Also, these very Jews who make whites go destroy the Middle East and turn millions of Muslims into homeless wanderers then turn around and hug these Muslims as poor darling refugees that white nations must accept. (Israel won’t take a single one.) So, Jews use white Americans to mess up the Muslim World for the sake of Israeli interests. But then, Jews say white European nations(like Hungary and Poland) must take in these ‘refugees’ or else they are ‘nazi’.

    Of course, the MSM never told us any of this. It was precisely due to alternative news on the internet that more Americans began to wake up and break free of the Globo-Homo spell. That is why globalists have demeaned alternative news as Fake News. J

    The internet was great because it equalized the power of information among all Americans.
    That is why the forces of the ‘ZOG’ that own the platforms are all colluding to shut down independent voices on the internet.

    Alex Jones was their first big harpooned whale. Now, Jones is a kooky character, but in a crazy world, it sometimes takes a crazy person to speak truth. And even though Jones has said nutty things, he was sometimes right while the MSM was totally wrong. And he had the courage to condemn Trump over the lies about Assad using chemicals in Ghouta. Imagine that. Kooky Alex Jones had the guts to speak out against the man he’d supported in 2016. That took some courage and integrity.
    In contrast, all the so-called ‘respectable’ journalists of MSM were pushing the ‘chemical weapons’ lie and cheering Trump to blow Syria to smithereens. Jones spoke out against Trump. When Obama destroyed Libya, all the ‘respectable’ journalists served as Deep State propagandists to justify the US warmongering. It’s sort of like that movie SANJURO by Akira Kurosawa. The ruffian anti-hero speaks more truth than the respectable elites of the town who employ all kinds of backdoor machinations to consolidate all the power.

    Meanwhile, all the big media were hoping that Trump would bomb Syria back to the stone age so that it will be good for Israel and bad for Russia and Iran. Deep State wants Syria to become another Libya. As it turned out, Trump was bluffing to get the globo goons off his back. He shot some missiles and hit nothing and, if anything, tried to pull US troops out of the illegal occupation of Syria. Of course, Deep State shrieked again. It doesn’t want Syria to regain full autonomy.

    Niall Ferguson said after 2016 and Trump victory, the globalist elites will decide to shut down networking and rig the system so that even the internet will a controlled space by the elites and deep state. He was right.
    Big Tech is imposing the power of TOWER over the fair SQUARE.


    Elites can’t abide parity with masses in free discourse. They want monopoly so that they can push their narrative as the ONLY ‘truth’ and bury the real truth as ‘fake news’.

  48. I’ve always thought he was controlled opposition

    two factions: anti-white first, Israel second (globalist) vs Israel first, anti-white second (counter jihad)

    the globalist faction is basically the banking mafia and their pet journalists who are mostly insulated from little people problems – the counter jihad faction are either closer to the ground or more focused on Israel and they are concerned with Muslim immigration and SJWs in the colleges (cos anti-Israel).

    they’re not exactly opposed but not entirely on the same side either.

    Jones is part of the latter and at least on the surface it seems the globalist faction are so mad about Trump a full divorce between the two factions is looming.

  49. AJ shouldn’t be taken as seriously as has been the case.

    in the past for sure but more recently he has been extremely pro-Trump

  50. I don’t know if it’s a good thing if Trump wins the trade war and delays Chinese growth by a couple decades while losing in the race-replacement war.

    what people need to understand is a large part of China’s growth has come from the Wall St. banking mafia creating no tariff trade agreements and then moving factories from USA to China to produce goods to sell back to the USA.

    China has benefited from this but having an economy dependent on debt-based demand from a declining USA is not a viable long term proposition and China’s growth was already weakening because of this.

    China would be be better off basing their growth on domestic demand (and they have to some extent) but they can’t let wages rise too much or the Wall St. owned factories operating in China would move to cheaper countries – and China can’t just nationalize all those Wall St. owned factories to stop them moving cos it would start a war. (I see the Chinese great sea wall as preparation for that.)

    So imo, creating balanced trade between USA and China combined with scrapping GATT, TPP etc could potentially allow both USA and China to have a middle class economy and prevent that war.

