About Me

I am a transhumanist interested in life extension, psychometrics and intelligence augmentation, artificial wombs, animal uplift, existential risks, AI alignment, geopolitics, cryptocurrencies, network states, and DeSci. Some of the concepts I came up with include the Age of Malthusian Industrialism and the Katechon Hypothesis.

As of 2024 Nooceleration is my main blog and I am also active on Twitter at @nooceleration.

You can contact me via email or Twitter.

This website akarlin.com hosts a comprehensive archive of my work from 2008-2023, and is constantly updated with project updatesbook reviewspodcastsresearchtravel writing, and sundry miscellanea that doesn’t fit into Substack.

Readers interested in the “deep lore” of my blogging career I would directly to my pseudo-book Intellectual Restructuring from December 2023.


I am the victim of a persistent campaign of smears, libel, and harassment from a former Neo-Nazi called Oliver D. Smith (ODS) at RationalWiki, as well as at lesser known wikis, blogs, and forum posts.

My standard response is to direct readers to my statement on this as well as the CancelWatch article about this individual.