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Anatoly Karlin (it/it) is a transhumanist thing or object interested in life extension, psychometrics and IQ augmentation, artificial wombs, animal uplift, existential risks and AI alignment, geopolitics, and cryptocurrencies/network states. Some of the concepts I came up with include Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.

My longreads are mostly here at akarlin.com [archives], though I also post updates on Substack and Tweet at @powerfultakes.

Apart from regular blogging on the various topics that interest me, this website also hosts my project updatesbook reviewspodcastsresearch, and travel writing.



My blogging career began on January 9, 2008 when I launched my first blog about Russia. Soon afterwards, I expanded to other topics, mainly revolving around geopolitics, HBD & psychometrics, economic history, and transhumanism. These twin themes have defined my blogging ever since. In January 2015, Ron Unz invited me to join The Unz Review, where I blogged until moving back to my own site in October 2021.

Over the years, some of my hits have included the successful prediction of Russia’s demographic turnaround as early as 2008, being rated as one of the world’s most accurate sources on intelligence testing in surveys of professional psychometrists, and and writing what is perhaps the most detailed popular article [in Russian] on the history of intelligence testing in Russia and its current geographic distribution. Sadly, I was also correct in predicting that COVID-19 would kill millions and crash the world economy in January-February 2020. I correctly predicted the Russian invasion of Ukraine, though like almost everyone, I was surprised by Russia’s failure. All things considered, I think reading me is positive value added so far as divining the future is concerned – up to and including when to buy Bitcoin and which crypto exchanges are going under.

Otherwise, I am perhaps most famous for coming up with the following concepts:

However, if I really had to distill my “theme” to its essence, it might go something as follows:

We have a window of ~50-100 years to catapult ourselves into the transhumanist era.

If we fail, global dysgenic trends will disintegrate the results of millennia of brutal Malthusian selection for intelligence and thrift. The end result will be a fecund idiocracy that will bump up against the carrying capacity limits of the global industrial economy, ushering in what I call the Age of Malthusian Industrialism. Centuries later, the cruel and uncaring forces of eugenic selection will reassert themselves and reignite progress. But this process won’t be much fun for our descendants, and every extra century we spend confined to this planet increases the chances of a very unhappy ending.

How do we ascend to the stars without falling into Idiot’s Limbo?

I believe this might be the most important question of our age, its only competitor being the control problem in AI. My goal here is to try to answer it.



I was born in Moscow in 1988 and lived there and in Volokolamsk until 1994. Like many scientists after the Soviet collapse, my parents emigrated so as to be able to continue doing research. Much of this time was spent in a bleak, post-industrial town in England’s North-West. Fortunately, it had Europe’s largest bus station, so at least getting out of there was easy after finishing high school.

I wandered about in California for a good decade or so, acquiring a degree in Political Economy from U.C. Berkeley in the process. I liked it a great deal more than the UK, but despite its conviviality and status as a playground for eccentrics, from ski bums to neo-reactionaries and transhumanists, I still ultimately felt like a stranger in a strange land. Tiring of the “identitarian unease” created by my rootless cosmopolitan existence, I practiced what I preached and returned to Russia for good in 2016. In connection with well known events, I decided 2023 would be a good year to start exploring digital nomadism.

Politics is the mind-killer, so I prefer not to attach too many labels to myself. That said, a short summary of my schizo-politics might be in order so that readers know where I’m coming from, instead of relying on Internet fan fiction. I am an IQ realist, but as of 2023, I consider shrinking AI timelines to have made much of the HBD discourse moot. In between that and Putinism’s failure, I also renounced all nationalisms and now support the replacement of all extant nation-states with cryptographically secured network states co-existing and interacting with each other in an Open Borders planet. Living at what might be the cusp of a technological singularity, concerning oneself with “Wokeness” or culture wars seems like an incredible waste of time and opportunities when the logical priority for all elite human capital should be figuring out AI alignment and radical life extension.


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