  51. originally no, more recently yes

  52. Thorfinnsson says

    Exports as a share of China’s GDP peaked in 2006. Exports to the USA are only 18% of China’s exports and just 3% of China’s total GDP.

    US FDI stock in China is only $100 billion. Most goods exported from China to the USA are produced by Chinese companies, though there remains significant dependence on foreign intellectual property (despite rampant piracy and counterfeiting).

    You’re describing a China that no longer exists.

    It’s now a middle income country with the industrial profile of a middle-high income country. It’s vertically integrating its industrial base backwards and breaking into high technology.

    The US offshoring shock has now ended, and thus US manufacturing employment has been in recovery for several years now.

  53. there are three sides: USA, China, Wall St.

  54. Jones is part of the latter and at least on the surface it seems the globalist faction are so mad about Trump a full divorce between the two factions is looming.

    Well, it would seem that opens up an opportunity for us, right?

  55. Who gives a fuck about what happens to Jones and his output? It only concerns him, nothing more.

  56. Ok but that guy was the source of so many great memes though – that will be sorely missed.

    Give him a year or so to recover and slightly rebrand himself and he’ll be back at it.


  57. Shapiro isn’t controlled opposition. He isn’t any opposition, one can’t be any more basic-b*** (muh capitalism etc) than Shapiro.

  58. reiner Tor says

    Well, they came for the communists, but I stayed silent, because I wasn’t a communist, and all that jazz.

  59. I really think that one needs to look carefully at the causes for which one is ready to fall on his sword. IMO, the particular needs to be of value, not just the abstract.

  60. the source of so many great memes though

    I will reconsider. I do love many of the memes being tossed about in the alt and paranoid right.

  61. reiner Tor says

    The communists that Niemöller talked about were actual unironical Stalinists. Even the social democrats he talked about were at least nominally Marxists, i.e. at least nominally believed that there will be a dictatorship of the proletariat on the road to communism.

  62. Even the social democrats he talked about were at least nominally Marxists, i.e. at least nominally believed that there will be a dictatorship of the proletariat on the road to communism.

    There were dictatorships, but they were not “of” the proletariat. Whether they qualified as being benevolently “on behalf of” the proletariat is up for debate. Communism remains as the unobtainable utopian fantasy that it always was. The various claims of being on the road were real.

  63. Google results are constantly bought & sold.

    Everything is bought and sold. We just need to know the buyers and the prices.

  64. What’s the mentality that expects your enemy to facilitate your collection of funds from your supporters?

    What’s the mentality that expects your enemy to facilitate your recruitment and communication with allies that will help you defeat and destroy your enemy?

  65. reiner Tor says

    Again, these were people who were willing to commit mass murder to create their imagined utopia. Yet Niemöller saw it as a mistake not to have spoken up on behalf of them when the Nazis came for them. There might be a lesson for you somewhere here.

  66. these were people who were willing to commit mass murder to create their imagined utopia

    There might be a lesson for you somewhere here.

    The Nazis were right after all? 🙂

  67. reiner Tor says

    The commies were harmless because they had not the remotest chance of coming to power. Therefore, even the Stalinists should’ve been considered political allies against the much more potent enemy (for Niemöller in 1933 Germany that would’ve been the Nazis), and it was unwise of him – as he himself realized later – to not do anything to protect them merely because he considered them malevolent lunatics. It’s just not good for anyone in the slightest disagreement with the government to accept a ruling elite destroying a political movement through extra-political means, even a dangerous and lunatic movement.

  68. The commies were harmless because they had not the remotest chance of coming to power.

    I believe this statement is unsupported by the evidence. Consider the electoral results of the November 1932 election that gave significant support the communist party and other socialist parties, not to mention the Bavarian Soviet at the end of WWI.

    I understand your position on free speech and it has merit, but I choose to be more selective.

    Speaking of commies, I am trying to do some self-medicated re-education. Whenever I consider commies, I force myself to think of Pol Pot, or revolutionary terrorism, or the Holodomor, etc. rather than brotherhood and equality or romantic visions of working class utopias.

    RE: Solidarity with white SA farmers.

    Where would your solidarity have been placed in the Boer Wars?