Last updated: Jan 15, 2023

These are a list of projects I intend to complete within the next 2-3 years (aside ongoing ones). My progress on them is to be updated monthly on this website’s front page.

Blogging (2023)

  • Resume regular longform blogging and writing reviews here (~24 per year).
  • Modernize this website, inc. tranferring over Unz Review archives (done) and filling out/update the main pages, esp. Glossary, Links, and Predictions.



  • The Katechon Hypothesis: Update, model, and convert Katechon Hypthesis into a published paper at a journal.
  • Russia’s S Factor: Do the S factor analysis with EOK.
  • The Tantalus Effect: Mathematization of the IQ/innovation nexus, see Apollo’s Ascent.

Aspirational Projects

Projects that I hope to do one day, some day, but realistically, I will probably never finish most of them.

  • [Russian Nationalism Book]: History of Russian nationalist thought, from the late Tsarist era through to the age of Prosvirnin, Kholmogorov, and yarowrath.
  • [Russian Cosmism Book]: History of the Russian cosmists from Fyodorov, Tsiolkovsky, and Vernadsky through to the modern day.
  • Sublime Oblivion: Another sci-fi series.
  • CMP website: Redo Comprehensive Military Power analysis into an interactive website.
  • Apollo’s Ascent: Book length version of my essay on theory of Apollo’s Ascent, which is possibly my single most original contribution to cliodynamics/psychometrics. My basic thesis is that the historical rate of world technological growth can be approximated with by the numbers of literate “smart fractions” who could work on solving problems – but since problems tend to become harder over time, progress would inevitably slow down to a standstill whenever literacy and average IQ stagnated.
  • Rurik’s Seed: Wouldn’t it be great if there was an Albion’s Seed for Russia?
  • Русская Ноосфера: HBD праймер на русском.

Completed Projects

  • My list of published papers can be found in the Research section in the Archive.

Abandoned Projects

It is good to track failure.

  • Dark Lord of the Kremlin: A summary of and a capstone to my Russia watching career.